At least six people dead and multiple supporters hospitalised after ‘stampede’  ahead of Africa Cup of Nations hosts Cameroon’s match against Comoros at the Olembe Stadium in Yaounde

  • Social media images show Olembe Stadium fans breaking through the gates 
  • Officials claim that at least 40 were injured in the stampede at the stadium’s entrance. There have been reports of an accident. 
  • Officials say at most six victims have been killed, but Governor Naseri Biya of the central region in Cameroon said that more could have happened. 
  • The match kicked off on schedule, despite the incident. Cameroon defeated Comoros
  • Officials claim that about 50,000 people attended the game in spite of an official limit at 48,000 set by coronavirus restrictions.  

Officials say at least six people were killed in the stampede that occurred outside Cameroon’s stadium just before an Africa Cup of Nations match. 

Naseri Paol Biya the governor of central Cameroon said there might be more casualties. 

Multiple supporters are also being treated at hospitals. Social media images show fans storming through the gates to watch Cameroon play Comoros in Yaounde, the Cameroon capital. 

There have been reports of a crush as people made their way into the stadium, with reports of up to 40 injuries and news outlet LSI Africa reporting that those injured have been transported to the nearby Messassi Hospital.

A nearby hospital confirmed that they have received 40 victims of the stampede.

Olinga Prudence (a nurse) stated that some of the wounded were in a very serious condition.  We will need to take them to an specialised hospital.

Officials estimated that around 50,000 people attempted to attend the match. Although the stadium can hold 60,000 people, it could not be filled to more than 80 percent – 48,000 was the maximum capacity – due to coronavirus restrictions.

However, the match kicked off on time and Cameroon beat Comoros with a score of 2-1. This secured their place in Africa Cup of Nations quarterfinals. 

Stay tuned for more information.  

An official says at least 6 people have died in a stampede outside a stadium in Cameroon ahead of an Africa Cup of Nations African Cup match

A Cameroon official claims that at least 6 persons were killed during a stampede in front of a Cameroon stadium before an Africa Cup of Nations African Cup match.

Images on social media showing fans breaking through gates ahead of the hosts' Cameroon match against Comoros on Monday evening

Photos on social media show people breaking down barriers ahead of Monday night’s Comoros match with Cameroon.