A shelter housed two abandoned dogs for 18 months. They were rescued just in time to be adopted by a family. 

Dasher and Eve, along with two other dogs named Angel and Tinsel, were found starved, cold and sick and were rescued by RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre in late 2019 after they were abandoned in a hunting shed.

While Angel and Tinsel were promptly rehomed, introverted best-friends Dasher and Eve, who is deaf, had a trickier time, and waited for a forever home for a lengthy 18 months Metro reported. 

The shy, mute dogs who had never been around humans before have now been adopted by Scott Marshall and Kelly Coupland. They will join their Greyhound Biscuit ex-racing Greyhound Biscuit. 

Dasher and Eve, pictured now, were found starved, cold and sick and rescued by RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre in late 2019 after they were abandoned in a hunting shed

Eve and Dasher are pictured here. They were discovered starving, cold, and seriously ill after being left in an abandoned hunting shed.

Cathie Ward works at Southridge and assisted Eve and Dasher in their recovery.

These dogs were now facing their second Christmas at shelter. The team strives to make this holiday special for them.

Dasher and Eve have found a family that will take them in, which is a great relief. 

Kelly was devastated when Fawn, her Saluki-cross 16-year old Saluki, died in February. She has enjoyed getting to know her new pet.

The two Salukis waiting 18 months to find a loving home, and have finally been taken on by a loving couple. Now they get to stay together forever, pictured

After waiting for 18 months, the Salukis were finally adopted by a couple. They will now live together for ever. 

Eve, pictured, is deaf, and has to be trained using hand signals by her new owners Kelly Coupland and Scott Marshall

Eve, pictured, is deaf, and has to be trained using hand signals by her new owners Kelly Coupland and Scott Marshall

Kelly said: ‘Salukis have so much sass and character. Because they want to be at the center of everything, I love it. So I was looking for a Saluki-type dog. Then we found Evie and Dasher.

‘They have settled in really well especially considering how long they were in kennels.’

Kelly said that Eve is now comfortable enough for Eve to display her true nature. Eve cuddles up with Kelly on the couch.    

Although Dasher was a bit shyer than his best friend Kelly, Kelly said that Dasher loves to get up and dance when he’s excited. 

Sweet Eve, who loves to cuddle on the sofa with Kelly, will be 'spoiled' for Christmas with special treats, an advent calendar and her own Christmas stocking

Sweet Eve will get a Christmas treat for her love of cuddling up on Kelly’s couch. She’ll also receive an advent calendar, special treats and her Christmas stocking.

Her dog used to be a bit scary, but she explained that he is now more friendly and eager to have cuddles. 

Kelly and Scott train Eve, who is deaf, with hand signals and don’t fear. 

The couple has taken the shy two dogs on long walks in the countryside with Biscuit to help them adjust to the new home. Dasher and Evie still have a fear of traffic. 

Kelly expressed gratitude for her relationship with the dogs she loves and said that it was a blessing to share Christmas with them. 

Dasher has taken more time to settle into his new home but is starting to show his cheeky side, Kelly said

Although Dasher took longer to get settled in his new place, Kelly says he is now showing his cheeky side. 

Eve and Dasher are still a bit nervous around traffic, so Scott and Kelly take them on long country walks with their rescued Greyhound, Biscuit, pictured

Eve and Dasher still have some anxiety around traffic so Scott and Kelly go on long country walks together with Biscuit (a Greyhound rescue).

Kelly stated that she is excited to spoil her new dogs, who will be celebrating their first Christmas at a forever home. 

Animal lover says dogs already have advent calendars filled with treats and that she hopes to get them to pose for her Christmas card.  

The children will be given their Christmas stockings with gifts and treated to special meals and long walks on Christmas Day.

Kelly expressed her happiness that Eve and Dasher will get Christmas in their forever homes this year. However, Kelly also said she felt sad for the many other dogs who are not getting what they want.  

The two best-friends, who were found together, are now living together in the same forever home, pictured on a walk

They were discovered together and now share the same forever home.