You love your puppy! Adorable photos celebrating the close bond between a Golden Retriever and a girl win hearts


These heartwarming snaps captured the sweet bond between a little girl and her loving dog. The toddler, Macy, and her Golden Retriever friend, Marshall, live in Australia and became Instagram stars thanks to sweet photos of them playing, cuddling and even napping together. Macy's parents, who remain out of the snaps, had already owned Marshall when they welcomed their little girl into the world. A photo taken just after Macy's birth shows Marshall giving her a gentle nuzzle with his nose, and their bond has only grown since then. Now, they enjoy having tea parties and playing together in the garden. Here, we share some of the most adorable snaps...

These adorable photos show the bond that a child and her dog have. Macy the toddler with her Golden Retriever buddy, Marshall live in Australia. These sweet snaps of Marshall and Macy playing together, cuddling, and even sleeping together made them Instagram stars. Macy’s parents are not pictured in the photos, but they had Marshall before Macy was born. The photo of Marshall and Macy shortly after Macy was born shows him giving Macy a gentle kiss with his nose. Their bond has grown steadily since that time. They now enjoy tea parties, and play together in the backyard. We share the cutest snaps with you…

Macy's parents have been sharing her adorable bond with the family's Golden Retriever, Marshall, since she was born — and the pair's friendship has only continued to blossom over the years.

Macy’s parents have been sharing her adorable bond with the family’s Golden Retriever, Marshall, since she was born — and the pair’s friendship has only continued to blossom over the years.

When Macy was a baby, Marshall demonstrated his unconditional love for her, as he rested his chin and paw on her back to protect her while she was sleeping.

Marshall displayed his unconditional love by resting his chin on Macy while she was still a newborn to show his unconditional affection.

The family shared this photo of Macy and Marshall sitting on a bed, as Macy rested her hand against Marshall's shoulder and reached toward the camera.

Macy and Marshall were sitting in a bed when Marshall was asleep. The photo was shared with the family by Macy, who rested her arm against Marshall’s shoulder as she reached for the camera.

When Marshall's owner brought Macy back from the hospital, he excitedly smelled her as she was wrapped in a pink onesie, hat and gloves in her mother's arms.

Marshall was thrilled to see Macy, as her owner had brought her from the hospital. She wrapped Macy in pink onesie, gloves and hat in her mother’s arms.

Other snaps show Macy and her furry friend playing together as she closes the door of the garden playhouse while Marshall hangs his head out of the side window.

Macy is also seen with Marshall, her dog.

The pair appear to be inseparable, as Marshall wraps his paws around Macy while they relax on the bed together in another snap.

Marshall and Macy appear to be inseparable as he wraps his arms around Macy, while Macy lies on Marshall’s back. 

The pair also celebrated Marshall's birthday. The friendly dog modeled a green-and-white party hat while Macy's parent held her next to him as she donned a purple-and-white matching party hat.

They also celebrated Marshall’s birthday. Macy held Macy next to her as she wore a matching purple-and white party hat.

Macy recently celebrated her 2nd birthday, and her best friend was by her side. They wore matching birthday hats again, similar to the ones Macy and Marshall wore when she was just 10 days old!

Macy was accompanied by her best friend at her 2nd Birthday. Both wore identical birthday hats, just like Marshall and Macy wore 10 days ago!

In another snap, Marshall stands by Macy's rocker while gazing out of the window, protecting the young baby as she slept.

Marshall is seen standing beside Macy as Macy rocks while looking out from the window. He protects the baby’s sleep by protecting it.

The pair have been pictured wearing adorable matching outfits. Here, Macy was dressed in denim dungarees with a yellow headband while Marshall wore a similar teddy-bear lined denim coat.

Both were spotted wearing matching outfits. Macy was seen wearing denim dungarees, a yellow headband and Marshall sporting the same teddy-bear-lined denim coat.

Beach buddies! The duo traded in their denim for bathing suits during a beach outing and some fun in the sun.

Beach buddies! Duo swapped their denims for beach clothes and enjoyed some sunbathing. 

Marshall, wearing a tiny straw hat, was disappointed to find out the food he was served at a tea party with Macy wasn't real.

Marshall, wearing a small straw hat, was shocked to discover that the tea party food served to him by Macy was not real.

Marshall looks equally upset that the cookies they're making here aren't real either.

Marshall seems equally upset about the cookie they made here. 

In another post, before Macy was born, Marshall's owners revealed they were expecting a baby by taking a picture of Marshall in front of a letter board, saying that his 'big brother duties start September' with a picture of the baby scan and tiny converse shoes. And the adorable pup has taken his brotherly duties seriously since then!

Marshall’s owner revealed to us that Macy had already been born. They took a photo with Marshall and a letterboard. The caption said Marshall was due September. The adorable puppy has been taking his brotherly duties very seriously ever since!

Marshall continues to guard Macy by putting his paws on her hands as they take a break to rest on the floor.

Marshall protects Macy, putting his paws on Macy’s hands while she takes a rest to lie down on the floor. 

The two are in good spirits in each other's company, even when they're just spending time on the couch.

They are always in good company together, even if they just spend time on the sofa. 

Say cheese! Macy is all smiles while her furry best friend towers over her.

Say cheese! Macy smiles all the while her best friend, her dog, towers above her. 

Macy and Marshall recently reached 20,000 Instagram followers, and they celebrated with streamers, balloons, and bubbles.

Macy Marshall reached 20,000 Instagram users recently, which they celebrated by sending streamers and balloons.