According to new reports, Adele could delay her Las Vegas residency until June or 2023 because of his busy schedule.

One Like You’s 33-year old singer made the tough decision to scrap all her music. her shows at the 11th hour on Thursday, leaving fans devastated and demanding the star cover the cost of their flights and hotels in Sin City.

And now reports claim ticket-holders could have to wait months or even a year to see the star perform due to her other commitments such as The Brits and her Hyde Park gigs in July. 

Oh dear: Adele's Las Vegas residency could be delayed until June or even 2023 due to the singer's packed calendar, according to a new report

Oh dear: Adele’s Las Vegas residency could be delayed until June or even 2023 due to the singer’s packed calendar, according to a new report

Insiders told The Sun: ‘There are two slots in this year’s calendar, from the end of February to the start of May, and from the middle of June to the middle of September. But if they can’t work then it could be 2023 by the time they’re rescheduled.

‘The rest of the weekend dates in the year are taken up by other acts including Sting and Rod Stewart.

‘She is expected to still be a part of The Brit Awards next month and she has two headline gigs at Hyde Park on July 1 and 2.

‘Adele’s schedule is mammoth and it makes rescheduling a challenge but she is devoted to her fans and will do everything she can to get them back in the diary quickly.’

Difficult: The Someone Like You songstress, 33, made the decision to axe all her shows at the 11th hour on Thursday, leaving fans devastated and demanding the star cover the cost of their flights and hotels in Sin City

Difficult: The Someone Like You songstress, 33, made the decision to axe all Fans were devastated when she cancelled her Thursday show at 11:59 pm. They demanded that the star pay for their hotels and flights. in Sin City

MailOnline reached out to Adele’s representative in order for them to comment. 

Many Adele fans have demanded the singer covers the cost of their Las Vegas flights and hotels after her ‘astounding’ decision to axe all Her shows were performed as many people flew in to or arrived at the entertainment capital.

MailOnline has been inundated with emails from people who had already jetted in from across the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK and Europe to see the star, who is making a record-breaking $685,000 (£500,000) per gig before merchandising.  

Adele announced the decision in a tearful Instagram video, apologising and telling fans: ‘I’m so upset and I’m really embarrassed. Covid and delivery delays have absolutely decimated our team. My crew and half of my team have been killed by Covid delivery delays. [ill]With Covid, they are still there and the show has been difficult to end’.

Tough: Adele announced on Thursday that she was cancelling all 24 of her Vegas shows. People with tickets have been told to go back to who they bought them from for refunds rather than Caesars Palace (pictured yesterday)

The hard truth: Adele has announced that she is cancelling 24 of her Vegas shows. Tickets holders have been advised to return to the seller they purchased them for refunds, rather than Caesars Palace. (Image: Yesterday).

The opening concert tonight will be attended by fans who paid between $85-$12,000 or $30,000 on the blackmarket. 

Most people will not be able to attend replacement shows if they don’t have tickets.

Ticketmaster urges people to ‘hang on’ their tickets for the next dates, but they promise refunds if you apply online. 

Many are in Vegas already, having traveled thousands to attend the opening night. They demand that the singer pays the thousands they spent on hotel and flights.  

Upset: Thomas Wright (pictured)  flew from South Carolina for the opening night with a friend for the opening night. He told MailOnline that they spent $445 on each ticket

Upset: Thomas Wright (pictured)  flew from South Carolina for the opening night with a friend for the opening night. MailOnline reported that they had spent $445 each on the tickets.

Many people are questioning the reasons she cancelled, saying that they don’t believe her claim that Covid and delivery delays would make it necessary for her to cancel every night and then postpone for months. 

Many fans expressed concern for her safety after noticing the bruise-like marks on her wrists in the video. 

People who are already in Vegas insist that she performs. They say they don’t mind if the stage is lit up and have no concerns about her performance. 

While some believe they’ll show up at Caesars Palace at 8:30 tonight, others say that it is in good faith, hoping she might be there. She, however, appears to be back home in LA. 

Gillian Rowland – Kain, 32 years old, was flying to Las Vegas already from New York when the cancellation announcement came through via social media. 

Brooklyn’s attorney stated that Adele was furious at having to wait so long before making the call. Although it is not something any artist would want to answer, she should have known that tomorrow was not the day. It is amazing that she didn’t give notice. “I’m mad and frustrated.”

Thomas Wright and a friend flew to South Carolina from the beginning night. He told MailOnline that they spent $445 on each ticket, $1,600 on flights and hotel as well as $100 on Covid tests. Each spent $400 on brand new clothes.

“I am sure I won’t be in a position to leave work and go back to work, but I also know that I would not be able afford to return.” It was an assortment of Christmas and birthday presents, as well as saving for my own sake. 

Breaking difficult news: Billboards still promoted Adele's shows on Thursday, despite the cancellations

The hard news is out: Billboards promoted Adele’s Thursday shows despite cancellations

David, a British fan, posted a picture taken outside Caesars Palace after the cancellations. His tweet read: “Christmas gift gone pear-shaped as my wife, and daughter, are on their way to see me in Vegas and unfortunately Adele had to cancel.” 

Antony Frear (from York) had visited the US to meet the star for his 50th Birthday celebrations.  

They each paid £4,300 for return flights, plus hundreds for a three-night stay at Ceasar’s Palace where Adele was due to perform. The concert tickets had cost them £330 each.

The Mirror quoted Antony as saying: “I’m so mad. While we spent thousands in getting to this point, it was worth far less than the tickets printed on.

Adele in Vegas: Numbers 

24 She was performing at the time

4,100Colosseum seats

$1.5 million-$2.2 millionTickets sales expected to increase per performance 

$685,000 – Adele’s paycheck per performance

$220,000,000How much does the singer make? 

$85The cost of the cheapest tickets, prior to fees

$30,000 – how much tickets were changing hands for online 

FiveIt has been years since Adele gave a concert in public 

It is shameful. Adele, with her many millions of dollars should refund the money we’ve spent.

“Her crew may be sick, but it doesn’t matter if she’s still here?”  

Gabriel, another fan flew to Vegas from Quebec Canada and was surprised when they got there. 

MailOnline was informed by him that they had lost money on flights and hotels for Covid’s visit. It is unacceptable that Covid’s multi-million dollar production company could take advantage of people flying to her show and put Covid at risk. 

“She is best known for her voice, and not her performances. For all that I care, I just wish I could have sung along with her on a bench. It is unacceptable that they did not mention compensation for travel expenses. 

Weekends With Adele was scheduled to take place in Las Vegas from April through May, and all tickets were gone.  

Adele had to perform some of her greatest hits as well as most of the new album 30. Adele said that it was a reflection of her inner turmoil after her divorce from Simon Konecki. It also left her to’sob relentlessly’ while she produced the record. 

Rich Paul is a successful sports agent who has fallen in love and she has indicated that she wants to get married. 

More to come: The songstress wrote that the dates for her residency ¿ which would have started on January 21 and run through April ¿ would be rescheduled

More to come: The songstress wrote that the dates for her residency — which would have started on January 21 and run through April — would be rescheduled 


1. CELINE DION – $681.3million 

Celine Dion, one of Vegas’ longest-standing artists, earned $476,000 each show over her long tenure on-stage. 

Celine in Vegas in 2006

Celine at Vegas 2006

Her performances include 427. Her two residencies, A New Day, which ran from 2003 to 2007 and Celine  from 2011 to 2019 combined to gross $681.3 million and sell 4,555,752 tickets, according to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore.

Now, her wealth is estimated to be around $800million. In 2019, her earnings surpassed $37 million. 

2. BRITNEY SEARS – $140 million

Britney Spears was granted a residency of two years at Planet Hollywood Hotel, Casino Las Vegas. After the success of the 2014-2015 leg, Britney signed on for a second two year extension. 

They concluded in December 2017. Her shows were completed in December 2017 and she earned approximately $475,000 per show. She performed almost 250 shows over the course of four years (around 1,500 days). 

3. ELTON JOHN – $131million

The Million Dollar Piano was Elton John’s residency at The Colosseum, Caesars Palace. It launched in 2011, and ran through 2018. 

Jennifer performing in Vegas in 2019

Jennifer in Vegas 2019

The extremely profitable performances earned him $500,000 per show. 


Jennifer Lopez has signed a Planet Hollywood residency, which would have her receive $350,000 per show from 2016-2018. TMZ had previously claimed.

 In August 2016, the residency raked in over $1million in ticket sales — the highest gross in Planet Hollywood history, Billboard reported. 

5. CHER-$97million 

Cher’s Classic Cher residency also took place at The Colosseum. She was able to perform 192 shows in the space over the next three years and brought home nearly $100million. 

6. LADY GAGA: $75M 

In 2017, Lady Gaga penned a two-year contract for a residency at MGM Park Theater. This deal netted her $75 million. She was earning $1million per performance.  

Rod pictured in Vegas in 2012

Rod seen in Vegas 2012

7. ROD STEWART $50 Million 

Rod Steward was awarded a staggering $50M contract in 2011 for 18 Las Vegas shows. It included Caesars Palace and the Colosseum. 

The vast pay cheque meant the star was raking in $2.7million per show – making his Vegas’ highest paid star with Rod Stewart: The Hits in Vegas. Between 2011 and 2018, the show raked in $53,911,159 in profits.   


Bruno Mars signed up in 2019 for an 11-show mini Vegas residency at MGM Park. While his earnings are unknown, it was reported in 2016 that he was offered $950,000 per show to become a Sin City resident.