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Google Nexus 7 tablet gaming potential

There’s no getting away from the fact that Apple are not having it all their own way in the tablet market as they once did a couple of years back, but rival devices are starting to put up a fight and try to offer consumers a better alternative – although they’re not there just yet. Apple knows that if they need to keep on top of the market they will need to do much more than just use p... »

Galaxy S3 to establish Android gaming platform

We have discussed on a number of occasions how important it is for Apple to make major updates to iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 in order to improve the gaming potential. However, we seem to forget that another smartphone is set to be released next month and could establish Android as a gaming platform, and that device is the Samsung Galaxy S3. In the past we have seen when Samsung release a new smartphon... »

Euro 2012 app for Android, iPhone and iPad

With Euro 2012 well underway we thought we would have a look at some of the apps available during this sporting event for Android, the iPhone and iPad, from official apps that will serve as a great companion throughout the event to a perfect Euro 2012 gaming app that will help keep you occupied until the next match. First up we have the Official UEFA Euro 2012 app for all iOS devices and Android. ... »

Max Payne Mobile for Android in 2 days

Rockstar games announced within the last 24 hours that Max Payne Mobile is coming to Android in 2 days time, which gives some Android phones some classic fun on June 14. Apple’s iOS has seen good success with the original Max Payne for around 2 months, and now it’s time for Android OS. There had been a number of delays and blame for a late release date could be thanks to the amount of ... »

Samsung Galaxy S3 stock problems, say gamers

We have been contacted by a few of our Android gamers within the last 24 hours, which relates to problems with Samsung Galaxy S3 stock. The few emails we had tipped us with issues in the UK, and current feedback shows the Galaxy S3 is one of the most desired phones right now. Some of our readers stated they were told directly that there could be a delay of up to a week for certain models of the Sa... »

Facebook App Center to help social gamers

We have seen a lot of head scratching in regards to the new Facebook App Center, as it wants to look like the competition but the new service will not be going up against them. It has been said that the new App Center will help social gamers, as it will integrate within Facebook itself. There are many different apps to choose from such as Apps built on Facebook, which get their own page on the soc... »

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 for gaming screen size

There are many features that you and I look at when choosing the perfect phone for gaming and while most of us wish to know what kind of CPU/GPU the device has, the first thing that we get to see is the size of the screen. One of the most popular phones is the iPhone 4S, but there is an issue for some when it comes to the size of its screen because it’s on the small side for getting the most... »

Immersive gaming with Samsung Galaxy S3

The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S3 last week was no real shock in terms of hardware, but it’s hard not to see its gaming potential. We are not talking just about the spec bump over previous versions of the phone but also some accessories that will give you an immersive gaming experience. More often than not when you are gaming people around you can hear everything you are doing – whic... »

Angry Birds Space: Properties of matter and energy

There seems to have been some misconception as to what laws of physics the Angry Birds franchise uses, because it was once thought to be owed to Isaac Newton. However, it now seems as though the franchise uses it own laws of gravity and Angry Birds Space seems to stretch science even further from actuality. There’s an interesting article that has looked closely at the properties of the matte... »

Early Temple Run results for Android

Last Tuesday saw the release of Temple Run on Android and it was always going to be an app that would be downloaded a huge number of times, well we now have the results for you. In three days users have downloaded the game over a million times and shows no signs of slowing down, but is it as popular as we assumed it would be? To put things into perspective the new Angry Birds Space app was downloa... »

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