Winter Stars

Rounded Winter Stars Kinect reviews

In a post last month, we wrote about an informative review on Winter Stars for the Wii that showed frustration. Today we thought it would be a good idea to let our readers in on a few reviews of Winter Stars on the Kinect. With the impression that there are few games that are very good on the Kinect, Impulse Gamer has the opinion that Winter Stars also is not the best that the Kinect has to offer.... »

Winter Stars for Wii: Review shows frustration

What better way to spend your time this festive season than playing a few winter sports in the comfort of your own warm home. Winter Stars for Wii involves many of those great activities played out during the snowy season. In an article by Nintendo Universe, this game’s review shows frustration so we wanted to know the reason behind this. You start off as Jake Otis skiing downhill and end up suffe... »