One transgender woman in glam has reacted to critics saying it is ‘assault” not to disclose her gender to the men who have been sexting on her. She defiantly stated that ‘they don’t deserve to know.

Tayla Dow from Bolton was bombarded with negative remarks, calling her a catfish who’misled’ men by buying her drinks in clubs and then kissing her.

However, the young woman insists that it is not safe to disclose her identity to any boozed up bloke who approaches her at night.

Tayla stated that she believes sharing a kiss is ‘no too far’ and does not need to disclose her private information.

Since coming out, she has had hormone therapy and spent £30,000 on procedures to look more feminine such as a nose job and chin augmention, but she’s not undergone full gender reassignment surgery. 

In a candid video Tayla Dow says she always tells men that she is trans before going on dates or having any sexual contact with them and feels before those stages it's 'none of their business'

Tayla Dow, in a candid video, says that before she goes on dates with men or has any sexual contact she tells them she’s transgender. She also feels like it’s not their business.

Infuriated commenters slammed her actions as 'deceitful' and some even said it should be 'illegal' or warned that it 'could end badly' if someone found out afterwards

Commenters furious at her deceitful actions blasted it as “deceitful” and warned it could end badly if anyone found out.

Tayla says she realised she was trans around the age of 13 and that social media gave her more insight into the trans community and ultimately helped her to understand herself. Pictured before transitioning

Tayla claims that at 13 she became aware she was transgender and discovered she had to be transgender. She says social media helped her gain more knowledge about trans people and eventually help her become fully trans. Before she transitioned

Many angry commenters condemned her deceitfulness and warned it could lead to a disastrous end.

A candid video was recorded by the social worker, who says that before she can go on dates with men or have any sexual contact with them, she will always inform them she is transgender.

Tayla stated that she gets quite a lot of male attention at night out. However, she doesn’t seek it out. She just goes out for fun.

“If someone approaches my in a club situation when everybody’s drunk and I know that not all men will be okay with it I don’t feel safe to reveal everything about me.”

Tayla first started transitioning with hormone replacement therapy and experimenting with makeup, hair and outfits. Pictured after facial surgery

Tayla began transitioning to hormone replacement therapy when she was just 14 years old. She also experimented with hair, makeup and outfits. After facial surgery

In her TikTok video, Tayla said she feels that sharing a kiss 'isn't too far' without disclosing her personal information. Trans woman hits back after saying she doesn't tell men on nights out

Tayla, in her TikTok clip, stated that sharing a kiss “isn’t too far” without disclosing any personal details. A transwoman hits back at Tayla, who said she won’t reveal her personal information to men when out with friends.

“Especially to someone I do not even know, just so they can buy me something or give me some money. “As long as the conversation is not sexual it doesn’t matter to me.

If someone wanted to kiss my lips, then I wouldn’t speak unless they were comfortable with me telling. It’s not too much for me and it’s not assault. People take it wrongly.

“There are men who take their girlfriends out for sex, and there are also people with STDs who have had sex after going out.

“Of course it would be sexual, serious or like me meeting someone and taking them on a date.

The young woman had to hit back at online trolls who accused her of 'assault' after she revealed that she usually doesn't disclose that she's trans in nightclubs in a TikTok video. Pictured recovering from a rhinoplasty

After she admitted that she is transgender in nightclubs, she didn’t usually reveal it in TikTok videos, the young lady had to retaliate at internet trolls that accused her of “assault.” Photo of the woman recovering from a rhinoplasty.

Despite not wanting to tell every man about her trans identity, Tayla if it was anything sexual or serious, like meeting up and going on a date, then I'd tell them.'

Despite not wanting to tell every man about her trans identity, Tayla if it was anything sexual or serious, like meeting up and going on a date, then I’d tell them.’

“People need to try to put themselves in the shoes of transgender people and view it through my eyes. But, if they have prejudices against them then it’s impossible for them understand.

The clip was shared by Tiktok. Tayla said: “There are loads of people like, “You should be telling men that you’re transsexual on a night out. They deserve to know, you’re sick, and you’re vile.

“No, I’m not them. They don’t deserve it.”

Tayla believes she first realized she was trans at the age 13; social media provided her with more information about the trans community, and eventually helped her understand her own identity.

After keeping her transgender identity to herself until she left school, the teen finally came out at 16 and visited her GP who referred her to a specialist gender clinic. Pictured before transitioning

She kept her gender identity secret until the end of high school. Then, at 16, she came out to her doctor and was referred to a specialist clinic for transgender patients. Before she transitioned

Tayla has had seven procedures to her face - a rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, forehead reconstruction, brow bone shave and lift, hairline lowering and implants under her eyes. Pictured recovering from facial feminisation

Tayla underwent seven cosmetic procedures on her face: a nose job, chin augmentation and forehead reconstruction. Photo of Tayla after facial feminisation

The teen kept it a secret until the end of high school. At 16, she finally spoke out and went to her GP, who referred her for specialized gender treatment.

After that, she transitioned to hormone replacement therapy.

As a young, mature woman she is often approached by men on the streets to try and get her attention.

Online trolls furious at her for admitting that she doesn’t always disclose she’s transgender in nightclubs. But she has responded by calling these comments ‘prejudiced.

Tayla asks that people should try and put themselves in hershoes and see it from my perspective but notes that if they have prejudices against trans people she doen't think they will ever undrstand

Tayla says that everyone should put their feet in her shoes to view it through my eyes. She also notes that even if people have prejudices towards trans people, they don’t believe they will change.

Tayla has spent a whopping £30,000 on procedures to transition into her dream feminine look, including facial feminisation surgery last year. Pictured recovering from a rhinoplasty

Tayla has spent a whopping £30,000 on procedures to transition into her dream feminine look, including facial feminisation surgery last year. Image of Tayla recovering after having her rhinoplasty.

One commenter stated: “It is almost certainly their business. They are choosing to take your choice.”

Another one said, “This should be illegal.”

Others came out to support Tayla. They said it was no one’s problem but hers once things got intimate, and agreed that she has the right to safeguard her safety.

One stated that people acting as if you were their boss should write it on your forehead. You can tell people before you engage in sexual activity, but it is not their business.

Tayla pictured before transitioning

Tayla pictured after transitioning

Although she claims that her methods have made it easier for her to transition into a womanhood, the social worker admits that her dating life is still difficult.

Another one said that it was unnecessary [because]They’ll be gone forever and she will never meet them again.

Tayla has spent a whopping £30,000 on procedures to transition into her dream feminine look, including facial feminisation surgery last year.

It involved seven different procedures on her face: a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation as well as forehead reconstruction and brow bone lift. She also had her hairline lowered and implanted under her eyes.

She has also had lip and cheek filler and wears pricey £850 extensions as part of her glam look.

When it comes to dating, Tayla is very upfront about her identity and discloses that she's trans in her tinder bio

Tayla has been very open with her gender identity when it comes dating.

The glamourous woman has had lip and cheek filler and wears pricey £850 extensions as part of her glam look

The glamourous woman has had lip and cheek filler and wears pricey £850 extensions as part of her glam look

Posting openly on her TikTok account about her transition and the transphobic comments she receives, Tayla hopes to combat prejudiced viewpoints and abuse

Tayla posted openly about her transphobic reactions and her transition to TikTok. She hopes this will help combat prejudiced views and abuse.

Although these methods have assisted her in transitioning and gaining social acceptance, the social worker admits that they are still complicated for dating.

According to her Tinder profile, she declares that she is transgender so men can ‘know right away’ if she is interested in a relationship.

Tayla stated: “Obviously, I am quite fortunate to have a passing privilige. I suppose that I can pass as a lady easier because I’ve had things done so people are more attracted to me.”

“But, when it comes time to actual dating, it becomes complicated because even if someone is OK with it; their family and friends would still have to be okay.

Commenters on Tayla's TikTok video saw her receive an influx of hate comments claiming that hiding her identity from men who pursued her was assault

Tayla received hateful comments from viewers of her TikTok video. They claimed that she was hiding her identity to men who were following her.

“Some people like it and some don’t. It all depends on your preference.

“Sometimes it is difficult because people fetishise them.”

“It’s in my Tinder profile for them to see so that they can form their own opinions based on it.”

“Some people match up with me then remove me from the mix without me saying anything. Some people may be insensitive, while others are more open-minded and can just speak to me as they normally would.

Some other viewers of the video came to Tayla's defence and explained that it's often extremely unsafe for trans women to reveal their identities

Tayla was also defended by others who saw the video. They explained that trans women often have to be anonymous.

Tayla posts openly to her TikTok page about her transition, and the comments that she gets from transphobic people. This is her attempt at combating prejudiced views and abuse.

Tayla stated that she feels like she’s made a great stride, especially since she’s only twenty-five. While I still have a ways to go before I can be exactly where I want it to be, I feel more at ease and happier with myself.

“I believe the negative comments are a result of people being ignorant or prejudiced.”

They don’t know that I’m still female.