Couple mistakenly mistaken as father and child admit that they are friends because of their 25 year age gap. But, this didn’t stop them from getting engaged when she was 18.

Rosana Inkpen was just 18 years old when Scott met her in 2018. He was 44, but they instantly hit it off despite being close friends.

They fell in love with each other’s passion for horses and cars, and they were soon engaged five months later.

Rosana is a construction worker, and she admits that she’s been called “the toddler” and “a gold digger”, but she’s learned to forget about it.

Rosana admits that she used to be too insecure to hold Scott’s hands at first, because people gave her ‘dirty looks’. But she says now she is confident and can take the criticisms with her whole heart.

Rosana Inkpen, 21, from Auckland, married her husband Scott, 46, in January, pictured. The pair met in 2018, when she was just 18 and he was 44. She admitted the pair have lost friends since getting together

Rosana Inkpen (21), from Auckland married Scott Inkpen (46) in January. They met when they were just 18 years old and she was 44. They have been friends ever since, she admitted.

The pair tied the knot in January this year, pictured, after three years of dating. Scott said he enjoys being a dad and is looking forward to having kids with Rosana

After three years together, they tied the knot this January. Scott stated that he loves being a father and looks forward to the possibility of having children with Rosana.

Rosana, pictured, admitted she's had to overcome her own insecurities about the age difference before she was able to date Scott out in the open

Rosana (pictured) admitted that she had to confront her insecurity about Scott’s age before she could date him openly. 

Scott is now 46 and a gardener. Scott says their age difference has been hugely positive. Rosana, who Scott said was younger, keeps Scott active, when he would be more inclined to ‘come home, chill’.

The couple refuses to leave their marriage despite all the critics and difficulties. They insist that they’re happier now than ever and even married in January.

Rosana stated that she lost friends after getting together. While my partner was their age, it wasn’t until I met them that I realized who my best friends were.

“A lot of people believe I am his daughter. They chuckle when I say I do not incest, and then they get embarrassed.

Scott, left, and Rosana, right, were engaged just five months after meeting in 2018. Rosana admitted she used to be self-conscious about their age difference, but now feels confident enough to stand up to her critics

 Scott, left, and Rosana, right, were engaged just five months after meeting in 2018. Rosana said that she was once self-conscious about her age, but is now confident enough to face critics.

The 21-year-old, left, admitted people often confuse Scott for her father, but she laughs it off and tells them she's 'not into the incest thing'

Left: The 21-year old admits that people mistake Scott for her dad, but she jokes and says she isn’t into incest.

One of the nurses asked me whether I would come along with my dad when I got my first Covid jab. She laughed at me when I said that he was my husband.

It took me some time to adjust to the idea, but it isn’t a bad thing and it’s not a widespread mistake. This used to be a problem for me.

I have been called “the gold digger” and others call me “the toddler”, but it is now a part of my life. It is impossible for me to control.

“We are subject to a lot of unkind looks. I was awkward when we first started our relationship.

The pair instantly hit it off when they met in 2018. Scott, left, said Rosana keeps him active, and that otherwise, he's be a homebody

They met when they were both in 2018 and instantly clicked. Scott (left) said Rosana helps him stay active and that he is a homebody. 

Rosana admitted she used to be too self-conscious to even hold Scott's hand in public because she felt too insecure about their age gap

Rosana said she once felt too anxious about Scott’s age because she wasn’t confident enough to hold his hand. 

“I couldn’t hold his hand, or hug him publicly because of my insecurity about the age gap. He might be told to move on by someone else, I thought.

“Now I salute all the haters with my middle fingers.”

Scott said, “Some of my friends felicitated me for being with a twenty-year-old.”

“We are so inseparable. The best thing about being younger with someone is the fact that you work hard. She wants to go home to chill, but you still want to do something active.

Rosana believes her parents Steve, 50 and Roseabelle (49) couldn’t have been happier for their children, despite Scott only being a few years younger.

The construction worker revealed she wants to start a family with Scott, pictured, who already has four children with his previous partner

According to the construction worker, she would like to have a child with Scott (pictured), who has already had four children with his former partner. 

The pair are looking forward to start a family, but Rosana admitted she worries about what will happen in the future due to their age difference

Rosana said she is worried about the future because of their differences in age. However, they are excited to have a child together. 

Scott is already the father of four children, Kaitln (16), Keira (16), Kase (10) and Charlotte (77) from a prior relationship.

Rosana hopes to have their own children but Scott is too old to be a mother. Scott worries Rosana will look younger.

Rosana stated that she always believed that he would be with me longer than I am.

“We have had serious discussions about what we will do.

The married couple, pictured, have had lengthy conversations about what the future holds for them. Scott admitted he is scared Rosana will leave him to go with someone younger

The couple have long talks about their future. Scott acknowledged that he’s afraid Rosana might leave him for someone younger. 

“He becomes anxious about what happens when he has grey hair. I tell him I will search for someone but I still love him to the end.

“I’ll always support him.” Our goal is to have a child soon. Although we don’t need the entire alphabet, I would like to have two children.

“I said to him, there is no pressure to me but I’d like to start my own family. And he agreed.

Scott stated, “I want to start my own family with my wife.” A family man is what I am. I like being a dad, even though it is the most stressful job on the planet.

Scott, left, admitted he sometimes worry about what will happen to Rosana when he dies, but said she is 'strong'

Scott (left) admitted that he worries about Rosana’s fate when he passes away, but she said she’s’strong. 

Rosana, pictured, said she will never leave Scott for someone younger, and will love him until her last breath

Rosana (pictured) said that she would never give Scott up for a younger man and that she loved him till her death. 

The 21-year-old said her parents 'couldn't be happier' for her and Scott, but that she's lost friends over the relationship

According to the 21-year old, her parents were ‘happier’ than Scott and her. However, she said that Scott has made her lose friends.

“We’ll have our cutest children because my wife’s a star.

“I don’t worry about my absence, but I do worry about her when she is gone.

“She is a wonderful soul, and she’s strong. She’s sometimes tougher than I.” She’s been my strength through many downs.

Scott was a worker as a steel framer in Australia at the time of their meeting. He immediately fell for Rosana. They remained in touch for the following months, even though Scott returned to Australia.

Scott and his wife moved to New Zealand a couple of months after they were engaged.

Rosana commented: “Scott was the talk at the conference and I was intrigued about his identity and the reasons he was so fascinating.”

The couple are often mistaken for a father-daughter duo when they are out and about, or enjoying a meal, pictured

They are frequently mistakenly thought of as a father and daughter duo while out and about enjoying meals.

“He visited New Zealand to take a vacation and then we got talking. After a while, we kept in touch. I have never seen anyone make me so laugh.

“I was able to meet him at his home in Australia. We had one-on one conversations, so it became a very special time.

‘When I went back to New Zealand, my boyfriend got me a job there because he had fallen in love.

Scott, right, was visiting New Zealand for work when he met Rosana, but eventually moved there from Australia to be with her

Scott was on his way to New Zealand when Rosana met him. However, Scott eventually made the move from Australia to be there with Rosana.

It is Rosana, pictured, who proposed to Scott after their five-months romance. She said people claimed their love would never last

Rosana (pictured) proposed to Scott five months after they had been together for five months. According to her, people believed their love would not last. 

“When he returned to New Zealand, I offered to marry him. Both of us share so many things in common. Our passions are for horses and cars.

“People thought it wouldn’t last. It was moving too quickly. There was too much trust, hope and support for each other.

Rosana and Scott share their stories in an effort to break down the stereotypes surrounding age gaps relationships.

Rosana stated that “Before people decide us for our age gap,” they need to meet with us. Do not judge a book solely by its cover.

“Many of his closest friends have never had the opportunity to meet me. Those who love and accept me are those who have been there.”

“Anyone who is in an older relationship with another person should be the one to ignore and lead a happy life.”

The couple, pictured, want to break stereotypes about age gap relationships and said people should not judge them

The married couple in the photo want to challenge stereotypes of age gap relationships.

Rosana, pictured, said the friends of Scott's who judge her have never met her, but the one who like her have

Rosana (pictured) said that Scott’s friends who have judged her never had the chance to meet her. But the ones who love her have. 

Pictured: Scott and Rosana sharing a kiss on their wedding day. Rosana sais age gap couples should forget about anyone else and 'live their best life'

Pictured: Scott & Rosana sharing their first kiss during Rosana’s wedding. Rosana believes that age-gap couples need to forget about others and live their best lives.