Spicy Chinese Take Out Food

Some foods, such as pizza and Chinese food, have been associated with delivery for decades. When thousands of restaurants had to close last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, people could suddenly order just about any type of food they wanted for delivery. The problem is that many deliveries failed to live up to expectations.

Between navigating the bumps of the road and temperature changes from restaurant to recipient, what people envision and what they get are often vastly different. Knowing which foods to order when a craving strikes can make the difference between deliciousness and disappointment.

Chicken Tenders Travel Better Than a Chicken Sandwich

The typical fast-food chicken sandwich strikes a tasty balance between hot and crispy meat and cold toppings such as mayonnaise, pickles, and lettuce. Unfortunately, it can be impossible to achieve this same perfect blend of textures and taste when ordering a chicken sandwich for delivery. The experience is just not the same when the bun becomes soggy and the meat becomes cold.

When nothing but a chicken meal will do and traveling to a restaurant is not possible, the next best thing is to order chicken tenders or pieces. Most restaurants deliver plenty of sides, which gives people the option to alternate tastes.

The chicken pieces or tenders may cool off slightly during the drive but will remain crispy. Placing the order in the microwave for 30 to 60 seconds should bring the meal back to the ideal temperature.

Noodle Dishes

Meals centered around any type of noodle such as pad Thai or ramen are popular choices among people who place orders for home delivery.

Whether the dish remains fresh and undisturbed upon delivery depends on whether restaurant staff took the time to place ingredients in separate containers. For example, noodles and soups should never travel together in the same container. Delivered cold noodle dishes tend to hold up best of all.

Breakfast Options

When the mood for delivered breakfast food strikes, some foods are more practical than others. While over-easy eggs are out, people can still satisfy an egg craving by ordering scrambled eggs, omelets, or a small egg-based sandwich or wrap.

These eggs are in one piece and will not slide all over in the delivery container. They also make a better option than French toast that is likely to be soggy by the time of delivery.

Chinese Beef Pancakes

When Americans hear the word pancake, they probably think of the large, round, and flour-filled meal covered with butter and syrup. This type of pancake would indeed be challenging to deliver still in one piece.

Chinese beef pancakes are much more suitable for delivery because they fold into a roll. With beef and scallions inside the pancake, this handheld meal is a favorite both at restaurants and at home.

Because Chinese food has been available for takeout for so long, nearly anything people order for delivery should get to them in as good of shape as if they ate it in a restaurant.