Aviva agrees to be a ‘wokerati’ and will judge companies on human rights and biodiversity.

Aviva has told businesses it will judge them 'on biodiversity and human rights as much as climate and executive pay'

Aviva told companies that it would judge businesses based on biodiversity, human rights and climate.

Aviva is the latest city firm to increase its “woke” agenda.

Aviva Investors, the investment arm of the insurance company, told companies that they will be judging them “on biodiversity and rights as well as climate change and executive compensation”.

It was when HSBC started using pronouns to identify employees. Customers could then tell if the employee preferred to be called’she, he’ or a gender neutral term like ‘they. Natwest allows staff to use bamboo badges for their pronouns.

Some firms, however, claim they are too focused on appearing switched-on and compromising financial performance.

Terry Smith, fund manager for Unilever, lambasted Unilever this month by saying that it had “lost the plot” and asserting that their brands must have a purpose in society.