2700 Omicron-infected people ordered to return home for five-day Covid lockdown at Hong Kong Housing Block

  • Authorities announced Friday that nearly 3,000 people living on a Hong Kong housing development will remain in their homes for five consecutive days.
  •  The lockdown order – reminiscent of those used on the Chinese mainland – comes as Hong Kong tacks harder to Beijing’s “zero-Covid” policy
  • Omicron coronavirus is threatening another round of outbreaks in the community. 
  •  20 confirmed or preliminary positive cases were found in a public housing block in the Kwai Chung neighbourhood, according to health chief Chan

Five days of confinement for nearly 3000 residents on a Hong Kong housing development will take place, officials announced Friday. This is in response to an Omicron coronavirus strain spreading through the area.

This long lockdown, which is reminiscent of the ones used on China’s mainland, comes as Hong Kong pushes Beijing’s “zero Covid” policy.

Sophia Chan, health chief of Kwai Chung said that at least 20 cases with confirmed positive or preliminary results were discovered in a block of public housing in this area.

3,000 residents at a Hong Kong housing estate will be confined to their homes for five days, authorities said Friday

 3,000 residents at a Hong Kong housing estate will be confined to their homes for five days, authorities said Friday

Health authorities confirm 24 new coronavirus cases citywide, 18 of which were locally transmitted

Locally transmitted coronavirus has been confirmed by health authorities in 24 cases.

Hong Kong authorities will impose a five-day lockdown on 2,700 residents of a public housing block

Hong Kong authorities are going to impose a five day lockdown on 2700 people living in a block of public housing.

The residents will be provided with food and other necessities, health minister Sophia Chan Siu-chee said on Friday evening

Sophia Chan Siuchee, Health Minister of Singapore, announced Friday evening that the residents would receive food and other essentials.

officials returned to the trusted zero-Covid playbook that Hong Kong shares with mainland China

Officials have returned to the zero Covid playbook, which Hong Kong shares equally with mainland China

Hong Kong has reported around 300 cases of Omicron, most detected from overseas visitors during their quarantine

Hong Kong reports around 300 Omicron cases. Most of these were found in overseas tourists during the quarantine.

Chan said to reporters, “Clearly there’s a communicable disease in the community and it is very worrying.”

Multiple residents in adjacent flats were infected as well, including a cleaner, security guard and cleaner. The source of the infection is believed to have been a male who was present in the building in January 13. 

 “These infection clusters involve superspreading and are of extremely high risk,” Chan added.

China returns anal swab testing in Covid just two weeks prior to the Winter Olympics.

China returned anal swab testing in order to check for Covid-19, two weeks before Beijing Winter Olympics. 

The controversial anal blood test was conducted on at least 27 people in Beijing. The tests were performed at an apartment block where Omicron had been contracted by a woman aged 26. According to Chinese newspaper The Beijing News.

Anal tests are performed by inserting a sterilized cotton swab approximately 2 inches (5 cm) deep into the rectum, and then rotating it multiple times. After the swab has been removed, it is analysed in a laboratory.

Beijing is currently under strict quarantine and testing after it reported the Omicron infection to its first locale on January 15. As per the official Xinhua News Agency, eleven cases of Omicron have been reported in Beijing as of Thursday afternoon. 

Edwin Tsui of the Centre for Health Protection said the virus may have spread from a cleaner who worked floor to floor.

Around 2,700 people will have to remain home from January 26 through February 26, and then be tested every day.

Hong Kong, like China, eliminates any trace of the virus by using largely closed borders and contact tracing.

Residents of Yat Kwai House on Kwai Chung Estate must be home quarantined for five days until Wednesday

Five days quarantine must be given to residents at Yat Kwai House in Kwai Chung Estate.

Five-day Snap lockdown was the longest ever ordered in the city. In the past, building lockdowns were usually overnight and residents could leave after a positive test.

Individuals who are positive for the disease will be sent to isolation wards. Close friends and family members will go to quarantine camps.

Hong Kong’s government stated that it would provide anti-epidemic and food supplies to affected residents.

Local media reports say that some shoppers were seen purchasing large quantities of groceries Friday afternoon.

Hong Kong is largely free of viruses, but it has been isolated from the rest of the world by its stringent rules.

Following the Omicron virus outbreak last month, there were stricter social-distancing regulations.

Residents of Yat Kwai House at Kwai Chung Estate will need to be home quarantined for five days

Residents of Yat Kwai House, Kwai Chung Estate, will have to return home after being quarantined for five consecutive days