Although he is now more than $100million less than he was a few weeks ago, that did not stop Steve Easterbrook, former McDonald’s CEO from buying dinner for four.

Easterbrook (54), was seen last week, his first since the time he agreed that cash and stock would be returned to him after company employees discovered that he’d had an affair with underlings of the restaurant.

British-born businessman and father of three, Rebecca and Katie, were out and about in Chicago, his hometown, with their three children, Lauren, Rebecca and Lauren.

He took them first to Fadó, an Irish pub, where he regularly watches Watford, his favorite English Premier League soccer club, and then on to the trendy Sunda New Asian restaurant, where they dined on food far removed from the burgers and fries his former company serves.

Steve Easterbrook and his daughters, Rebecca, Katie and Lauren, took in the sights of Chicago's Miracle Mile after leaving his $2.5 million 19th floor luxury condo

Steve Easterbrook, his daughter, Rebecca, Katie, and Lauren took in Chicago’s Miracle Mile as they left his luxury condo on 19th Floor worth $2.5million.

The former McDonald's CEO last week dined with his daughters who flew in from England to spend the holidays with their father

He dined last week with his two daughters, who flew from England to be with him. 

The four stopped at Irish pub Fado before going for a nice dinner at Sunda New Asian restaurant

The four stopped at Irish pub Fado before going for a nice dinner at Sunda New Asian restaurant 

They shared several meals, including dim sum, garlic noodles and sushi rolls.

The family were spotted strolling around Chicago’s Miracle Mile earlier in the morning. 

All three of the girls wore casual white sneakers, jeans and coats. Easterbrook, on the other hand, wore black puffer jackets and jeans and had a shorter beard than he did when he left McDonald’s.

The three girls — from Easterbrook’s marriage to Susie Jennings which ended in divorce in 2015 — had flown in from England to spend the holidays with their father.

Published reports indicate that Lauren and Katie, both the oldest children, went to Bristol University in south-west England.

The couple stayed at the penthouse on Millennium Park’s 19th floor.

Steve Easterbrook wore a black puffer jacket and jeans, and sported a short beard that he has grown since leaving McDonald¿s two years ago

Steve Easterbrook was dressed in a dark puffer jacket, jeans and short hair. He had grown his beard since leaving McDonald’s two year ago. 

Easterbrook agreed to pay back $105 million compensation after McDonald's sued, His decision will avoid a court case which was to have begun in Delaware in May

After McDonald’s sued Easterbrook, he agreed to repay $105,000,000 in compensation. This will prevent a Delaware court case that was due to begin in May.

Easterbrook  took his daughters to Fadó, where he regularly watches Watford, his favorite English Premier League soccer club

Sunda New Asian restaurant where they ate garlic noodles, dim sum and the signature sushi rolls

The family group first went to Fadó Irish pub and then on to Sunda New Asian restaurant where they ate garlic noodles, dim sum and the signature sushi rolls

Easterbrook brought in Chrissy Teigen to be the face of the McDonald's Dollar Menu in the US. They are pictured in New York in 2017

Chrissy Teigen, a McDonald’s Dollar Menu spokesperson in America was hired by Easterbrook. In New York City in 2017, they were pictured

Two years ago, McDonald’s dismissed Easterbrook after discovering that he was in a close and non-sexual relationship with one employee. He was dismissed without cause by the board, which gave him stock options and compensation of nearly $42million.

According to the McDonald’s, he claimed that he never had affairs with another McDonald’s employee.

Eassterbrook also agreed to the decision and sent an email to staff, saying that, based on the company’s values, he believed it was time for the company to change.  

Enrique Hernandez, the board chairman, received a tip eight months later that Easterbrook was seeing another employee. After an internal investigation, McDonald’s found emails with messages with nude photographs and videos, confirming Easterbrook’s affairs with at most two employees.

Former lover Denise Paleothodoros told 'The Steve I knew is normal, a guy's guy. He's into sports and likes to drink beer'

Former lover Denise Paleothodoros told ‘The Steve I knew is normal, a guy’s guy. He enjoys sports and beer.

Easterbrook, was spotted for the first time since he agreed to return cash and stocks that he had been given after the fast food chain discovered he had had affairs with company underlings

Easterbrook was first seen since he was forced to give back cash and stocks he’d been given following revelations by the fast-food chain that he’d had affairs with employees.

Even while head of a $200 billion company, Easterbrook liked a casual look, rarely wearing a tie

Easterbrook was the CEO of a $200-billion company. He preferred casual attire and a tuxedo. 

Easterbrook (pictured at new Chicago headquarters opening in 2018) admitted that he had showed 'poor judgment' after he was fired for starting a consensual relationship with an underling

Easterbrook is pictured here at the new Chicago headquarters in 2018. He admitted that he showed poor judgment after being fired for having a consensual relationship.

Easterbrook claimed McDonald¿s knew about his affairs when it negotiated his severance package, and a court case was due to start in Delaware in May

Easterbrook claimed McDonald’s was aware of Easterbrook’s affairs during negotiations for his severance pay package. In May, a Delaware court case would begin. 

According to the chain, he claimed he tried to hide the truth by deleting messages from the company’s cell phone but that they were still available on his email server.

The company decided to sue him to recover the award — which had risen to nearly $105 million as McDonald’s stock soared, because, it said — quoting the words of founder Ray Kroc — ‘the basis for our entire business is that we are ethical, truthful and dependable.’

McDonald’s claimed that ethical business practices are not only an imperative but a valued part of their company’s lawsuit against Easterbrook.

“The company is committed to fairness, integrity and honesty in the conduct of its employees as well as its business.

Easterbrook claimed McDonald’s was aware of his affairs as it worked out his severance deal. A Delaware court case is due to begin in May.

The top floor of the company¿s Chicago headquarters Chicago has a corporate cash bar with employee happy hours on Thursdays

Chicago’s corporate headquarters has the highest floor. It features a corporate cash bar and employee happy hours every Thursday.

He has now agreed to return the money, and will apologize for his conduct. This case won’t be continued.

More than $100 million was recovered. This amount is unprecedented in US history. Easterbrook will now be free to work at one of McDonald’s rivals as part of this deal. Easterbrook was subject to an earlier no-compete agreement.

During Easterbrook’s four-and a-half years at the helm of the world’s largest restaurant chain, ‘a party culture flourished,’ the Wall Street Journal  reported.

According to The Journal, the corporate cash bar on the second floor of the Chicago headquarters of the company was located in the West Loop. This place hosted Happy Hours for employees Thursdays. Easterbrook used to drink there all night.

Employees at the top of the ranks said that the newspaper was affected by their ‘late-night drinking with staffers and executives, as well as flirtations with women employees.

Chris Kempczinski was his successor and vowed to bring back a professional attitude at the top. Staff were told by Kempczinski that he had to be able look at each member of his senior leadership team and ask, “Do they embody the company’s values?” ‘

Easterbrook’s affair with employees has not been disclosed. Denise Paleothodoros was a member of a PR agency that represented McDonald’s. She told, in 2020, that they had an affair right before Easterbrook was promoted.

Denise Paleothodoros told that Easterbrook whisked her on luxury vacations, taking her to Cabo San Lucas, New Orleans, Lake Tahoe and New York among other places

Denise Paleothodoros said that Easterbrook whisked Denise on luxury vacations. She took her to Cabo, San Lucas, New Orleans as well as Lake Tahoe and New York.

Paleothodoros, 49, said both McDonald¿s and her company, Golin, knew about their romance, and Golin moved her off the McDonald¿s account. Here they are pictured at a Chicago Cubs game

Paleothodoros (49) said that both McDonald’s as well as her company, Golin knew of their relationship and Golin removed her from the McDonald’s account. This is them at a Chicago Cubs Game 

The couple even had plans to move in together and in 2017 Easterbrook plunked down $2.5 million for a sprawling 19th floor 3500 sq. feet, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom luxury condo in Chicago

Easterbrook spent $2.5million on a 19th-floor, 3500 sq. unit that was sprawling. The couple had even made plans to move in together. feet, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom luxury condo in Chicago

However, the mother-of-two stated that Easterbrook’s 2015 promotion had made things better. She said that Easterbrook widened her social circle, and she was not a part. However, it hurt me to be excluded.

Paleothodoros (49) said McDonald’s and Golin were aware of their love story and Golin took Paleothodoros off McDonald’s’s.

“We weren’t proud of our relationship, but we also didn’t hide it.” The relationship we had was upstanding.

She added, “Steve’s an amazing guy.” She said, “Kindhearted and giving. He’s almost perfect.” Steve was a normal guy. He likes beer and is a big sports fan.

Paleothodoros stated that Easterbrook took Paleothodoros on luxury vacations. They took her to Cabo San Lucas (New Orleans), Lake Tahoe, New York and New Orleans among others.

He flew her three times on a private plane operated by McDonald’s. McDonald’s reimbursed him for his costs. They planned to live together in the 3.500 square feet. Chicago Condo, 900 sq. ft.