She left thousands of fans bitterly disappointed after pulling out of a series of concerts in Las Vegas. 

Adele even spoke to many of them via tearful FaceTime after making a last-minute decision.

However, reports suggest that the singer may not be entirely to blame for the sudden collapse of Caesars Palace shows.

Las Vegas source says that she and her team were a “total nightmare” during the preparations of her three-month residency. 

The 33-year old and her manager team claim they are now experiencing friction, which adds to the stress level.

Adele's team were reportedly a 'total nightmare' to work with during preparations for the Las Vegas shows, possibly contributing to their last-minute collapse

Adele’s staff were reported to be a “total nightmare” to work with in preparations for Las Vegas’ shows. This could have contributed to their final-minute collapse.

Adele, along with her crew demanded the replacement of the Colosseum Theatre’s state-of the-art sound system and that they also install a new video system.

The existing system was considered good enough by previous acts such as Madonna, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion – none of whom is known for being easy-going.

Scott Roeben of Vegas, a journalist covering her residency said that Adele and her staff refused to use The Colosseum’s equipment.

‘The theatre has a massive video screen, very high tech, but Adele’s team insisted upon an entirely new system – a larger screen, essentially built a few inches in front of the existing screen.

‘Such demands not only drive up production costs but, at a time when supplies are disrupted, it’s a recipe for disaster – in this case last-minute delays or cancellations. 

“I heard from another source that Caesars had replaced the Meyer sound system with a better system.

Roeben writes about and said: “It’s been shared by those familiar with this situation that Caesars Palace wasn’t ‘100% ready for her. So there are other forces at play here. 

“Unfortunately, it sounds as if one of these factors is a divas.”

Adele and her team are now discussing rescheduling her ‘Weekends with’ residency, although many are mystified as to why she cannot simply delay by a few weeks to resolve the issues – and use the equipment at Caesars Palace to begin with.

This star is well known as a perfectionist and has cancelled several live performances. 

As background for her emotional statements on Thursday night, recurring vocal strains as well as stage fright were cited.

She posted a sad video on social media and blamed Covid for the delay. 

Disputes between Adele's production team and Caesars Palace reportedly included demands that the venue's house equipment be replaced - including the state-of-the-art sound system and a massive video screen

Disputes between Adele’s production team and Caesars Palace reportedly included demands that the venue’s house equipment be replaced – including the state-of-the-art sound system and a massive video screen

Many believe she may not perform at the venue until 2023, considering her event schedule. 

The possibility exists that it might never occur despite the fact that tickets are selling fast and there is the chance to win huge amounts of money.

Jonathan Dickins her British manager, snapped her up unsigned as a teenager and appeared on social media. He has been there all the way.

She was paired with a writer to record her debut single Chasing Pavements. He has helped her rise to international superstardom including on her 2016 world tour. 

He was paid £10million in 2020.

Rumours have swirled that Adele would prefer Rich Paul (a sports agent) to drive the car. 

He was in Vegas with her as she rehearsed for the shows, which were to net her £500,000 a night. 

Sources close to Dickins previously denied Dickins was leaving. 

To make things more complicated, Lucy, his sister is also her agent.

The star was accused of clashing with Esmeralda Delin, the acclaimed set designer.

Briton Miss Devlin worked previously with Adele during her world tour. However, a source said to The Sun that Adele wasn’t happy with the final result despite the cost of the set. She also expressed her dissatisfaction to Es.

“She had already been nervous, and she fell-out caused her to spiral into panic. 

A source claimed that Adele was unsure of her plans for the show due to all the changes made. 

She seemed to be under pressure because, despite her preference for a more stripped down performance, it was clear that she felt the need to create something extraordinary.

“So, there was an incessant ricochet among those two views of the show’s purpose and that caused some very explosive arguments. 

‘Most shows have some teething issues of one type or another. But there was a sense for some time that these shows would end in disaster.

Source added that Adele has anxiety issues when performing live. So it is hard to believe she would do so even if it wasn’t for happiness.

Caesars Palace stated last week that it was incredibly difficult to create a show this size.