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Dynamix fears X Factor weekend results

Dynamix fears X Factor weekend results

A newer tougher format for this year’s X Factor has amounted in some nerve-racking moments for many of the contestants making this even more entertaining for the audience, although acts feeling very insecure about their position is part and parcel as the producers look to freshen up the popular show. This can be seen with trio Miss Dynamix as pressure mounts after pregnant SeSe’s collapses a... »

X Factor USA judges get tough in chair challenge

X Factor USA judges get tough in chair challenge

As the producers try to mix things up a bit keeping the widely watched X Factor relevant, one of the new aspects involved is the chair challenge, and many critics have been calling this one of the harshest new improvements to the show. In many ways this is more appealing to audiences obviously freshening up the X Factor, but the outcomes seems more heart-breaking for the contestants. While some co... »

How Holographic X Factor will rule the TV technology industry

How Holographic X Factor will rule the TV technology industry

The future of television now includes programs projected right on to your ceiling and holographic shows that the audience can step into. This is what the experts are saying but the reality isn’t really any different than this. Televisions have changed a lot over the last few decades. Gone are the big and bulky cathode ray tube TVs and now is the time for sleek flat panels with larger displays, dig... »

X-Factor USA 2011: Who is Steve Jones?

Now that we know who the judges are for X-Factor USA 2011, fans of the upcoming show will now be asking who is Steve Jones? This is the guy who beat other hopefuls to become the co-presenter of the new show, along with Nicole Scherzinger – former Pussy Cat Doll singer. It does seem strange that Simon Cowell chose Jones; we just hope that Americas take to him. Let us not take anything away from Ste... »

Joe McElderry: Was the Right X Factor Winner Chosen?

The X Factor 2009 winner has now been chosen, Joe McElderry did what he does best and never put a note wrong. Joe was always the bookies favorite, although Olly did give him a good run for his money but it was not enough on the night. Do you think that Joe deserved to win, i know i do. »

X Factor Final: Joe vs Olly as Stacey’s Voted off

I was sitting on the edge of my seat a few moments ago as I was hoping to hear that Joe made it through to the X Factor final, thankfully Dermot announced his name. Olly went through a few moments before meaning that Stacy’s was voted off. »

Danyl Johnson vs. Susan Boyle: Best first performance on X Factor

I know what you are thinking, how can you compare Danyl Johnson and Susan Boyle if one performed on the X Factor and the other performed on Britain’s Got Talent. The reason is simple, Susan Boyle gave us the best first performance that we have seen from Britain’s Got Talent, and Simon Cowell said that Danyl Johnson gave the best performance that he has ever heard since he began judging. »

X Factor Results: Daniel finally gone, nice bloke rubbish singer

This week’s X Factor show was a bit of a boring one really, but one good thing came out of it, Daniel has finally gone. I do not want to put the guy down; he is a nice bloke, but a rubbish singer. I would like to say that when he sings certain songs, he does sing them with meaning. »

The X Factor has lost all credibility: first Austin now Laura

I’m sure I am watching a different show to both the judges and the British public, as Laura has now been voted of The X Factor. I am sure that the show is a fix, Cheryl put it simply, the people at home are not voting on talent. »

Is X Factor Fixed: Daniel through and Austin out?

I am starting to lose it with X Factor, how can Daniel still be in and a great talent like Austin be booted out. The show is called X Factor and not Sympathy Factor, which is what it is every time Daniel goes through, he sings like Brian Connelly. »

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