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Everyone has been stuck in the house for what seems like years, so a vacation is just what the doctor ordered. As warmer weather approaches and the kids are out of school, what better time to pack your bags and hit the open roads or skies.

What Exactly is Revenge Travel?

People were not able to travel as freely because of the pandemic, whether it be to see their loved ones or take some much needed time away relaxing on vacation. So, everyone is more eager to travel than ever and willing to spend extra money to indulge in their first-post pandemic trip.

Top 5 Domestic Revenge Travel Destinations

1. California

California is easily one of the most beautiful and diverse states in the country. Not only is it a celebrity hotspot, you can do tours where you see where the stars live and even check out the famous Walk of Fame. If you want to feel good after the pandemic, what better way than to hang amongst the stars.

The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, as well. You can visit theme parks, beautiful beaches, see gorgeous national parks, while driving on the world-renowned winding roads, just be careful so you don’t need a Bay Area car accident lawyer in case of an accident. 

2. Florida

If there’s one thing Florida is known for, it’s the hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches. Crystal clear waters, lovely soft sand, and scenery that you can’t get enough of can all be found in this state. Whether you love crowded and bustling or secluded and low-key, Florida beaches have it all.

Florida is also a great family vacation destination due to the theme parks. Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and even Nintendo World, among others, are located in the sunshine state.

3. Las Vegas

Food, nightlife, cool hotels, and shows galore, are just a few reasons people love Las Vegas as a travel destination. It’s totally acceptable to go wild and let loose, which makes it one of the most popular revenge travel destinations. Visitors describe it as a nonstop party.

If you want to relax, you can choose one of the luxury hotels that offer world-class amenities such as indoor and outdoor pools and spas that are like no other. If you want to get wild, check out the Vegas strip for casinos, bars, and clubs, and shows like Cirque du Soleil or a Drag Queen Show.

4. Colorado 

One of the best reasons to visit Colorado is the picturesque landscape. With the Rocky Mountains in the backdrop, spectacular scenery and wildlife, lakes, forests, sand dunes, and more, the centennial state is a favorite revenge vacation spot for people that love nature.

The seasonal climate, boasting 300 days of sunshine every year, also offers over 300 inches of snow at mountain resorts, if skiing or snowboarding is more your thing. If you love wildlife, you can see mountain goats, bighorn sheep, moose and elk, as well as mountain lions and bears.

5. New York 

Museums, five-star restaurants, historic buildings, and cool dive bars are just a few reasons to visit the Big Apple. New York is also home to one of the best known parks in the entire country, Central Park, as well as Pelham Bay Park, which has waterside golf courses and riding trails galore.

If you love architecture, you can visit the Empire State Building, the AIA New York Center for Architecture, and the Queens Museum, which showcase the Manhattan skyline and other iconic skyscrapers. Of course, New York has some of the best shopping in the world, if that’s your thing.