The 26-year-old mother of a cocaine-using baby, 19 months old, boiled her body with boiling water to death. Inquest finds that the agencies failed to make the necessary rescue efforts.

  • Agents’missed critical opportunities to intervene’ before the mother of a cocaine-using toddler killed her child.
  • Katie Crowder is sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 19-month-old Gracie Crowder. 
  • Crowder was said by Inquest to have smoked up three grams daily of cocaine 
  • The therapist was also informed by her that she often thought of stabbing someone. She went out every night carrying a knife.
  • However, an inquest revealed that the information wasn’t passed to safeguarding and social care teams.

Agencies missed opportunities to intervene before a toddler was murdered by her cocaine-using mother, an inquest has heard.

Katie Crowder was jailed for life after she was found guilty of murdering 19-month-old Gracie Crowder by scalding her with boiled water at home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in March last year.

Gordon Clow, Assistant Coroner at the Inquest into Gracie’s Death stated that Crowder was consuming three grams per day of cocaine and had her relapse to drug abuse from support staff and family.

Crowder, he said, told a drug worker she felt angry, paranoid, psychotic and she told a counselor she often thought of trying to stab people. At night, she would go out with a knife. 

This information was not shared with social services or other safeguarding groups, which could have saved Gracie’s life, according to the inquest.  

Katie Crowder was jailed for life for killing 19-month-old Gracie Crowder by pouring boiled water over her at home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in March last year

Katie Crowder, 19-months-old, was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering Gracie Crowder in Mansfield (Nottshire) in March 2013. She poured boiling water on her body at home and killed her in March 2012. 

Gracie suffered a cardiac arrest when she came into contact with the hot water and died

Gracie died from cardiac arrest after she was exposed to hot water.

At the inquest into Gracie's death, assistant coroner Gordon Clow said that Crowder was snorting up to three grams of cocaine daily and kept her relapse into drug use from family and support workers

Gordon Clow, the assistant coroner for Gracie’s inquest, stated that Crowder had been consuming up to 3 grams of cocaine daily. He also kept Crowder’s relapse from her family and support workers.

Gracie died from cardiac arrest after she was exposed to hot water. Crowder, her mother was sentenced to life imprisonment in December 2013.

The assistant coroner recorded a verdict for unlawful murder and stated that Gracie’s mother committed the deliberate act of killing her daughter.

The death was not caused by agencies, but he stated that they were responsible. He also said: “Opportunities for intervention were missed and risk assessment were not performed due to insufficient information sharing and poor record keeping.” 

Crowder told a drug worker about feeling angry, paranoid and psychotic, and told a therapist she had daily thoughts of wanting to stab someone, and that she went out at night armed with a knife

Crowder spoke to a drug worker, describing her feelings of anger, paranoid, and psychotic. She also told a therapist that she thought daily about wanting to stab people and went out every night with a knife. 

Crowder contacted Insight Health Care after Crowder referred her to the service. Mr. Clow then spoke out about Insight’s role in Nottingham.

He stated that the woman described daily thoughts of stabbing others.

“She shared her thoughts and violent actions. Although I do not want to harm anyone, my paranoia and anger have made me very angry.

Crowder made the remarks to Crowder as Crowder pointed out that the patient had stated that she was going out with a knife ”’.’.

Inquest revealed that the call was received on August 5, 2019 and that the therapist called the Crisis Team and Local Heathcare Trust.

Although the therapist passed the information on, the Healthcare Trust provided evidence that it was an instruction-only call.

He stated that the therapist did not pass on the matter to children’s social service and that he had missed an opportunity to intervene.

He also stated that Gracie’s suicide was the result of a deliberative act. No agency is responsible.   

The medical cause of death for Gracie was’scalds’, as she had suffered a severe burn injury that could have been fatal.

Crowder was found guilty of murdering Gracie and was jailed for life in December last year

Crowder was convicted for murdering Gracie in December 2013 and sentenced to life imprisonment 

Crowder was 26 years old when she was sentenced to life imprisonment at Nottingham Crown Court.

Crowder was being supported by three agencies at that time, according to the coroner.

The coroner referred to Notts Healthcare Trust in regard to record-keeping and thresholds as well as risk assessment in uncommon circumstances. He said that’more can be done’.

He said that there were concerns about the gathering of information after hearing evidence from Nottinghamshire County Council’s social services department.

Rosa Waddingham is the chairperson of the Strategic Leadership Group for Nottinghamshire Children’s Safeguarding Partnership. She said that Gracie’s death in these circumstances was absolutely tragic. Our deepest condolences go out to all those who loved her and took care of her.

“The partner will be reviewing carefully the statements of the coroner to see if any additional action should be taken.