Adil Rashid claims that Michael Vaughan used racist language at the Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

Current England spin bowler said the comment was made by the former Test captain to “a group of us Asian player” in 2009.

He makes the remarks to support allegations made first by Azeem Rasiq, and supported by Rana Naved-ul-Hasan. Vaughan stated that he told them: “There are too many people like you.”

The accusations against Essex are the latest in a long line of racist allegations made against English cricket.

ECB leaders pledged to investigate allegations that the side failed to follow up on three-years ago.

John Faragher was forced to resign as chairman of the organization after being accused of using racist language in a 2017 board meeting.

The spin bowler claimed the former England captain made the comments to 'a group of us Asian players' in 2009

According to the spin bowler, the ex-england captain said the remarks in 2009 to “a group of us Asian player”.

His remarks bolster allegations first raised by Azeem Rafiq and backed up by Rana Naved-ul-Hasan that Vaughan (pictured) told them: 'There are too many of you lot'

These remarks support allegations made by Azeem Rahiq, backed by Rana Naved-ul-Hasan. Vaughan (pictured), told them that there are too many people like you.

It comes as the racism row continues to rip through English cricket, with Essex the latest club to be rocked with accusations. Pictured: Rafiq

The accusations against Essex are the latest in a long line of racist allegations. Pictured: Rafiq

Yorkshire Cricket Club scandal timeline:

2008-2018: Azeem Rahiq, the youngest ever captain of Yorkshire CCC and their first Asian Origin Captain in 2012, spends 10 year at Yorkshire CCC.

September 2020 Yorkshire launches investigation after Rafiq revealed that Rafiq was close to suicide due to racism at the club. He said that he would often come back from training to cry the whole day. People accused Rafiq, Rafiq’s Asian teammates of being too many.

December 2020Rafiq filed a legal complaint against the county, alleging that he was subject to ‘direct discrimination, harassment, and victimisation on the basis of race’ and that he had been victimized and detriment because of his attempts to eradicate racism from the club.

June 2021: Rafiq’s lawyer claims that Rafiq is unable to trust the process and the report is delayed. The dispute is not resolved by the parties, but an employment tribunal is established.

August 2021Yorkshire issues ‘profound apology’ for Rafiq, as a report shows that he was the victim of inappropriate behavior. However, they refuse to acknowledge Rafiq’s claims of institutional racism. Rafiq also accuses Yorkshire of ‘fudging his claims’ and promises he will not be going away.

September 2021 ECB expressed concern at the report’s summary. Yorkshire acknowledged Rafiq had been the victim of racial harassment. 

Yorkshire said that only seven out of 43 claims were upheld and they don’t intend to publish the full report.

October 2021 Yorkshire says they won’t take any disciplinary action against its employees after the report. Rafiq posted on Twitter, that the club was “embarrassing”, and said it gave a green light to racism.

The last week: Details of the report are published by ESPNcricinfo, including a senior player’s admission that he repeatedly used the word ‘P***’ in reference to Rafiq, which was deemed ‘banter’. Sajid Javid (Health Secretary) said “heads should roll” and that the Prime Minister had asked the ECB to look into it. 

The last week: MailOnline revealed that Rafiq was Rafiq’s ex-teammate from Yorkshire, England cricketer Gary Ballance. The club is sponsored by Emerald, Yorkshire Tea, Anchor Butter and Yorkshire Tea.

What’s next?: Rafiq will be giving evidence to DCMS Committee on November 16th. Rafiq stated Tuesday, “Time to get the complete truth.” Yorkshire faces commercial pressure as sponsors threaten to dissociate from the association. Legal claims, however, remain unresolved.

Rashid stated that he had finally come out against Vaughan’s alleged conduct in an effort to “stamp out racism” in professional sports.

According to him, ‘I tried to be as focused as possible on my cricket to prevent distractions from the team’. But I confirm Azeem Rasiq’s recalling of Michael Vaughan’s comments about a group Asian players.

“I find it encouraging that the parliamentary committee is trying to make the situation better, regardless of whether they are holding individuals accountable or making institutional changes.

“These are only positive developments.” If the occasion presents itself, I am more than willing to assist any efforts of government officials.

Tomorrow, Rafiq will testify before the DCMS select panel. Vaughan claimed that Vaughan stated in 2009 County Championship matches: “There are too many people like you.” This must be addressed.

Naved-ul-Hasan, an ex-Pakistan bowler, claimed that he supported Rafiq but Ajmal Shahzad a former seamer said he had not heard the exchange.

Vaughan, who claimed he had been named in an independent report on Yorkshire’s treatment Rafiq was removed from BBC Radio 5 Live.

But he is still set to commentate on the Ashes this winter after receiving the backing of Australian rights-holders Fox Sports, who will provide the audio to BT Sport.

Vaughan’s sensitive allegations make it difficult for BBC executives to support him.

The 47-year old has an ongoing contract with Fox. Fox even paid him last year despite restrictions at the border that prevented him from traveling to Australia.

Vaughan denied all allegations against him and stated in The Telegraph that he had ‘nothing hide’.

Rafiq started the race row when he launched a violent backlash against the Yorkshire CCC’s investigation into his claims earlier in the year.

They later apologized to him, and reached a settlement at his employment tribunal in an effort to end the matter.

Gary Ballance and Vaughan admitted they were racist stars between 2008-2018.

Rafiq continued his attacks on the club, accusing it of being racist and institutionally.

England captain Joe Root mentioned the probe Thursday, but said that he didn’t recall any racism there. Rafiq was left fuming on Twitter about being ‘disappointed.

Meanwhile English cricket bosses have vowed to investigate claims they failed to pursue allegations of racism at Essex that were lodged three years ago.

Faragher, the chairman of Essex, resigned following claims that he had used racist language during a 2017 board meeting.

Despite his strong denials, he resigned. The ECB now will examine the suggestions made by the governing body about the issue in 2018.

Yesterday, a Muslim cricketer from Essex said that he was nicknamed Bomber by his teammates the day following the attacks on 9/11.

Zoheb Shariff, 38, is from Leytonstone (east London). He also claims that as a teenager he was known as the ‘curry eater’ at Essex.

Sharif, whose parents come from Pakistan, told the Mirror: ‘It was a day after the September 11 attacks.

“People called me Bomber. Being called “curry-muncher” was a common term. Being a Muslim I would find quiet spots outfield to pray. I was told by a senior player that it looked bad. “I prayed in my car.”

Essex promised a thorough review of the allegations. However, the ECB may have additional questions. 

Michael Vaughan admitted he was named in the Azeem Rafiq report but denied racism claims

The claims follow the club's disastrous handling of the Azeem Rafiq affair

Michael Vaughan admitted he was named in the Azeem Rafiq report but denied racism claims. It was claimed that he told a group of Yorkshire players with Asian heritage — including Rafiq, Adil Rashid, Ajmal Shahzad and Pakistan ‘s Rana Naved — that there were ‘too many of you lot, we need to do something about it’.

Rana Naved-ul-Hasan (pictueed) says he is willing to give evidence that Mr Vaughan said 'there's too many of you lot', claiming he was next to Mr Rafiq at Trent Bridge in 2009 when Vaughan is alleged to have said it, according to ESPNcricinfo .

Rana Naved-ul-Hasan (pictueed), says he will give evidence that Vaughan claimed, “there’s just too many you bunch”, and claims to be next to Rafiq at Trent Bridge 2009, when Vaughan is alleged, according ESPNcricinfo.

Gary Ballance apologised after calling his former team-mate Rafiq a ‘P***’ — an epithet Yorkshire concluded was part of ‘friendly and good-natured banter’.

Gary Ballance apologised after calling his former team-mate Rafiq a ‘P***’ — an epithet Yorkshire concluded was part of ‘friendly and good-natured banter’.

Muslim former cricketer Zoheb Sharif who used to play for Essex claimed on Saturday that some of his team-mates nicknamed him 'Bomber' the day after the September 11 attacks

Zoheb Sharif was a Muslim ex-cricketer who used to be a cricketer for Essex. He claimed that some of his former teammates called him “Bomber” on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

A spokesperson for the ECB stated that there is no room in their game for discrimination or racism.

After being notified of an allegation that John Faragher was involved in the Club’s activities, England and Wales Cricket Board initiated an investigation into Essex County Cricket Club. Faragher subsequently resigned from his position as club chair.

Are there any companies that have severed all ties to Yorkshire due to the row over toxic racism?

  • Nike
  • Tetley’s
  • David Lloyd Clubs
  • Emerald Group
  • Yorkshire Tea
  • Anchor Butter
  • Age Partnership
  • Bagnalls
  • Harrogate spring water
  • NIC Services Group  


  • JT Ellis (suspended) 
  • Simon Falk Eye Care (monitoring).
  • Krimpterm (reviewing). 

“The ECB will take this allegation seriously. We are also investigating concerns about the fact that this allegation was first raised in 2018 when we began our investigation.

His exit follows Mark Arthur, who resigned from his role as chief executive of Yorkshire on Thursday evening.

 The club has already seen ex-chairman Roger Hutton leave and director of cricket Martyn Moxon has been signed off with a ‘stress-related illness’.

Andrew Gale, the first team coach, is being temporarily suspended while an investigation takes place into historic tweets which were not related to offensive or unrelated incidents.

John Stephenson is the new Chief Executive of Essex County Cricket Club. He stated that there was no place for discrimination.

“This club is proud to have a zero tolerance policy against racism and discrimination. As Essex Cricket’s chief executive officer, it will be a no-brainer for me to stand by those principles and eliminate any discrimination.

Stephenson took over the day-to-day management of Essex only in October. He said that he was first informed about this alleged Faragher incident by Faragher.

He said, “I was made aware on Thursday of this one allegation having joined the club 4 weeks ago.

“The board met last evening.” [Thursday]The board unanimously agreed to John Faragher’s resignation.

‘We are committed to working with the England & Wales Cricket Board to eradicate discrimination from the game.

“This is a significant first step. But the club needs to take further action. To ensure these matters are handled appropriately and promptly, our internal reporting systems will be reviewed.

He said, “I will communicate those next actions as soon as I can.”

Following a complaint that was originally filed with the governing authority, the ECB opened an investigation.

Rafiq alleged that Yorkshire was subject to institutional racism. This wasn’t the case. The original complaint was referred to the county, not the ECB.

Gary Ballance: Gary Ballance, a Zimbabwean-born Harrow-educated English baseball batsman who is at the heart of the Yorkshire CCC racism scandal

Born in Zimbabwe, where his parents were tobacco farmers, Gary Ballance moved to England during his school years.

After being educated in Zimbabwe at two boarding schools, where he played youth cricket, he moved from Zimbabwe to England in 2006.   

Ballance moved to England after his grandfather flew with the RAF in World War II. He attended Harrow School.

At the North West London school, he was a teammate in cricket with current Glamorgan player Sam Northeast.

A young Ballance, playing for Harrow at Lord’s, showed his talent as a cricketer by scoring a century in opposition to Eton College.

For the 2006 season, he signed for Derbyshire and played exclusively in the second XI. Wisden, a cricket bible, referred to him as a “real prospect”.

Following another season with the second team, he decided to move to Yorkshire. He signed an academy contract that enabled him to study at Leeds Metropolitan University. But he left after only one year.  

He made his debut in 2008 for Yorkshire as he was a team mate with Joe Root, the current England Test captain.

In 2011, he was a member of the Yorkshire First Team and impressed. He was selected for an England Lions team for a tour to Australia in February 2013.   

After impressing with Lions in 2013, he was the most prolific Division One batsman. He made his debut for England’s Test side against Ireland in Dublin in September 2013.

Ballance, who is a left-handed batsman, was not able to make an impression and got caught behind, without scoring a run. 

He was selected for England’s side in the Ashes Series against Australia 2013, which he lost to Australia 5-0, despite his poor debut.

Ballance was chosen for the final and fifth tests, scoring 25 runs over two innings. 

Ballance was still earning praises at the pitch and especially at county level. However, his life outside the pitch was questioned.

In 2014, after India defeated England by four sets of cricket in Mumbai, India snapped him topless in a nightclub. This was England’s ninth consecutive test match that ended in defeat.

After telling his incredulous fans, the 24-year-old batsman was taken out of Nottingham’s bar. I’m just a drunken b*****d.’  

Ballance impressed on the field, however. He reached 1000 Test runs for England in just 10 Tests and 17 innings – which is the third fastest time ever recorded in English cricket.

His average was 67.93 with five hundreds.   

However, things changed quickly towards the end 2015 with Ballance’s difficult tour against New Zealand.

After being dropped for 14 in England’s bowling match, he was then run out by Australia for 405 runs.

In 2016, Nick Compton was not in his best form and he had to be recalled. He hit some good runs with Pakistani batsmen.

He was again thrown out by the England setup after enduring difficult test against Bangladesh.  

After his recovery from injury for Yorkshire, Ballance was later called up to reprise the match against South Africa at Lord’s.

After the two first tests, a fractured thumb forced him to miss the second match.  Since 2017, Ballance hasn’t played for England.

Ballance continues to excel at county level despite not being subjected to international pressure. 

His only accomplishment is being among the top six runners in the County Championship top flight in all three previous seasons. 

Ballance did not play in the 2020 domestic season because of anxiety, his wife tested positive for Covid-19, and he was also unable to travel.

Following a nets-practice concussion, he missed the beginning of the 2021 seasons. 

Ballance shared with Sportsmail earlier in the year that his new son kept him away from England recalls – despite his success with the bat.

He stated, “Playing for England is brilliant. It was a great experience. It was a great experience and I would love the chance to do it again. However, you must be physically and mentally fit to play Test cricket. You can’t win if you don’t.

He revealed last year that he had hoped to go back to Zimbabwe to play cricket.  

According to him, the Telegraph and Argus said: “They always say that you have to look ahead to the future.

“Obviously, I still have family in Zimbabwe.

My dad, my brother, as well my mom, are looking to purchase cows. I hope we can buy a lot of cows, so that I have some money when I’m done.

It’s still in its early stages, and my dad just got it started. 

“Hopefully, after a few more years we will get it upto triple figures. “You have to think out of the box!”