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Xbox Live Black Friday 2013 deals for Store

Xbox Live Black Friday 2013 deals for Store

Some great offers have become available during this year’s imminent Black Friday sales and we are eager to see what is accessible on the Xbox Live game store. The Black Friday sales for this will run from 26th November to 2nd December allowing gamers plenty of time to make use of the bargains, and we have listed a few of the Xbox 360 titles highlighted over this week. According to updates on Polyg... »

Xbox 360 global sales over 76 million units

Xbox 360 global sales over 76 million units

While the majority of gamers are eager to hear more about the upcoming next-gen system, it is worth contemplating the continuing success of the Xbox 360 and the Xbox LIVE service. It seems that recently released figures by Microsoft amount to global sales of over 76 million units for their 360 console, and more than 46 million subscribers to their LIVE service. In addition, the Kinect shows signs ... »

Resolving Xbox Live Security with new update

Upgrades to the security on the Xbox Live have been announced by Microsoft recommending that all users change their passwords. The new update will improve the safety on this service and notifications of this are posted on a blog post from Xbox Live general manager Alex Garden. Microsoft will also give users the opportunity to set a unique security code to be sent to their phone or email in order t... »

Excitement for June’s Xbox LIVE free weekend

They seem to come around more often these days, yes we’re talking about the next Xbox LIVE free weekend, with June’s one set to take place this Friday to Sunday. It’s obvious that this will generate some excitement with Xbox 360 users, although there are still those who feel that Microsoft should stop charging for this service in the first place – it’s certainly a subject m... »

New Xbox Live users given free codes

Microsoft are doing all they can to ensure that they increase their Xbox Live Gold users by offering a new promotion that will see XBL Free users be given five Xbox 360 games free of charge, but only if they sign up to the premium subscription. This seems a pretty good deal because users only need to sign up to Xbox Live Gold for six months at a cost of £26.66, for this you will receive copies of ... »

Update on Xbox Live security issue from MS

An extensive statement from Microsoft informing Xbox Live users of useful security tips to assist in the battle against online fraud has been released to account for a recent wave of hackers and fraudulent encounters, this update could help any future issues concerning these matters and give users an insight into how to go about protection procedures. Xbox Live’s general manager Alex Garden ... »

Xbox Live accounts hacked, counting the cost

Remember the hassle that Sony had with PSN being hacked last year, well it seems that Microsoft is now a victim because Xbox Live accounts have been hacked. The company will now look at why this has happened, but it is gamers who will be counting the cost. Some have had around £200 stolen but on average that figure is £100, which is a nightmare. According to The Sun, Xbox executives were now looki... »

Xbox 360 Metro UI, Cloud and dashboard update

With the new Xbox Live dashboard update imminent we thought we would have one last look at what to expect. One area of interest is the ‘My Xbox’ section, which will soon have ‘Metro UI’ styling in its new ‘Social’ area. We can see why Microsoft has gone with this, as having a more social feel will allow you to see more closely what your friends are up to. More often than not it is hit and miss let... »

Wishlist for new Xbox Live update: Fall 2011

It’s almost release time for the new Xbox Live update that is scheduled for this Fall. Those of you that have been able to download the preview version would know more about the upcoming features than millions of other Xbox 360 users, although not everyone agrees with certain features, and some rumors confuse like the suggestion of Mass Effect 3 beta being live for some using the preview, wh... »

New Xbox LIVE games and content today

Now that we have entered November, it’s time to see what new Xbox LIVE games and content was made available to study today. All of what we see on the list will be released sometime this month, but we have to remember that these dates and prices are subject to change. However, with some titles expected in days we cannot see these changing. There were supposed to be seven new titles for today alone,... »