Alarm bells for Boris as another poll shows a Labour lead in the wake of sleaze row and Tory infighting… with Starmer’s approval levels rising

  • A second poll shows Labour leading after Boris Johnson’s sleaze chaos.
  • Opinium has found that KeirStarmer’s party extended its lead from just one point to two
  • Johnson also had to deal with infighting about rail plans and social care. 

Today’s poll revealed that Labour gained ground and Boris Johnson suffered lasting harm from Tory infighting and sleaze chaos.

Opinium has given Keir Starmer’s Party a 2 point lead. It consolidates their one-point lead from two weeks ago.

The Labour leader’s ratings are also improving dramatically. They have turned positive for the first-time in six months, while the PM continues to be in the doldrums.

A 32% approval rate for Sir Keir, and 31% disapprove. However, Mr Johnson’s figures were only 31% and 28%, a net 17 point difference.

Mr Johnson is still in a small comfort zone, but he has an even narrower lead of 29% to 27% when the voters were asked which PM they prefer. The highest scoring answer was “none of these”

The latest research by Opinium gave Keir Starmer's party a two point lead, consolidating the one-point advantage from a fortnight ago

Opinium’s latest research gave Keir Sterner’s party an additional two-point lead. This consolidates the 1-point advantage that existed a fortnight back

The Labour leader's own ratings have also improved dramatically - turning positive for the first time in six months while the PM remains in the doldrums

The Labour leader’s ratings are also improving dramatically. They have been positive for six months, while the PM continues to be in the doldrums.

In the aftermath of Owen Paterson’s failed attempt to rescue his ally, the Conservatives are now in a difficult spot.

There was fury among Tory ranks over the U-turn and outcry that followed, as well as demands to have the No10 machine fixed.

Johnson faces deep discord over his social-care plans and protests against moves to reduce the costs cap. 

Red Wall MPs were furious at the downgrading of promises regarding NS2 or Northern Powerhouse rail connections.

The PM and the Chancellor Rishi Sonak have been battling for years over Johnson’s tendency to spend too much and his free-spending attitude.

Warning signs were given to the Tories by Mr Johnson, who is facing another crisis. Two cases of Omicron Covid variant have been identified in the UK.  

At a hastily-arranged Downing Street press conference last night the prime minister painted a grim picture of the potential threat from the new ‘super-mutant’ strain – admitting he cannot guarantee Christmas will go ahead as hoped.  

Mr Johnson put unlocking in reverse as he extended travel bans, enforcing day-two PCR tests for arrivals in Britain, and making facemasks compulsory in shops and on trains.

He stated that any arrivals in the country should be self-isolated until they receive a negative test result. This can help identify Omicron carriers. 

Some 31 per cent approved of Mr Johnson's performance with 48 per cent disapproving - a net negative of 17 points

31% praised Mr Johnson’s performance, while 48% disapproved – an net loss of 17 points

For 10 days, all contacts infected by the variant should remain at their homes.       

He was flanked by Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty, chiefs of science and medical medicine. Johnson announced also that facial masks will soon be mandatory on public transport and in shops – though struggling bars and restaurants won’t be affected.

However, despite all the concern about the imminent danger, the government is still trying to figure out when the majority of these restrictions will be in effect.

The timeline will be clarified by Mr Javid in the next few days.