A mum has told how she spends Christmas Day with her fiancé and his ex – and the two women have even bonded by talking about their sex lives.

Kaylee Hamilton, 25, from Carmarthenshire, has been in a relationship with fiancé Javan Sebastian, 27, for almost three years, and they have two sons, Milan, one, and Marcellus who arrived last month.

Javan’s five-year old daughter Nevaeh is his father. He was in a three year relationship with Emily Cann (25).

Kaylee was pregnant with Marcellus and it was then that they started getting close. Emily, who is now a stay-at home mum, will be spending a cozy Christmas with Javan, his family, and her baby girl. 

She will also be joined by Euros Thomas (26), her partner, and the couple’s two children Amara (3 and Dottie (5 months), respectively.

Pictured clockwise from top left; Euros, Javan, Neveah, Kaylee, Amara and Emily. The family will all swap presents on Christmas Day, watch movies and eat a meal together

Photo: From the top, clockwise; Euros. Javan. Neveah. Kaylee. Amara. Christmas Day is a time for family to exchange presents, watch movies, and share a meal.

Emily and Kaylee didn't get on when they first met but are now best friends and even talk about their sex lives

Kaylee and Emily weren’t friends when they first met. However, now they are best friends and talk about their sex lives.

Kaylee also works full-time as a mom to Mazey, her three-year old daughter, who is from a prior relationship.

“It resolves the issue of Nevaeh having Christmas Day, which was causing arguments. It also means that neither Javan nor Emily are left out. It’s great to get along with each other – Emily has become like my sister.

‘We’ll swap gifts in the morning – we have a £40 budget for us adults and the same for each child – and the older kids will play together. Javan makes dinner while Emily and me catch up.

“Then, we will have some drinks and maybe watch a Christmas movie. Then they will all stay the night. It was a great experience last year, and we can’t wait for it to be repeated again.

Kaylee, 25, has been in a relationship with fiancé Javan Sebastian, 27, for almost three years and now the couple share two children together

Kaylee, 25, has been in a relationship with fiancé Javan Sebastian, 27, for almost three years and now the couple share two children together

Both have not always been close friends. In May 2019, Kaylee and Emily first met Emily, two months after Kaylee had started dating Javan.

Kaylee states that she was cautious about Emily because of the possibility of an affair with her ex-partner. It was not clear if she had any feelings for Javan. Our first encounter was at Nevaeh’s collection by Emily. Our first meeting was when Emily came to collect Nevaeh. We exchanged pleasantries and a brief hello, but that was all.

‘If Emily or Javan were to fall out, I would always support Javan. I think I was more involved than I ought to have.

Emily felt the same way. According to her, she didn’t initially like Kaylee. Javan and me had been separated for over a year, and our arguments continued. When it came down to Nevaeh’s childcare, we disagreed and Kaylee was on his side.

“That caused problems between us. They saw each other even when they had to.

Kaylee was pregnant only with Milan, Nevaeh’s half-brother. A few months later, they became friends.

Kaylee said that Emily’s feelings changed toward me after my second pregnancy. We would both have had a child together with Javan, which made us more equal. We found common ground because Javan was the father of both our children.

“She doesn’t seem to be a threat anymore to my relationship with Javan.”

Emily (right) and Kaylee (left) didn't get on when they first met but are now best friends so close they call each other sisters

Kaylee (left), Emily (right), and Kaylee, (left) were not compatible when they first met. However, they have become best friends who are so close that they refer to each other as sisters.

“My labour was with Milan and I had to be intubated. It lasted for one week. Javan was unable to drive so Emily helped me. She provided snacks for me and other assistance.

“It was difficult not to love her because of how kind she was, and that was when she felt like a friend rather than Javan’s ex.

Kaylee asked Emily to go on a shopping spree as a way of saying thank you, just weeks after Milan was born.

Emily shares her thoughts: “I thought it would feel awkward since it was just us, it’s not every day that you go out together with your ex-partner. However, I was struck by the similarities.”

Previously, Emily and Javan had Nevaeh on alternate Christmases which had been awkward for the pair and led to arguments

Javan and Emily had Nevaeh previously on alternate Christmases, which was awkward for them both and lead to disagreements

“We are both loud and fiery, and it was easy to see that we share the same taste in clothing and style. We also talk a lot.

Kaylee states that despite Emily talking to me about Javan’s relationship and the reasons it didn’t work out, I realized she had no feelings for him. The moment I was comfortable, I opened up to Javan about my relationship.

“It was impossible to not like her.”

They began to arrange double dates for Javan’s and Emily’s carpenter partners Euros, whom they live just half an hour apart.

When Kaylee fell pregnant with Javan's son Marcellus - Nevaeh's half-brother - the women gelled

Kaylee became pregnant with Javan’s son Marcellus. Nevaeh’s halfbrother, the two women got together

Emily states that Euros is fine with Kaylee being my friend and Javan getting along because we share a child. I assured him that I did not have romantic feelings towards Javan.

“He and Javan got along really well when they were together.”

Kaylee can’t get along with Javan the professional rugby player, so she goes to Emily. Emily was Kaylee’s partner in birth when Marcellus was born.

Kaylee said: “I am confident that I can talk to Emily about any topic. She is open to me talking about Javan and mine sex lives. Although it might sound strange, she is like a sibling. This never feels strange.

Javan Sebastian's ex girlfriend Emily Cann and her current boyfriend Euros Thomas with their daughter, Dottie

Javan Sebastian’s ex-girlfriend Emily Cann, her boyfriend Euros Thomas and their little girl Dottie

‘Javan was on rugby during my labour, and Emily was there to witness Marcellus’ birth because the delivery was very quick. Javan had Javan available on FaceTime so that he could see.

Javan jokes with Emily that Emily has stolen me because they spend so much time together. Because we live so close, even if we aren’t talking on the telephone, we hang out at each other houses. Our Christmas Day will be spent in matching pajamas.

Emily added: “If Emily or Javan get into a fight, I will drive around to their home and pick them up.”

“It is never strange that she mentions Javan. It’s because we weren’t meant for each others and clashed.

When Kaylee and Javan have a falling out, I will always be there for Kaylee. Javan does not feel like an ex to me anymore. I am happy that Javan has found someone with whom he is happy and who acts as a second mother for Nevaeh.

Javan was the one who suggested to Kaylee that they spend Christmas last year at Javan and Javan’s home.

Javan and Emily were still living with Nevaeh, which was very awkward. It led to many arguments.

Emily says that it was natural for us to spend Christmas together, so we could see Nevaeh.

“It was an incredible day, and Euros got along very well with Javan. Javan was also a chef last year, so it’s not surprising that he got the bad news.

It will get even more special this year thanks to our two new members, Marcellus and Dottie.

“People may find our arrangement strange, but we consider it normal. We wouldn’t change anything.”

Javan said: “It’s really great that Kaylee & Emily get along, and it’s great to our children, especially at Christmas time when we all are together.”

“But it does seem like Emily has stolen Kaylee because they spend so many hours together.

Euros states: “I’ve never been jealous of Emily’s company Kaylee, Javan and Kaylee. I understand it’s friends. I’m not jealous.”

“It’s much more easy now that everyone gets along. It just feels so natural.”

“I already knew Javan from our rugby games when we were young so I was familiar with him. But we haven’t been able to get close together until now.

“The Christmas plans and friendship just clicked and it was really great for all the children to get along and have Christmas together.