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PS4 vs. PS3 boot time shock

PS4 vs. PS3 boot time shock

We recently heard reports about the upcoming Xbox One console being able to boot up quicker than your television set, so we are intrigued to know whether Sony’s next-gen PS4 will take a similar amount of time. This has given us reason to investigate boot times comparing the existing PS3 and the all new singing and dancing PlayStation 4. Before we go on it is worth considering how well the likes of... »

PS Vita games join PS3 in price drop

News that PS Vita games will also be joining the PlayStation 3 in a price drop is great for gamers, and the multiple titles on offer next week could entice those who have stayed clear of certain games because of the price. Before we look at what is listed we want to relay some thoughts on this, as we can guarantee there are going to be some questions asked on why specific titles have had a signifi... »

Xbox 360 vs. PS3 failure rate studied

Looking at failure rates for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 you get the chance to see what console is more reliable and studying charts gives us the opportunity to visualize what is going on over a period of time. Everything you need to know is considered from surveys over the past three years and the results may not come as a surprise to many. As we briefly document the vast amount of ch... »

New Super Slim PS3, GamesCom announcement time

As we wait patiently for any news on the super slim PlayStation 3 its not just the console itself that concerns us, as a decent price would also be a welcome sign. With the GamesCom trade fair coming next month, this would be the ideal opportunity for Sony to announce this console and show off their new CECH-4000 model. The first details of Sony’s GamesCom 2012 press conference have been issued fo... »