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PS Vita games join PS3 in price drop

News that PS Vita games will also be joining the PlayStation 3 in a price drop is great for gamers, and the multiple titles on offer next week could entice those who have stayed clear of certain games because of the price. Before we look at what is listed we want to relay some thoughts on this, as we can guarantee there are going to be some questions asked on why specific titles have had a signifi... »

No PS Vita recall for latest issue

Sony has recently noted rare occurrences of the PS Vita overheating although there seems to be no recall for the latest issue. The problems discussed are said to be a very small number and in most cases this has consisted of the PlayStation Vita’s multi-use port being damaged during recharging. Reports of this have been witnesses by 23 people in Japan experiencing overheating issues that have is s... »

Wii U disadvantages compared to PS Vita

Sony’s handheld may have had a slow start but as it is picking up speed many may question whether Nintendo’s next-gen console may not have some of the advantages in comparison to the PS Vita. One of the main issues with the Wii U Gamepad is that it doesn’t have its own processor and that it is reliant on the console, which is a big factor whereas the PS Vita works independently. Highlighting the d... »

Encouraging PS Vita purchases with free PS3 version

A recent online survey by Sony has given them reason to consider encouraging PS Vita game purchases with a free PlayStation 3 version of the title for PS Plus subscribers. This idea is something that will not only benefit both console owners but may even give people more reason to buy a Vita. Not much information has been divulged by Sony although they acknowledge the opportunity this would give t... »

PS Vita vs. Wii U: The differences

There is still plenty of time for both consoles to make their mark but we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the differences that make the PS Vita and the Wii U a competitive force. With their unique controls many developers will get the opportunity to fully utilize their features and make the most out of this form of modern day gaming. Although Nintendo stole the show at last ye... »

PS Vita Update v1.65 and Easter campaign

An Easter campaign for PlayStation Vita has amounted to Sony plowing £1.5million into the second big-budget ad push for the handheld following the console’s February launch, and this comes with recent news of an announcement about software Update v1.65, which will be available to improve the handheld’s performance. PS Vita owners will be pleased to know that Update v1.65 will not only enhanc... »