Gemma Sheppard is a TV fashion expert and will be the first stylist in the Metaverse. She’ll charge real money to dress people in a virtual environment.

Gemma will be offering styling and fitting tips for Roblox users via Metaventures as a partner.  

Facebook (now Meta) created the 3D virtual environment last year. This is interactive, and people can make virtual personalities and design them how they like. 

 In this virtual world, Gemma will offer try-ons, look books and personal styling showrooms in order to help people create and customise their virtual wardrobe.

Stylist Gemma Sheppard is going to be first stylist to work on the Metaverse to help users pick their digital style and wardrobe

Gemma Sheppard, a stylist will be the first to use Metaverse to assist users in choosing their digital style. 

Gemma is working with Metaventures and Roblox, which counts 43.2 million daily users on the Metaverse

Gemma works with Roblox and Metaventures, which have 43.2 million users per day on the Metaverse 

It comes as a result of several top fashion brands making their debut on Metaverse, including Gucci and Ralph Lauren.

Gemma’s services will be made available to users using Roblox, the Metaverse, as well as buying Robux (a virtual currency).  Prices are still to be revealed. 

So far, Dubit, the UK’s largest Roblox developer received a £5.8million investment from Metaventures. 

The company hopes to improve the user experience by providing more options for hair, clothes, and accessories. Gemma will be on hand to assist users in finding the right style.

This stylist will host the first Metaverse Fashion Week, which takes place in spring.

Speaking of the new exciting venture, Gemma told FEMAIL: ‘I’m never afraid to evolve – call it the chameleon in me – and I’m overjoyed to be at the forefront of this new chapter of fashion.

“Trust me. Metaverse Fashion is a digital trend which is growing and growing.

The Metaverse, which was created by Mark Zuckerberg's team, is a 3D digital space where people can have avatars and can spend real money on virtual items

Mark Zuckerberg’s group created the Metaverse. It is 3D digital space that allows people to create avatars and spend real money virtual goods. 

Gemma will help people select their style, dress their avatars, pick accessories and even do online 'try ons'

Gemma can help you choose your style and dress it up. You can even try on accessories online! 

‘Endless designers have already dipped their toes into selling product virtually and at this year’s Met Gala, usual party pictures were ditched in favour of turning celebrity guests into 3D avatars,’ she said. 

‘The metaverse is the place where anyone can express themselves through fashion so for brands it’s untapped territory for connecting with customers and also road-testing new designs because if it’s popular in the metaverse, it’ll likely fly in store. I’m super intrigued by the idea of uniting real and virtual life,’ she added. 

‘Roblox has been ahead of the game for years as a place to design virtual fashion so as the first fashion stylist to work in the metaverse I’m ready for my avatar to take that to another level by helping people explore fashion in a 3D world where creativity is limitless. 

The Metaverse, she said, could allow fashion lovers to purchase virtual clothes that are not as polluting than fast fashion.  

Gemma, pictured, endeared herself to fans on Channel 5's 10 Years Younger in 10 Days and is now ready to take on the Metaverse

Gemma, shown, won the hearts of viewers on Channel 5’s Channel 5 10 Years Younger than 10 Days. Now, Gemma is ready to tackle the Metaverse 

Users can create an avatar, a digital identity, and explore the Metaverse, which offers games, shopping experiences and more

Avatars can be created by users to create a digital identity and access the Metaverse. This virtual world offers shopping opportunities, games and many other features. 

She said, “It’s amazing to be part in something so inclusive and environment-friendly.” 

‘Everyone is becoming more mindful about reducing clothing consumption and in the metaverse there’s zero waste – just maximum innovation and self-expression!’

Metaventures’ founder and chief executive Matthew Warneford said, “We are extremely excited to expand Metaventures’ portfolio into fashion.” 

We believe in the potential of the metaverse as the source for entertainment, fashion, and education. 

He said, “Our collaboration with Gemma Sheppard will allow fashion brands to speak directly to the next generation.”  

Stars and brands have steadily been coming to the Metaverse since Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he would open the virtual space to the public in 2021.

Stars like US rapper Lil Nas X have held concerts into the metaverse, and Paris Hilton hosted a New Year's Eve party

Celebrities like Lil Nas X, a US rapper, have given concerts in the metaverse. Paris Hilton also hosted a New Years Eve party.

Virtual content from luxury brands such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger can be shared with Metaverse users. 

In May, Gucci created an online ‘Gucci Garden’ where users could virtually try on and buy  limited-edition digital clothes and got 19 millions visitors in just two weeks. 

Bentley and other car manufacturers have joined the fray, along with stars.

Paris Hilton was a newlywed socialite who hosted a New Year’s Eve party in Metaverse on December 31. Her own avatar, Paris World, attended.  

Paris spoke out about her venture in December to Reuters: ‘The metaverse is where you can do all you can in real life in digital world.’

‘Not everybody gets to experience that, so that’s what we’ve been working together on over the past year — giving them all my inspirations of what I want in that world,’ she added.

In December, however, it was disclosed that Universal Music Group and the avatar company Genies had created digital identities to some of the biggest artists, such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber (J Balvin), Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes, Migos, etc.  

For millions of online concertgoers, Travis Scott as well as rappers Lil Nas X held their concerts in 2017.