A mother at 29 who is expecting her ninth child has shared her daily life with her sons. 

Yalancia and Michael Rosario, from Dallas, Texas, are the proud parents of Jamel, 12, Michael Jr., nine, Angelo, eight, Gimani, five, Armani, three, Sincere, one, and Khaza, five months. Armani was also their fourth child. 

They have another child on the way. While they had hoped for a boy, the couple learned that they’re having a boy at a gender reveal, which was recorded on Truly’s My Extraordinary Family.

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Yalancia and Michael Rosario are proud parents to sons Jamel, Michael Jr., Angelo, Gimani, Armani, Sincere, and Khaza. Their fourth son, also named Armani, was stillborn

Yalancia Rosario and Michael Rosario, proud parents of their sons Jamel Jr., Angelo and Gimani and Armani and Sincere. Armani, their fourth son was stillborn.

The couple from Dallas, Texas, is expecting their ninth son this year

Dallas couple expecting ninth son. 

Yalancia revealed that she loves having a large family. It’s a privilege that I would not trade for the world. It is never boring, there are always great compliments on our behavior everywhere we go. They are wonderful children. Their family unity is a huge asset.

Yalancia, the youngest of seven children, was raised by Michael and his four siblings. Both of their families were important. He admitted that having a large family was very important and that money and health wouldn’t be an issue. 

“I like the idea 10 to 12 children,” she said. However, she didn’t really enjoy being pregnant. 

‘I get severely sick. I puke non-stop all day long. She explained that it doesn’t stop. It lasts for nine months before you can actually bring the baby out. You can also use the “It lasts for nine months” option. [Michael]Could carry children, I would let him continue to bear the remainder. 

Yalancia makes a dozen eggs and pancake sausages for her boys every morning for breakfast

Yalancia prepares a dozen pancake sausages and eggs every morning for their boys.

The expectant mom said she spends roughly $400 a week on groceries

According to the expectant mother, she spends approximately $400 per week on groceries

The couple’s oldest sons sleep on triple bunkbeds — three in each room — while their youngest sleeps in their bedroom.  

Yalancia started to prepare bulk meals and set up her boys’ clothes the night before, making mornings much easier. They usually wake up early, brush their teeth and dress before breakfast.   

They usually eat a dozen eggs and some pancake sausages. Because they are picky, that’s what younger children eat. 

Believe it or not I go grocery shopping only once per week. We usually spend approximately $400 per week. She said that managing laundry loads and housework is my biggest problem. 

Yalancia and Michael are hoping to one day add a little girl to their family

Yalancia and Michael hope to add a baby girl to their family one day 

The mom (pictured pregnant with Khaza) admitted she doesn't like being pregnant because she is sick the entire nine months

Khaza, the mom (pictured pregnant with Khaza), admitted that she does not like being pregnant. She is constantly sick for nine months. 

'I love having a big family,' Yalancia said. 'I wouldn't trade it for the world'

Yalancia stated, “I love having large families.” I wouldn’t trade this for anything.

Yalancia, however, insists that it gets easier for her children as they get older. “Be great friends.” 

She said, “I don’t need to ask them” or “beg”, It’s amazing that they do this voluntarily. They’re awesome.’ 

Yalancia’s oldest son Jamel was hoping for a ninth child. But some of Jamel’s younger brothers were keen to have a baby girl.   

“I think they are just not sure what to expect for a little girl.” The mom confessed that she doesn’t know what to expect, before revealing the gender. 

Having a big family was important to both Yalancia and Michael, who admitted he'd like to have 20 children if health and money weren't an issue

Yalancia and Michael both valued a large family. Michael even admitted that he would like 20 children but was unable to afford it. 

The couple learned they are having a boy during a gender reveal that was documented on the Truly series 'My Extraordinary Family'

They discovered they were expecting a boy at a gender reveal, which was recorded on Truly’s ‘My Extraordinary Family’ series

Yalancia said her sons love having a big family and are always excited when she and Michael bring up having more children

Yalancia said her sons love having a big family and are always excited when she and Michael bring up having more children

She said, “If you were going to Las Vegas I’d bet on blue,”  

To find out their baby’s gender, the family filled a balloon with pink or blue confetti. The family discovered Yalancia was expecting a boy after they pop the balloon. 

The mom said that her sons love to be brothers and would welcome another sibling.  

They are not alone. Their love for each other is what keeps them together. It’s a joy for them, she stated. “So when they have more kids, they are always happy and excited.”