Chaos as Air New Zealand cancels ONE THOUSAND flights to and from Australia – grounding at least 20,000 Christmas travellers – and Jacinda’s border restrictions are to blame

  • Air New Zealand has cancelled flights and grounded around 20,000 passengers
  • Airline says trans-Tasman flights from Australia to Australia are being cancelled up to December 31 
  • Arden government’s travel restrictions didn’t allow for the movement of people. 

Air New Zealand has cancelled 1,000 flights from Australia to and from New Zealand between December 1st through 31st due to the ‘continued borders uncertainty’ between these two countries. 

Over 20,000 people have already booked flights to the destinations, and they all anticipate that both countries will be reopened before Christmas.

Jacinda ardern’s government made statements recently that they wouldn’t lift severe travel restrictions before next year. This would throw travel plans for holidaymakers and families into disarray. 

New Zealand's travel ban has been in place since July after Jacina Ardern slammed the borders shut to Australians

New Zealand’s travel ban was in effect from July when Jacina Archern shut down the Australian border. 

Leanne Geraghty, chief customer officer and sales officer at Air New Zealand said that the airline had no choice but cancel the flights. This was a blow to long-planned reunion plans for thousands. 

Ms Geraghty explained that it would be especially difficult for family members and friends, who were trying to catch up during Christmas. 

“I am aware of how challenging this news will prove to be. However, until the restrictions at border are lifted and further clarification from New Zealand Government, our hands are tied. 

Customers that are affected may be eligible for a refund, or to hold the fare in credit until the flight resumes. The airline expects this to happen in January. 

The current airline flight schedule will remain in effect beyond December 31. For those who are exempted from travel or have been placed under quarantine, the airline will offer very few flights between Sydney and Melbourne. 

New Zealand will implement a new living system with the coronavirus starting December 3. 

Holiday reunion plans for thousands of Australian and New Zealanders with family across the Tasman have been dashed by the refusal to lift travel bans despite high vaccination rates (pictured: Sydney Airport in November)

The refusal to lift travel bans, despite high vaccine rates, has ruined holiday reunion plans for New Zealanders and Australians with their families across Tasman. (Photo: Sydney Airport in November).

On Monday, Prime Minister Jacinda ardern stated that tough restrictions will be lifted and it will permit businesses to conduct business in Auckland.

New Zealand had a lot of Covid cases up to August. However, it was not able beat an outbreak. 

Ms. Ardern abandoned the elimination strategy.

Auckland was in lockdown since more than 90 days. However, some of the measures were eased over recent weeks.

Ms Ardern released a statement, stating that although the Delta is present and will not disappear, New Zealand has all it takes to combat it.

Ms Ardern (pictured) is lifting some of the toughest restrictions inside New Zealand on December 3 but won't open the international border to Australia

Ms. Ardern (pictured), will remove some of New Zealand’s toughest restrictions starting December 3. However, she won’t be opening the Australian border.

Based on the level of vaccination and exposure to Covid, this new system will assign regions a red or orange rating. 

Auckland will be the epicenter of the Delta epidemic. This means that face masks are mandatory in Auckland and public gatherings must be limited.

Ms Ardern stated that 83% of New Zealanders who are eligible have been fully vaccinated and 88% have received their first dose.

In an earlier statement, the government stated it was ready to abandon the lockdown system and switch to traffic lights to combat outbreaks. This is after 95% of those eligible have been fully vaccinated.

About 20,000 people are affected by the cancelled flights with the airline offering refunds (pictured: Sydney Airport in November)

Around 20,000 people have been affected by cancellations of flights. The airline offers refunds. (Photo: Sydney Airport November)