You typically buy gifts that you think the receiver will appreciate for holidays and special occasions. Because of your busy schedule, you could be like most shoppers – buying what is trendy and popular. 

It is not easy to find a gift for someone close that represents their personality or style. However, there is one option for a standout gift: custom stationery. It requires some time because you need to choose the features you want, such as type of paper, colour, format, and design. If you are looking for stationery, you will find an excellent selection of personalised stationery gifts at, a well-known supplier of luxury stationery.

You can also use the tips below to guide you.

Think classic when you are in doubt

You might find it difficult to choose the most appropriate creative design. Go for the classic style, such as traditional fonts, if you are unsure. You can choose between serif and san serif fonts. Times New Roman is a serif font, while Helvetica, Verdana and Calibri are sans serif fonts. You can also choose Script fonts. These typefaces will add a classic look for luxurious stationery. Monograms are perfect, but if the person is more modern, look for a simpler and cleaner design. 

Add a custom personal feature

Add something extra to the personalised stationery aside from monograms or the recipient’s name. Find out what is trendy or what the recipient likes, such as pets, flowers, birds, items from the sea, etc.  

Understand the different printing methods

Different suppliers of personalised stationery use various printing methods. You might find one specialising in hand printing stationery using a vintage press. Check out the difference between foil printing, engraving, and letterpress. You can choose digital or thermographic printing for something similar but less tactile. 

Select the right paper

Fine, luxurious personalised stationery often uses uncoated paper stock, mainly cotton. The current stock varies on the cotton or fibre content. Most use the two-ply or double-thick stock, which can be hand-painted and bevelled. But if the receiver mainly uses a ballpoint or fountain pen, choose a single-ply sheet. The smooth vellum finish does not absorb or smear the ink. 

Choose the extent of customisation

The more customisation you add to the personalised stationery, the more expensive it will be. Look for a supplier that offers semi-custom stationery, which means some features, such as background design elements from ready-made patterns. While the stationery will be less expensive, it will not lose the look and feel of bespoke stationery.  

Give a set

Instead of giving a set of flat notecards, consider giving a set. Include different types of stationery for various uses. You could add list pads or notepads, gift enclosure cards, and folded notecards.

Consider the envelope

Do not overlook the envelope and give its more personality and colour. It is trendy to use envelope liners with a pattern or solid colour. The flap can have the monogram or name as well.  You do not have to give stationery that will last for several months. Most suppliers recommend small quantities, which will give the person enough time to enjoy them.