Mother 22, shows her new face. A trendy ear piercing revealed a vein in her cheek.

  • Courtney Taylor of Leeds became terrified when a tragus puncturing turned into painful
  • Fears of sepsis took her to the A&E where she discovered a vein had been nicked
  • Courtney now wants to raise awareness about the dangers associated with piercings

One mother of one was brought to the hospital after her face became blue from having her ear punctured.

Courtney Taylor (Leeds) was left in great pain when her cheeks started swelling.

22 year old got her tragus (the pointed cartilage at the front of the concha) pierced on both ears.

The right side was normal, but the left was painful. It was difficult to remove the piercing. 

Courtney was told by the salon piercer it was OK, but afterward her face was blue. It could lead to sepsis, according to her friends.

The young mum dashed to A&E where doctors were baffled by her condition.

The doctors were able to determine that there was no life-threatening poisoning, but the doctor said she had pierced her too close to her face. A vein and possibly even a nerve were also removed.

Courtney Taylor was left in pain and feeling confused after an ear piercing turned her face blue

Courtney Taylor felt confused and in pain after her ear piercing had turned her blue. 

The blue mark spread across her face by the piercing site and continued to spread down her neck. The young mum went to hospital after friends warned her it could be sepsis

Blue marks began to appear on her skin from the site of the piercing and spread down her neck. Friends warned the young mom that she could have sepsis.

Courtney stated that she had both her traguss pierced.

“But the left one was so painful that it became almost impossible to clean.

“I spoke to my piercer, and she was very happy with me. It’s cartilage and can swell. This makes it uncomfortable.

“I agreed to this because I had experienced similar symptoms before with another cartilage-piercing. 

The 22-year-old had got her tragus - the small pointed cartilage in front of the concha - pierced on both sides.

She had her tragus (the small, pointed cartilage at the front of concha) pierced both ways by the 22-year old.

Despite her right side healing well, he left side started causing her concern but her piercer told Courtney there was no reason to worry

Courtney was concerned that her left side had not healed well. However, her piercer assured her there wasn’t any reason for her to be worried.

After arriving at the hospital the mum discovered her vein has been nicked and was given medication and told to wait for the vein to clot

The mum arrived at the hospital to discover that her vein had been punctured. She was then given medication and instructed to wait until the vein clots.


It is important to take care of your piercings so that they heal properly. Make sure you find a qualified professional to do the job before getting your body pierced.

How to stop an infection

  • Salt water is used to clean the piercing and it should be turned at least twice daily 
  • Use a towel to dry the skin 
  • It is best to avoid using cotton wool for cleaning. This could cause it to get stuck or encourage infection.
  • You should not try to perforate yourself or someone else.
  • Don’t go swimming with new piercings

Infection signs

  • Some minor reddening and itching is common, but dark colors are cause for concern.
  • It is possible for the site to feel hot and swelling.
  • Some people may experience nausea, dizziness and shivery.
  • You can feel pus from the piercing

If you believe you might have an infection call your GP at 111 or telephone 111

Source: NHS 

However, she said that her right arm was becoming less painful.

“But, my left was only getting worse, so it began bleeding.

“I looked at the mirror, and I saw that my bruising was only getting worse.

‘I rang my doctors who said it could be sepsis or an infection and to get straight down to A&E.’

‘I went to hospital and they rushed me through to a separate part of A&E so I could get seen faster.’

“The specialist said that he had never witnessed anything quite like it in his lifetime.

He called another specialist. They quickly diagnosed sepsis and thank goodness.

“He stated that the piercing was too close to his cheek and that a vein had been cut and maybe a nerve.

Courtney said, “He suggested that you leave the earring on until it is completely healed.”

“I was prescribed antibiotics and instructed to allow the vein to clot.”

“The swelling has subsided, but the pain is still intense.”

Courtney claimed that she raised the issue with the salon where she was going, and wanted to spread awareness to other people.