Xbox 8 not 720 and why eight is a good name

You might have heard the name Xbox 8 before and that the next-gen Xbox is already running Unreal Engine 4 in a prototype form, and this would be in part thanks to a story published back in February of this year, although it seems many gaming blogs have mistakenly picked up the story this weekend as something new.

Xbox 8 not 720 and why eight is a good name

It’s good to refresh the memory but there are plenty of reasons for the so-called Xbox 720 to really be called “8 – refreshing our minds about Mark Rein’s comments at the DICE summit in February is good. He stated that Unreal Engine 4 had been running on “systems we can’t name” and this made some gamers jump to conclusions when considering Epic’s past. With this in mind it’s good to remember that this rumor did hit the headlines a few months ago and not only by some forgetful bloggers, but what is it with the name Xbox 8?

We like Xbox 8 more than Xbox 720 although it does remind us of other product naming like with the rumored iPhone 5, and if Microsoft went with this name what could the “8” stand for? There are those that believe the alpha forms of Xbox 8 are hinting towards this name thanks to it being “the 8th generation of home console“, although we’d have to disagree with this line of thought considering Microsoft had nothing to do with systems like the Sega Master System, NES, and Atari.

The real reason Xbox 8 would be a good name – Then we have the idea behind Xbox 8 that it could be to do with the amount of cores their hardware could be packing, and while some gamers get excited over this possibility it seems a strange way to name a next-generation games console. The real reason Xbox 8 is a better name than Xbox 720 is purely to do with Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, and other Microsoft products. It makes a lot of sense if Microsoft does bring some form of the Windows 8 operating system to a new Xbox.

If Microsoft call their new console Xbox 8 – why do you think it would be?

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  • Timothy James


  • Anonymous

    Turn the 8 on the side & u get the sign for infinite. Sounds like a Microsoft thing to do “look what our new machine can do! There are infinite ways you can use the new Xbox Infinite! It’s not just a gaming machine!” I can c of now!

    • Guest

      Ahh Xbox Infinite, can only guess that stands for the amount of money Microsoft will charge for extra services…

      • Anonymous

        Or the amount of money Bill Gates will earn just for fartin!

  • Brian_z_kool

    I think it would be cool if they named it ‘Xbox ∞’ or simply ‘Xbox Infinity’ the infinity symbol still looks like an 8

  • Nicekishore98

     Good Name When It releasing

  • Kd


    • Jonathan Stoffregen

       DISLIKE!!! ….if only i could >:(

  • Anonymous

    yea if it’s called xbox 8 then 8 will resemble infinity which is smart

  • Spectre

    Maybe it relates to Windows 8 release? I don’t know, throwing a fresh guess out there.

  • Guest

    So they’re going to tie it into their desktop OS, and have another Pippin on their hands?

  • Jason

    Yeah… as you can imagine, it was quite a surprise seeing this old story suddenly go really big… Xbox 8 could have been another prototype name. I don’t think it’s final name will be revealed until next E3 though, where because of Microsoft’s massive shift in moving the Xbox away from a console and more as a media and entertainment centre – it wouldn’t shock me that much if they removed numbers from it completely, and just call it “Xbox – SomeNameHere”

    Their reasoning for names can be odd…lets not forget that the Xbox 360 is only called 360 because they didn’t want consumers to be confused in next-gen when the PS3 is called PS3 and an Xbox 2 could have been seen to be more last-gen.

    I get how Xbox 8 ties everything together, the infinity sign, the whole package as one unit to tie in with Windows 8, Windows Phone 8… but maybe by this time next year when the consoles capabilities have been announced, and current trends and other influences could shift the name to something more current by 2013.

  • ps4

    yea right there probably just gonna make the 500′the xbox 360

  • Logan

    Whoever said 8 is almost like infinity is a genius. I think Microsoft will drop a # from the name, much like Sony, as doing a bit of a brand image refresh/rebrand draws in more consumers who might feel like they are left out by monikers like “PS4″ as in they missed the last 3 playstations. INFINITY would be a great name in my opinion as it just sounds like something you want to be a part of and it fits so well. Wouldnt be surprised if they did come up with a name like XBOX INFINITY.

  • JS

    Xbox ∞

  • JohnnyMcCaffery

    If it has Windows 8 built into the console, I will not be buy it. My reasons for this is:
    1. You will need to purchase the ADD-ON connector to get it working.
    2. If you want to use a KEYBOARD OR/AND MOUSE, you’ll need to buy an XBOX MOUSE AND KEYBOARD.
    3. If you want to install software on the O/S, you’ll need to buy a XBOX DVD-ROM.
    4. If you want to install loads of software,.you’ll need to purchase a EXTERNAL XBOX HDD.
    5. I can go on and on WITH ADD-ONS MICROSOFT would have.

  • rtqp

    It’s called X-Box 8 because of Windows 8. They have this vision where every device in your house earns them a monthly fee. Including the toilet

  • maliknexus

    Xbox 8 sounds reasonable . But then what happens down the road windows 9 come out. Then what . I think they should call it ” Xbox Omega “!!!