DailyMail.com exclusive: Adele, the Distraught star, jumped back into her lover’s arms after she taped her tearsy message to fans announcing that her 4-month Las Vegas residency was over.

After spending too much time in Sin City the British singer ran to Rich Paul, a Beverly Hills sports agent. She was there within 2 hours and informed the entire world that her new show wasn’t available for public consumption.

The British singer took to Caesars Palace in her bedroom, wearing bedroom slippers as well as a Louis Vuitton scarf worth $450 that she wore over her camo hoodie when she recorded the message.

After flying to Van Nuys Airport (San Fernando Valley), Paul’s Mercedes Benz was waiting for her at the hangar. She was taken 16 miles by a driver to Paul’s Beverly Hills residence, which is valued at $14 million.

DailyMail.com spotted Adele scurrying into boyfriend Rich Paul's $14million Beverly Hills mansion Thursday

DailyMail.com saw Adele running into Rich Paul, her boyfriend in Beverly Hills.

Adele wore slippers and a $450 Louis Vuitton shawl as she rushed from the car to the front door. This came after she told millions of fans in a tearful Instagram video that she was canceling her four-month Las Vegas residency just a day before it was due to open

Adele was dressed in slippers as well as a Louis Vuitton $450 shawl while she ran to her front door. In a heartbreaking Instagram video, Adele revealed to millions that she would cancel her residency in Las Vegas for four months. This was just one day before she was scheduled to release it.

Adele, 33, shocked her fans on Thursday when she revealed in a tearful video that she had been forced to postpone her eagerly awaited upcoming Las Vegas residency due to COVID-19 cases among crew members

Adele (33), shocked her fans when she shared in a video that COVID-19 crew cases had forced her to delay her Las Vegas residency.

She flew to Van Nuys Airport in the San Fernando Valley where Paul's black Mercedes Benz was waiting at the hangar. A driver whisked her 16 miles to Paul's $14 million Beverly Hills home

After flying to Van Nuys Airport (San Fernando Valley), where Paul’s Mercedes Benz had been waiting, she arrived at the hangar. The driver took her sixteen miles to Paul’s Beverly Hills house, valued at $14,000,000.

After the 25 minute drive to Paul's home, she let herself in the front door, closing it firmly behind her to shut out the troubles that have afflicted her

She drove for 25 minutes to Paul’s house and finally opened the front door.

Adele was forced to leave the stage in a sad exit. Her Instagram video where she blamed Covid’s pandemic for her failure has been viewed close to 17,000,000 times.

The couple have been dating since the summer and were seen courtside at a Lakers game in October

Both have been in a relationship since June and were photographed courtside at an October Lakers game. 

“Listen, my show isn’t ready,” the tired-looking singer cried out in an email posted on Friday just hours before Caesars was scheduled to open.

“We tried everything to get it done in time. We want it to be enough good for you.

“But delivery delays and Covid have completely destroyed our business.

‘Half my crew, half my team are down with Covid — they still are — and it’s been impossible to finish the show,’ she added.

“I cannot give you what is mine right now. I am devastated. I am devastated and sorry that it is so late.

“We have spent over thirty hours trying to find it,” she said. “And now we have no time.

“I am so sad and embarrassed, and I’m sorry for everyone who’s been there.”

She stated that she was certain the shows would be continued in the future. She said, “We will reschedule all the dates. Right now, we’re working on it. Und ich werde meine Show been a success, and it will be there where it should be” she stated.

She drove for 25 minutes to Paul’s house and finally opened the front door.

Paul, 40 years old, the millionaire agent who has forged friendships with LeBron James and other basketball stars did not greet her.

Paul purchased the 6-bed/7-bath house new for $11.7million in 2019. Zillow has valued the home at almost $14million. This house was described as a well-being home.

London-born Adele started dating Rich Paul last summer shortly after her divorce from Simon Konecki, the father of her 9-year-old son, was finalized

Adele from London began to date Rich Paul after her divorce with Simon Konecki, her husband and father of her son aged 9, was over. 

Paul bought the six-bed, seven-bath home new in 2019 for $11.7 million. The real estate site Zillow now puts its value at nearly $14million. It was marketed as a 'wellness house'

Paul bought this six-bed and seven-bath new home in 2019 for $11.7M. Zillow has valued the home at almost $14million. The house was advertised as a “wellness home”.

Paul, 40, the millionaire agent whose friendship with basketball great LeBron James has netted him other top sports stars, did not come outside his mansion (seen from the rear) to greet Adele

Paul, 40 years old, was a millionaire agent who has forged friendships with LeBron James, a basketball legend, and other sports greats. He did not visit Adele’s mansion, which can be seen from the rear.  

Paul's home was described it the listing as a new 6,300 sq.ft.' masterpiece' that 'must be seen to be fully appreciated. Unparalleled attention to detail and designer finishes create a serene sanctuary on one of the most coveted streets in the Beverly Hills Flats'

Paul described his home as an ‘amazing 6,300 square feet’. Paul’s home is a’masterpiece’ and must be seen in order to fully appreciate it. It is a tranquil sanctuary in one of Beverly Hills Flats most desired streets.

Paul's kitchen is described as a chef's dream - complete with professional-grade appliances, dual Miele dishwashers, Subzero refrigerators, Ralph Lauren lighting and an oversized book-matched island, all opening to a spacious family room

Paul describes his kitchen as an ideal chef’s space. It features professional-grade appliances and dual Miele dishwashers. Subzero fridges. Ralph Lauren lighting. An oversized island with book-matched books opens to the spacious family room.

Adele was born in London and began to date Paul shortly after the divorce of Simon Konecki, her son’s father, was over.

Konecki was her first marriage, and she separated from him in 2018.

Paul was at her party when she asked her to sign for herself. He replied, “I’m now an athlete,” she said.

In July 2013, they were together for the first time, sitting side-by-side during Game Five in Phoenix. The couple went to Savannah’s wedding party the next month, and they have been seen together many times at sporting events and eating out.

In November, the singer revealed to Rolling Stone that her relationship with Rolling Stone is one of the best, most open-hearted and easy.

She added, “I don’t fear loneliness anymore.”

Rolling Stone was also informed by Adele that she had decided not to travel because of worries about the logistics and pandemic.

She said, “It’s just too random, with all the rules.” I don’t want people coming to my show being scared. And, I also don’t want Covid.

Adele — born in London as Adele Adkins — has been slammed for the 11th-hour postponement of the show, where the top tickets were reaching $30,000 on the black market.

For opening night, fans from the United States and Britain had to pay thousands more for their flights. Many people are demanding that the Rolling in the Deep singer reimburse their expenses.

Ticketmaster encourages customers to ‘hang on’ their tickets for dates between April and Juni, but will refund those who apply online.

Her Covid explanation has been questioned by many. Scott Roeben of Vegas, a journalist covering her residency story, said that she wanted to remove the sound system from Caesar’s Colosseum theatre and install her own.

Adele's a fan of Louis Vuitton. She wore a coat similar in design to the shawl she had on when she fled Las Vegas to a Los Angeles Lakers game in October where she sat courtside with boyfriend Rich Paul

Adele is a big Louis Vuitton fan. A coat that was very similar to the one she had worn when she left Las Vegas for Los Angeles in October to attend a Lakers game, where she sat side by her boyfriend Rich Paul was also on display.

There has been speculation that Adele might prefer to have boyfriend Paul managing her. He was in Vegas with her as she rehearsed for the shows, which reportedly would net her $2 million a night

Rumours have swirled that Adele would prefer Paul to manage her. While she was in Vegas to rehearse for the show, he was also there. 

Roeben said that Adele and her crew refused to use The Colosseum’s house equipment.

‘The theatre has a massive video screen, very high tech, but Adele’s team insisted upon an entirely new system – a larger screen, essentially built a few inches in front of the existing screen.

‘Such demands not only drive up production costs but, at a time when supplies are disrupted, it’s a recipe for disaster – in this case last-minute delays or cancellations.

‘I heard from another source that Caesars had replaced the cutting-edge Meyer sound system with a new system.

Roeben writes about casino.org’s news site and added that Caesars Palace had been ‘100% ready for her’, so other forces are at work.

“Unfortunately, it sounds as if one of these factors is a divas.”

Many believe the show may not go ahead, depending on the event schedule at the venue.

Jonathan Dickins her manager, snapped her up unsigned as a teenager and has been there for her every step of the way.

She was paired with a writer to record her debut single Chasing Pavements. He has helped her rise to international superstardom including on her 2016 world tour.

It has been suggested that Adele may prefer having her boyfriend Paul driving the car.

As she was rehearsing for her shows in Vegas, he joined her. Billboard said that the show would bring her $2 million per night.

Many fans were already in Vegas for her show, only to learn that Adele had canceled, costing them time and money

Adele cancelled her concert in Vegas, and many of her fans had already arrived. This cost them money, time, and frustration.

According to insiders, Adele clashed against Caesars Palace when a 60-strong choir auditioned for the opening song of Skyfall. According to insiders, Caesars Palace had planned a dramatic show while Adele desired a more low-key and focused performance.

It was claimed that Adele had fought alongside Esmeralda, the set designer she had worked with on her previous world tour.

The Sun was told by a source: “Despite the cost of the entire set, Adele was not happy with it and made clear her feelings to Es.

“She was already anxious and her falling out sent her spiraling into panic. She was determined that everything would be okay.

A source claimed that Adele was unsure of her plans for the show due to all the changes made.

“She has always loved a simple performance but was forced to create a big extravaganza.

“So it was constant ricochet from those two ideas of what the show should look like and it caused some explosive arguments.

“Most shows have some teething issues of one sort or another. But there was a sense for some time that these shows were on the verge of disaster.”

According to the source, Adele is known to suffer from anxiety while performing live. It’s not hard for her to see herself doing so if she was unhappy.

Adele is known as a perfectionist. According to DailyMail.com, it took her 14 times before Adele was satisfied with the performance of last year’s CBS Special One Night Only. The special was filmed at LA’s Griffith Observatory.