Amazing moment Cassi, a 50-pound fluffy dog, squeezes through a cat flap to enter children’s bedrooms

  • Footage of Cassi sneaking in to the cat flap and getting into children’s rooms
  • Jaime Cedarlin wave salami for his dog to see how he was doing. 
  •  Mrs Cedarlin took November 15 footage in Tualatin

Here’s the funny moment that a giant dog squeezed under a cat flap in order to gain access to the bedroom of its owners.

Video footage shot at Tualatin in Oregon shows Cassi’s six month old giant schnoodle owner Jaime Cedarlin waving salami.

Mrs Cedarlin had been puzzling how the 50lb dog, a cross between a schnauzer and a giant poodle, had been getting into the children’s room and chewing things.

So she decided to test how the ‘floofy’ pet was bypassing the baby gate, which only has a small flap for the family’s cat Nonni to go through. 

Cassi weighs approximately 50 pounds. Mrs Cedarlin calls Cassi and says: “Can you do it?”

She continues to call the dog and continues whistling at it. Her children are standing behind her.

After slipping through the gate, Mrs Cedarlin tells her dog to retrieve the salami.

Footage taken in Tualatin, Oregon, on November 15, shows owner Jaime Cedarlin waving some salami at her newly adopted six-month-old giant schnoodle Cassi. She also whistles at her dog to get her attention

Photograph taken on November 15 in Tualatin Oregon shows Cassi’s six-month old giant schnoodle owner Jaime Cedarlin wavering salami to her. To get Cassi’s attention, she whistles at her dog.

The husband and Mrs Cedarlin laugh at the fact that their pet flap and gate are not dog-proof. 

Mrs Cedarlin shared a TikTok video of the footage. It has been liked thousands of times. 

She joked about her dog being a water pooch and wrote “I’m actually not mad, just impressed”

The animal manages to squeeze through the tiny cat flap, making Mrs Cedarlin and her husband laugh

This animal squeezes through the small cat flap and makes Mrs Cedarlin, her husband, laugh

She said: ‘The pet door was left open for our cat, Nonni, to get through. Cassi didn’t seem to expect that.

In the comments to the November 15 post, Mrs Cedarlin stated that the dog was adopted locally by the family a week before. 

The family cat Nonni had been hoping that Cassi would be able retreat to the bedroom of her children, but Cassi was unable to do so.

Commenters thought the post was hilarious and wrote, “I believe I learned junior high science this is called Osmosis” and “She’s amazing.”

One other commenter added: “I love my dad laughing in background.”  

Others wondered if Cassi was a cat. 

Once the animal is through, it enjoys the salami and Mrs Cedarlin realises how the animal has been getting into her children's room

After the animal finishes, the animal enjoys the salami. Mrs Cedarlin realizes that the animal was getting in her children’s rooms.