Amazing footage showing curious children meeting Queen Elizabeth II 22 years ago during an Australian tour was rediscovered last week.

The Queen, along with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, toured Busselton in Western Australia’s Southwest on her final day of her 16-day Royal Tour of Australia.

Vasse Primary School was also visited. Several kindergarten students failed to recognize the Queen during a school tour, and another thought she was just a nana.

Brian Devereux, who had just started his role at school as principal, received a call from his boss requesting that he host an important visitor.

The Queen (pictured) was left perplexed by an inquisitive youngster while visiting Vasse Primary School in WA on her Royal Tour of Australia in 2000

The Royal Queen was perplexed when a youngster asked questions while she visited Vasse Primary school in WA, during her Royal Tour of Australia 2000.

‘I said, Oh, yes. What was your intention? “Who did you have in mind?” he said to the ABC last Wednesday.

‘He said, Elizabeth Windsor —and I said, oh, is she in education or something?’

‘And my boss said to me, after a little bit of a pause —Brian, does the word Her Majesty or Queen ring any particular bells with you? You are joking, I replied.

The chaotic scenes in his classroom that unfolded before the international media are still vividly recalled by him.

“I brought Queen Elizabeth to my pre-primary class.” [of]Five-year-olds were present, and one of the children in front shouted, “Whose nana?” Mr Devereux recalled.

“I was sent an article by The Daily Telegraph from London, stating clearly that Australia’s education system was failing because some of the students at this school don’t even know her Majesty.

Before retiring as principal in 2015, Mr Devereux was the school’s principal for 15 years.

The famous school visit footage was rediscovered earlier in the year, and quickly went viral when it was shared on TikTok by Independent Television News (UK-based).

While her husband was able to drop in at a year-seven computer class, and enjoyed a tech lesson from students; the Queen’s visit for a prekindergarten class wasn’t exactly what she expected.

“What is your name?” Sol Masters, an inquisitive teenager, can be heard asking Sol.

She was briefly puzzled, but she chose not to answer the persistent boy’s question.

A classroom visit  from the Queen sparked confusion from curious youngster Jake (pictured)

A classroom visit  from the Queen sparked confusion from curious youngster Jake (pictured)

As the queen inspected Jake’s artwork, another boy called Jake appeared confused.

After receiving a head smack from Sol, her classmate at school, Jacinta Haywood burst into tears.

In front of all the media, the incident elicited headlines across the globe. 

The special visit was a preparation for teachers that took place over several weeks. Sol, three years old, was absent from most preparations.

Sue Merry, teacher at the time, said that “He’s only been around for two days.”

“We have been telling our children about Queen Elizabeth, but he hasn’t heard it all.”

TikTok fans were amused to see Sol defend himself and criticize the Queen’s cold responses after seeing the old footage again. 

“Why can’t she just tell who she is?” One commented, “They are children for goodness sake.”

Another joked, “For someone who has four kids, she doesn’t know how to communicate with them.”

Some viewers were inspired to draw comparisons with Kate Middleton, Duchess-of-Cambridge’s late daughter, and Princess Diana. 

“What would Diana do?” Let’s get down to it [sic]Diana, who was at eye level, said hello and introduced herself. One posted, “Her silence is deafening.”

A second addition: “Can you imagine Diana and Kate just not paying attention to them?”

Teachers had spent weeks preparing the schoolchildren for the Queen's special visit

The Queen visited schools for several weeks, and teachers had prepared the children for it. 

The late Queen Elizabeth II  and the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip spent the final full day of their Royal Tour in Busselton in WA's south-west. They're pictured inspecting Aboriginal food gathering implements during a civic reception

The late Queen Elizabeth II  and the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip spent the final full day of their Royal Tour in Busselton in WA’s south-west. The two are seen inspecting Aboriginal food gathering tools during a civic reception

This was not the only moment memorable about the Royal visit at Vasse Primary School.

Later, the couple enjoyed a performance of the school choir at a special assembly. Two boys from the audience got into a fight and forced embarrassed staff members to intervene.

BBC reports that Prince Philip was amused by the incident. 

In late March 2000, this visit was the end of the Royals’ 16 day Australian tour. It included stops in NSW, ACT, Victoria and Tasmania. 

It was just months later that Australians had voted to remain a republic.

This was Queen Elizabeth’s 13th Australian visit and she made her second appearance at school 46 years ago, when she first visited in 1954.

When Queen Phillip and Prince Phillip arrived at Busselton Airport, they were welcomed by the large number of Schoolchildren.

The royal couple also inspected world-class produce from the region, toured the Waljin Aboriginal interpretive garden before enjoying a lunch with local dignitaries which was prepared by TAFE students.

After their last night in Australia the Royals headed north, arriving at Perth to attend a reception held by Government House.

The Queen spoke to attendees, stating that Prince Philip and myself have received the most warmest welcomes, regardless of their views or aspirations for the country’s future.

This is true of everyone, regardless of their background or age.

Three more times, the Queen visited Australia in 2002 and 2006 as well as 2011, 2011.

Western Australia was her final stop on her tour.

Premier Mark McGowan announced that Her Majesty visited the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting and enjoyed the Big Aussie Barbecue.

“Western Australia’s citizens are a lot more British than those born elsewhere. Around 300,000 West Australians were born there – about one in nine of our citizens. The loss of her Majesty will affect many people very strongly.

Following the Queen’s recent death, Anthony Albanese (Australian prime minister) has set aside a September 22 public holiday.

The funeral of her mother will take place next Monday at London’s Westminster Abbey. 

Queen Elizabeth II toured Western Australia seven times during her 70-year reign. She's pictured in Perth on the final day of her 2000 Royal Tour

Seven times, Queen Elizabeth II visited Western Australia during her 70-year reign. Pictured in Perth during her 2000 Royal Tour