GMB’s Alex Beresford admits that he was bedridden last week because of Covid. He also admitted that he had relaxed his hand washing routine and used a mask.

Alex Beresford shared on social media that he was bed-ridden since Tuesday due to Covid. 

Good Morning Britain’s presenter 41 took to Twitter to announce his diagnosis. He stated that he has been more relaxed in the past two weeks with hand washing, mask wearing, and that it was easier to relax. 

He felt very sick throughout his illness and stated that he now feels as if he is suffering from a severe flu. 

Illness: Alex Beresford, 41, revealed on social media on Tuesday that he has been bed-ridden for a week due to Covid; pictured August 2021

Alex Beresford (41), revealed via social media that he was bedridden for one week because of Covid. 

Bored: Meanwhile, over on his Instagram, he posted on his story: 'Currently home with Covid!'Didn't think I'd get it this bad tbh!'

Bored: In the meantime, he shared his Instagram story, “Currently home with Covid!””Didn’t believe I’d get it so bad tbh!”

Alex stated that he was in bed for the past week and has been using covid. It feels like you have the flu. 

‘I’ve been actively wearing my mask and washing my hands these last few months because I was on projects I couldn’t fall out of, but I know I relaxed up these last 2 weeks and here I am!’ 

Adding that he is vaccinated, he said: ‘I wouldn’t like to imagine how much worse I would be had I not had the vaccine.’ 

He posted the following on Instagram: “Currently at home with Covid!” 

Lax: The GMB presenter took to Twitter to share the news of his illness and said he had been much more 'relaxed' the past two weeks towards hand washing and mask wearing; pictured October 2021

GMB Presenter Lax took to Twitter to announce his diagnosis. He said that he was much more relaxed the past few weeks in hand washing and wearing masks. Previously pictured October 2021 

Bed bound: He had been feeling quite ill throughout the illness, and said he feels like he has 'a really bad flu'

Bedded bound: He felt very sick throughout his illness and stated that he is feeling like he has the’really bad flu’. 

“Didn’t think it would be this terrible tbh!” I have felt like the flu since last week and am currently lying on my back. This is not fun. Send series suggestions! 

Alex is still recovering from surgery and has not been able to present on the morning program. 

The host has been a consistent star since 2012. He began as a weather presenter in 2012 and then took on the hosting role. 

Piers Morgan and Alex got in a heated on-air dispute back in March when they were discussing Meghan Markle. 

Piers left the show and Richard Madeley will be the new host in the New Year.