An allergic reaction caused by a Brow Treatment at Colchester’s local Shop left a teenager with eyes that were ‘glued shut.

Rhia Vikki West, mother-of-five, rushed her 14 year-old daughter Cheyanne to the hospital on Christmas Eve for emergency treatment.

One day prior, the girl received an eyelash tint and henna eyebrow in Colchester. Unfortunately, it was not to her liking.

Cheyanne spent Christmas Eve in hospital with her mum, receiving steroids and pain medication for severe swelling, but was later sent home – however her condition deteriorated overnight.

The reaction caused the family so much distress and they say it ruined their Christmas celebrations

This caused so much grief in the family that they claim it destroyed their Christmas celebrations.

After getting her eyebrows tinted Cheyanne West's throat soon began to swell up and her eyes were so swollen she couldn't see anything

Cheyanne West had her eyebrows tinted. Soon her throat began to swell and she could no longer see.

The 14-year-old started screaming in pain after the reaction sent her to hospital for emergency treatment

Following the incident, the 14 year-old began screaming in pain and was rushed to the hospital.

Doctors informed Cheyanne she could have lost her eyesight or died. She described her ordeal as 'a horrible experience', that left her in hospital on Christmas Day

Cheyanne was told by doctors that she might have lost her sight or even died. Her ordeal was described by her as a ‘horrible experience’ that ended in her hospital bed on Christmas Day. 

Her throat began swelling quickly and soon she was unable to see.

On Christmas Day, Rhia took her daughter back to A&E, where she was told Cheyanne was lucky to be alive.

Cheyanne said, “It’s absolutely awful.” 

“I had my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted, and was excited to go to Christmas party.

Pictured: Cheyanne with her brother Caiden before the treatment. The young girl had received a henna eyebrow and eyelash tint in Colchester which led to disastrous results.

Photo: Cheyanne and her brother Caiden prior to the treatment. Colchester had performed a henna eyebrow- and eyelash tint on this young girl, which resulted in disastrous outcomes.

Cheyanne's mum wasn't present at the time of the visit to the Colchester salon so she had to cal her grandmother for persmission

Cheyanne was not able to be with her mum at the Colchester salon visit so Cheyanne had to call her grandmother to get permission.

now she won't be able to wear makeup for a long time and can't get tattoos and her eyebrows have started to fall out, she's starting to lose the hair.

Cheyanne had never worn makeup before this incident. Now she is unable to put on any make-up for quite some time and can’t have tattoos. Her eyebrows have also fallen out.

“I was terrified and scared when I woke up to find my entire face swelling.

“The doctors said that my sight could have been lost and I might have even died,” she added. It was a terrible experience.

“I was crying in pain.”

Cheyanne was in hospital most of Christmas Day. She was then released and sent home to recuperate.

With New Year's Eve around the corner, Rhia wants to warn fellow parents to take care when it comes to beauty treatments and make sure salons do a patch test

Rhia wishes to remind parents that New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. She also wants to urge them to be careful with beauty treatments. Make sure to have a salon do a patch-test.

Cheyanne remained in hospital for most of Christmas Day, before being sent home to recover from the reaction

Cheyanne was in hospital most of Christmas Day. She was then discharged to her home for treatment.

The teenager fears that her hair will not grow back because she is now experiencing painful, popping eyebrow blisters.

She stated that she was feeling better, however her eyebrows were still hurting and kept falling out. Her eyes also started to turn yellow.

“I’m prone to blisters popping up everywhere.”

Rhia was devastated at losing her baby daughter almost because of the Christmas plans that were made by her family.

Cheyanne remained in hospital for most of Christmas Day, before being sent home to recover. Cheyanne with her mother's partner Will

Cheyanne was in hospital most of Christmas Day. She was then discharged and sent home. Cheyanne and Will, her mother.

Rhia had never had a beauty treatment and never suspected this sort of thing could happen afterwards

Rhia never received a beauty treatment, and she never imagined that such a thing would happen.

Two of her children, who were older, remained at home while Covid was away, each sleeping in their own bedrooms.

As New Year’s Eve approaches, this mum wishes to remind other parents to be careful with beauty treatments. She recommends that salons perform a patch test.

The owner claimed that she called her to request permission for Cheyanne to tint her eyebrows and eyelashes.

The salon decided to get permission from her grandmother instead, even though the mother didn’t answer the phone.

Cheyanne after she suffered the allergic reaction. The salon offered a refund and a free treatment and the shop owner has been contacting the family non-stop

Cheyanne suffered an allergic reaction. After Cheyanne’s allergic reaction, the salon provided a reimbursement and free treatment.

Cheyanne's mum has now decided that she'll not have any treatments done again until she's over 21

Cheyanne’s mom has made it clear that Cheyanne will not be undergoing any further treatments after she turns 21.

Rhia stated, “It has caused so much distress and destroyed our Christmas.” 

‘Cheyanne can’t wear makeup long-term, has trouble getting tattoos done, her eyebrows have fallen out and she is losing hair.

“The shop owner attempted to contact me by phone for permission. I didn’t answer so Cheyanne called Cheyanne’s nan and she proceeded with treatment.

‘I told them she’d had a reaction – this was before it got really bad – and they offered us a refund and a free treatment and the shop owner has been contacting us non-stop.’

While Cheyanne was going through her ordeal her two younger siblings were isolating at home with Covid

Cheyanne went through the ordeal, while her siblings, her older brothers and sisters were staying at home with Covid.

“I would like to alert other parents.

“Always have a patch check, but most importantly remind your children that they’re already beautiful and don’t require treatments.

“The saddest thing about it is that having eyebrows and eyelash tints could have cost me my child,’ she said.

“I have never been to a beauty salon and would never think that this could be possible.”

“She won’t have any more things done, and she will have to wait till she turns 21.”

“We’re lucky that she’s still alive, and she hasn’t lost sight.


Anaphylaxis (also known as anaphylactic shock) can be fatal in a matter of minutes.

This is an extreme and possibly life-threatening reaction to triggers, like allergies.

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It occurs when your immune system reacts too strongly to triggers, according to the NHS. 

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