‘And this is Daddy’s bow!’ Adorable moment two-year-old girl goes shopping for her father’s birthday presents and buys him nail varnish, fluffy unicorn slippers and a pink microphone

  • Franki the Toddler is seen picking out perfect presents for her father’s special day
  • Two-year-old picks gifts including toothpaste, toothbrush, toothpaste, pink bow, and unicorn slippers to commemorate the occasion 
  • Swav has been seen receiving thoughtful gifts from her at home in Toronto Canada.

In this adorable video, a tiny girl selects the right gifts for her father’s special day. This includes nail polish, unicorn slippers and pink everything. 

Franki Pior, aged two, is filming her mom in Toronto Dollarama to pick out some items for her father’s special day. These include cream, toothpaste, and purple nail polish. 

Stevie, her one-year-old sister, helps Stevie pick out a microphone. This is the clip Karalea shared to Instagram. It shows Stevie singing happy birthday to her father. 

Lucky Swav (39) also receives a pair fluffy white unicorn slippers and socks with hearts, as well as a variety of toiletries. 

Franki grabs items from the bag and puts them in a bag. He then declares at the end that he loves the bag. 

Her mum helps her pay the bill, and she heads home for celebrations.  

The four-member family later celebrate Swav’s Birthday. Swav is seen in the bow that his daughter made for him, while the father-of-2 cuddles his child and thanks her. 

Father-of-two Swav is wearing the pink bow specially picked out for him by his daughters Franki and Stevie for his birthday, being celebrated in the family's home in Toronto, Canada

Swav, father-of-two, is dressed in the pink bow that his daughters Franki & Stevie picked for him for his birthday. The celebration was held in his Toronto home.



Stevie (left) and Franki (right) assisted Karalea in finding the perfect gift. 

Franki, aged two, later uses the gift she picked out for her father to sing happy birthday to him

Franki (age two) later used the present she got for her dad to wish him a happy birthday 

Franki is seen pulling gift after gift from a large bag before tipping the contents on the floor

Franki can be seen taking gift after gift out of a large bag, before tipping it on the ground.

Franki can be seen taking gift after gift out of a large bag, before tipping it on the ground. 

One point she grabs a package of plastic and shouts “This is for you.” This is what I needed.  

Swav can also be seen trying his slippers on, stating that the fit is a bit snug. Swav also praises his daughter, who chose a nail polish that matches his jumper.  

Franki and Stevie post sweet clips on Instagram.  

They have pages that contain photos and videos from their childhood. 

Swav and Karalea shared their thoughts that this isn’t the first time they let their daughters choose gifts. 

Karalea's Instagram account documents the girls growing up in Toronto, Canada

Karalea’s Instagram account records the growing up of girls in Toronto, Canada.

Karalea revealed that Swav loved watching the video of Franki selecting his presents

Karalea shared that Swav liked watching Franki pick his presents. 

Karalea (34), also runs an Instagram account, where she shares clips and other snippets from the life of her family of four. 

MailOnline was informed by her that Franki is not the only one who has helped with gift-picking. 

She said, “We did it once last Christmas.” 

Swav thought it was funny. He was great sportsman and loved seeing the video of his picking it up. Franki was thrilled!

“We will do it again during Christmas’