A British toddler, who was sickened by a tummy problem in Turkey weeks prior to her third birthday, died. Inquests reveal that she contracted a rare strain.

  • Allie Birchall, a Turkish woman who was just weeks away from her third birthday, died due to tummy bugs in a Turkish hotel
  • Tot got a bacterial infection from the Crystal Sunset five-star resort
  • Allie’s brain damage was diagnosed by doctors and her life support system was turned off.
  • Katie Mum, Nothing can bring your princess back. But we have some answers.

An inquest revealed that a British toddler died from a stomach bug after catching a rare strain of E.coli while in Turkey.

Allie Birchall (two years old) was diagnosed with a bacterial infection after she stayed at Crystal Sunset Luxury Resort & Spa in Antalya.

After her return to the UK, she was rushed to hospital and the toddler from Manchester had to be taken by his family.

She had brain damage, according to doctors. 

Three years ago, Little Allie succumbed to a stomach bug contracted at a 5-star resort in Turkey.

A probate into her death revealed that Allie, of Atherton (Wigan), Lancs, was a victim of a rare strain of E.coli from Turkey.

Manchester Coroners Court learned that it wasn’t possible to determine how the woman contracted the disease and concluded that her death resulted from natural causes.

Katie Allie, Allie’s mother, was 36. She said that she was grateful to get answers and that other families would not suffer as much.

Katie spoke after today’s inquest and said that “Losing our baby Allie so suddenly and tragically was heartbreaking for all of us, and it’s still very difficult to believe we won’t see her again.”

Her parents took the impossible decision to switch off her life support after Allie suffered brain damage

Following Allie’s brain damage, her parents had to make the difficult decision of turning off her life support.

“When she was admitted at the hospital, all of us prayed that she would make it through. Her brain injury was so devastating.

“The entire experience was nothing but traumatic, and we have suffered a significant loss of life.

Allie was blessed with a full life, but it was taken from her in the worst way. We will never forget her death.

We are thankful that our inquest has ended and we have at least some answers.

We can only hope that the suffering of others is not as terrible as it was for our family.

After returning to Antalya’s Crystal Sunset Luxury Resort & Spa for a 10 day break in July 2019, Allie Birchall experienced stomach cramps, diarrhoea and was taken to the hospital.

Shiga Toxin-producing E.coli (STEC) was found in the woman.

Then, she developed Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome. This is a potentially fatal blood disorder that can be linked to STEC and could lead to brain damage or kidney failure.

On August 3, she tragically passed away. A post mortem determined that her cause of death had been brain damage, along with other complications related to HUS or STEC.

Jatinder, the senior associate solicitor at Irwin Mitchell, representing Allie, stated that Allie was still suffering from grief. Katie is especially affected by her loss and has been struggling to cope with it.

Although we cannot change what has happened, Allie’s loved ones now know the reasons she was so abruptly taken from them.

It is important to not underestimate the dangers associated with gastric infections and other illnesses. E.coli can cause serious health issues and even death.

The adorable toddler from Manchester was weeks away from her third birthday when she died

She was just weeks from her third birthday, when the adorable Manchester toddler died.

“We’ll keep supporting them while they try to deal with their loss.”

Allie’s family fell ill on their vacation, booked by Jet2Holidays.

Allie started experiencing symptoms three days after returning home on the 27th of July.

Allie was admitted to an intubated coma the first day after she was diagnosed as having STEC. HUS also struck her.