It’s shaping up to be another fantastic year for albums, from returning rockers all the way through to trailblazers pop.


An old-school rock and rolling album by one of the greatest songwriters begins the new year. Elvis Costello, who played Hammersmith Apollo’s 2020 last major show before locking down, has been busy releasing Hey Clockface LPs and Spanish Model LPs over the past two-years.

Now, he’s back on The Boy Named If with his backing band The Imposters. Magnificent Hurt, and Paint The Red Rose Blue are two of the tracks that have been released, which suggest a melodic return.

Available January 14, 2009 on EMI

Having played one of the last big shows before lockdown, at Hammersmith Apollo in 2020, Elvis Costello has kept himself busy, releasing the Hey Clockface and Spanish Model LPs in the past two years

Elvis Costello had played Hammersmith Apollo, one of the biggest shows in history, in 2020. He has been busy with other projects, including Spanish Model and Hey Clockface, which were released in the two-years that have followed.


Once a trio, Years & Years are now the vehicle for a solo Olly Alexander, who continues to juggle an acting career and his music. After starring in TV’s It’s A Sin in the past, he is now focusing on Night Call, his third album. Night Call will be a dancefloor friendly treat, and Sylvester, a pioneer in disco, as well as French house music.

January 21st, Polydor.


The Amazon documentary ReOrchestrated reaffirmed the status of Bastille singer Dan Smith as one British pop’s most enterprising artists. His fourth album, Give Me The Future should further cement that position.

The album is described as “a tribute of humanity in a technological age” by the artist. Early signs point to an electronic beat driven spectacular that includes references to The Matrix (sci-fi film) and Metropolis (sci-fi movie). There are also nods towards Phil Collins and Daft Punk.

Virgin EMI, February 4.


The Cuban-American artist has been teasing her third album Familia since last year. Do not Go Yet was her July single. It featured Latin beats powered by trumpets and handclaps.

La Buena Via, the sequel, featured Flamenco-inspired dance moves to distance Cabello further from her role as a member of Fifth Harmony’s girl group. After starring in Cinderella’s adaptation, Cabello is ready to take over the pop world once again.


Camila Cabello has been teasing her third album, Familia, since last summer. Her July single, Don't Go Yet, was an upbeat Latin number powered by handclaps and trumpets

Since last summer, Camila Cabello teased her third album Familia. Don’t Go Yet is her July single. This Latin-infused song was powered by handclaps, trumpets, and Latin rhythms.


The desire for freedom will be one of the key characteristics of post-lockdown music. Louisa Rose Allen from Southampton, also known as Foxes, expressed her longing for the return of good times in Sister Ray. It was an early preview of her forthcoming album The Kick. 

This single was inspired in part by the Velvet Underground track of the same title, however Allen’s haunting vocals as well as the pounding electronics are more due to Robyn (Swedish singer).

February 11th, PIAS

The desire for freedom will be one of the key characteristics of post-lockdown music. Louisa Rose Allen of Southampton, also known as Foxes, expressed her longing for the return of good times in Sister Ray. It was an early preview of her forthcoming album The Kick.


Vedder used his erratic solo career to leave his job as a frontman for Seattle’s rock band Pearl Jam. His first solo album was the soundtrack of Sean Penn’s film. His second, a collection ukulele tunes.

His third record, Earthling is his attempt to bring the guitar-driven, heartland sound closer home. The Haves, his most recent single was an emotional ballad that showcased his voice as one of rock’s strongest.

February 11, Seattle Surf.


Although the electronic duo responsible for 1980s hit Shout and Mad World were not prolific, it hasn’t stopped Tears For Fears being an influential force in modern hip-hop.

Kanye West, David Guetta and Drake have all sampled their music — and ears should prick up at the arrival of The Tipping Point, Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal’s first new album in 18 years.

Concord, February 25,

The electronic duo behind the 1980s hits Shout and Mad World have never been especially prolific, but that hasn't stopped Tears For Fears from being an unlikely influence on modern rap and dance

Although the electronic duo responsible for 1980s hit Shout and Mad World were not prolific, it hasn’t stopped Tears For Fears being a significant influence in modern dance and rap.


This Cambridge-born artist was the one who released pop’s first album of quarantine, How I’m Feeling Right Now. It came out in spring 2020. It was made at home and it was ready to go. Crash should follow.

Charli was recently featured in the futuristic girls trio New Shapes with Caroline Polachek (USA) and Christine AndThe Queens (France).

March 18, Asylum


Seven Nation Army’s White Stripes anthem is sung in stadiums. Now, Seven Nation Army’s songwriter has two new albums. Fear Of The Dawn will be released in April. His recent single Taking Me Back indicates an album that is back to basics rock.

All White said that Entering Heaven Alive would sound different. He also hinted at an electronic revival inspired by 2018’s Boarding House Reach.

April 8, and July 22, the Third Man.

Jack White, the songwriter behind Seven Nation Army, the White Stripes anthem sung in football stadia, is set for a busy 2022, with two LPs in the pipeline

Jack White, the composer behind Seven Nation Army and the White Stripes anthem that is sung at football stadias, has two albums in the making.


Swift’s speed in re-recording old albums after a legal battle suggests that we will see at least two additional note-for-note overhauls in 2022. 

Speculation among fans, prompted by ‘cookies’ in her videos and online posts, points to 2010’s Speak Now and her fifth album 1989 — although Taylor enjoys springing surprises. A single has already been made from Wildest Dreams (1989), a moody song.

Universal Summer 2022

The pace at which Taylor Swift is re-recording her old albums following a legal dispute suggests we'll see two more note-for-note revamps in 2022

Taylor Swift’s re-recording of her albums is progressing at a rapid pace following a court dispute. We can expect two more notes-for-note overhauls in 2022


Ex-Oasis star Liam Gallagher is ready to have a good time and party like 1996. Liam Gallagher, a repeat of the two Knebworth Park shows he performed with his ex-Oasis band in 1996, will be returning to Hertfordshire’s stately home next June as a solo performer. 

He’s also releasing C’Mon You Know his fourth solo album. It features full-throttle songs and a lot of rock and roll attitude. Liam states that “I am not reinventing it” about his expanding solo career. I’m simply giving it new shine.


This ex-Oasis singer wants to party like it is 1996. Liam Gallagher will be returning to Hertfordshire Stately Home next June as a solo act, echoing the performances of his band at Knebworth Park.


Matt Helders drummer, said that ‘Pretty’ will be finished in 2022. However, it is difficult to predict the seventh Arctic Monkeys record. 

The Sheffield band followed their most poppy album, 2013’s AM, with their strangest, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, so another hairpin turn can’t be ruled out.

A summer release of the band is possible with an August tour that includes Leeds and Reading Festivals.

Domino Summer 2022

'Pretty much' finished and due in 2022, according to drummer Matt Helders, the seventh Arctic Monkeys album is hard to call

Matt Helders (drummer) says that ‘Pretty much” is complete and will be due in 2022. It’s hard to predict the seventh Arctic Monkeys record.


The No Doubt singer promised her first solo album after five years. Her singles Let Me Reintroduire Myself (so far) and Slow Clap (so far), indicate that the artist is returning to pop and reggae.

She sang, “I’m still my original old self,” while cheerleaders chanted on the latter, referring back to Hollaback Girl’s 2005 single.

Late 2022 on Interscope.

No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani has promised that her first solo album in five years is in the works, and the two singles released so far, Let Me Reintroduce Myself and Slow Clap, indicate a return to her pop and reggae roots

Gwen Stefani of No Doubt has stated that her first solo album after five years will be out. Her singles, Let Me Reinoduce Myself, and Slow Clap so far indicate that Stefani is returning to pop/reggae.