Twisted Metal

Download Twisted Metal patch today, issues addressed

Those who have had online connectivity issues with Twisted Metal will be pleased to know that a patch aimed at fixing these problems is out today along with news that once they have sorted them out Eat, Sleep, Play will be looking into the bugs and balancing. The vehicular combat game has had various glitches since its release and news of the second patch for Twisted Metal comes from David Jaffe i... »

Elaborating Twisted Metal weapons: Visual review

We’ve seen a number of Twisted Metal reviews already and the game has been met with hesitation from fans of this franchise, although new comers are feeling indecisive in some cases as well. If you’ve spent some time playing Twisted Metal or seen enough hands-on time then you’ll know that this is a game to buy, and many of the review scores also show what a good game it is. If you... »

Undivided Twisted Metal reviews, deserves respect

After yesterdays release of Twisted Metal on the PS3 we aim to find out what the thoughts are from a collection of reviews to give us an overall perspective, and with gaming evolving by the minute we are interested to see how far Twisted Metal has come since its first appearance. Popular characters like Mr Grimm, Sweet Tooth, and Doll Face are back from the last games along with their henchmen for... »

Share the love with Twisted Metal today

Celebrate this Valentines Day with the release of Twisted Metal on the PS3 and get behind the wheel of some amazing weapon clan vehicles to challenge in a race to the death. See the changes that have been implemented since the 1995 edition and witness the great gameplay contained by viewing the weapons training and vehicle tactics in the videos below. Designers David Jaffe and Scott Campbell discu... »

118 minutes of Twisted Metal

Friday just gone saw a live stream of Twisted Metal and was a way to see how much the game has changed in terms of gameplay, graphics and development compared to the 1995 version. This was the perfect way to gain insight into the latest game from a multitude of developers, but for those who missed out then you can watch the video we have for you below, which runs for a little under 2 hours. While ... »

Localization issues for Twisted Metal forces delay

Issues concerning the release of Twisted Metal means there will be setbacks for this highly anticipated game. We are interested to find out what the problem is and how much longer we will have to wait. A delay in Europe is not the only issue highlighted on MP1st as they spoke about the release date only last month. Scheduled for a release in the US for February the 15th and two days later in Europ... »

Twisted Metal: PS3 game may release pass-free

There are a few reasons why Twisted Metal has been delayed until February 2012, but let’s not dwell on the negatives. We have word that the PS3 game may release pass-free, as the creators of the game are trying to avoid the use of an online pass. It’s thought by making this decision will allow the game to increase its fanbase much quicker. David Jaffe from Twisted Metal has been speaking to ... »