One mother revealed that she is losing patience with her fathers for bringing their daughters to school in the male changing rooms.

Taking to the British parenting forum Mumsnet, the mother explained that men are regularly using the female changing rooms after their daughters have been swimimng at the school pool.

The fathers’ separate changing areas were ignored by many dads, leaving her baffled.

She asked, “Should I be precious?” or ask her to give them the men’s. They think it is their daughters that are changing, and they don’t want to take them with the men.

The majority of viewers agreed with the message that males shouldn’t be allowed to enter female change rooms. Some blamed the school for failing to provide a system suitable for parents.

A few people noted that this was a complicated situation and they would have to make sure their daughters change before the men from the other side.  

A British woman took to Mumsnet to complain about the amount of men coming into the female changing rooms with their daughters at the school swimming pool (stock image)

Mumsnet received a complaint from a British woman about men entering female change rooms while they were swimming at her school’s pool. Stock image

The mother explained that her 9-year-old daughter was starting to feel uncomfortable having so many men around

 The mother explained that her 9-year-old daughter was starting to feel uncomfortable having so many men around

The woman explained to her daughter that she feels uneasy and said, “She’s feeling uncomfortable.”The increasing number of males in female change rooms makes me increasingly mad. 

She said that the ‘t’ stands for ‘taste’.Iny pool is attached to school, with small changing rooms clearly marked for males and females’.

“Every week there is at least one or more men who insist that their daughters (all younger than seven years old) go to the female side of the house for girls’ changing after and before lessons,” she stated. My nine-year old daughter is becoming more nervous about having to go and change before these grown men.  

“There aren’t naked adults. It is just children who get changed. Some people are very young; most likely, none of them is old enough to do it independently.

Commenters were quick to point out that men should never be in the female changing rooms and that they though it was unnacceptable

Comments quickly pointed out that it is unacceptable for men to be in female change rooms.

She revealed that parents can’t be found poolside, and teachers must meet with the children from the opposite side of the changing rooms.

“But, there are just a few boys who change in there. They’re all younger than 7, but there’s no one naked.

My (young) son is allowed to enter the male changing area. We have agreed that both of us will need them as we get older. Husband, son and me in the men’s and my daughter and husband in the women’s.

“I already emailed swim school to inquire about their policy, and I will email my parents to inform them.  

Other commenters thought the men were not at fault and that the school should provide better options for parents

Some commenters felt that the men were innocent and the school should offer better options to parents.

To show that others felt the same, commenters came in large numbers. 

“I am amazed that you have to put up with such a thing once.” They should leave right away and, depending on their behavior, I would seriously consider reporting them the police,” one of my colleagues wrote. 

One person stated, “Not acceptable at any time, which is evidence that men sometimes don’t grasp the consequences of their actions in relation to women or girls.” If you are brave, I’d be willing to speak out. Maybe you should send an email to management. Then, they will have proof of their statements. They will find it much more difficult to mislead you.  

Another participant agreed and said: “Complain (and keep complaining until the Centre does something). Funny isn’t it – they don’t want their daughters exposed somehow to other men, but don’t give a s**t about yours or the other women in there.’ 

Another participant said, “If the child cannot dress themselves independently, they should use the change room of their parent…in this case the men.” There should really be family changing areas.

While some may agree with the concept of separation, others feel it’s the school’s fault and not the fathers. 

Someone said that children are changing and adult are dressed. The problem is your daughter may be upset about adult men changing in the bathroom with her. But if the dad goes into the men’s room, then the girl is being changed before adult males and teenage boys. This is a difficult problem because the child may not be able to wash her hair and they share the changing room.

Another replied, “I see your point. But the idea of a young woman getting dressed in front of an entire group of men isn’t right.”