Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been ordered to pay $45.2 million in punitive damages to the family of slain 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, one of the 26 people were shot dead in the Sandy Hook massacre. 

This is in addition to $4 million worth of compensatory damages that InfoWars host Scarlett Lewis was required to pay to Neil Heslin’s parents. 

In his closing statement, a lawyer for the victims’ families said: ‘Alex Jones is worth almost $270 million that we know of. Take a penalty that punishes Jones and an amount which ensures that he does not do this again.

Bernard Pettingill (forensic economist) testified earlier in the day on Friday on behalf Lewis’ parents. Pettingill said Jones “promulgated some hatred speech and some misinformation” and “made a lot money.” 

Pettingill stated that Jones and InfoWars combined are valued at $135 million to $270 million. 

Jones’s claims that Sandy Hook School shooting in 2012 was a hoax will be the subject of this first trial. He was also found guilty last year of insulting the relatives of victims. 

The September trial will feature two additional witnesses, one from Texas, the other in Connecticut. In Connecticut, eight families will participate in the trial. 

On Thursday, a jury of 12 members ruled that Jones should pay $4.1 million to the parents in compensatory damages. This was due to Jones’s spreading conspiracy theories regarding the massacre. 

Jesse Lewis' mother, Scarlett Lewis addresses the media following the verdict in Austin

Scarlett Lewis, Jesse Lewis’ mother addresses the media after the Austin verdict

Lewis told the media: 'This is an important day for truth, for justice and I couldn't be happier. This has been a long battle, a long time spent — 10 years — and to have the result a strong message to the world that literally, choosing love is what we need to do'

Lewis stated to the media that this was an important day for justice, truth and equality. This has been a long battle, a long time spent — 10 years — and to have the result a strong message to the world that literally, choosing love is what we need to do’

Scarlett Lewis posted the following tweet after the verdict of the jury: Sandy Hook! Jesse was a hero. Alex Jones was held responsible. Today’s jury demonstrated that America’s majority is willing to choose love and not fear. I will be eternally grateful to them. 

She added: ‘Ironically, Alex Jones ended up giving me a larger platform to share Jesse’s story and message.’ Lewis posted a link to her Choose Love Movement charity’s website. 

Lewis declared in court: “This is an important moment for truth, justice and I couldn’t be happier.” This has been a long battle, a long time spent — 10 years — and to have the result a strong message to the world that literally, choosing love is what we need to do.’

“I was able to see his eyes, and I could tell him how his actions affected me and my family,” she continued. And not just us — all the other Sandy Hook families, all the people that live in Sandy Hook and then the ripple effect that that had throughout the world. It was an emotional moment that helped me to let go. 

Jones invited Lewis and the Heslin, to discuss their feelings regarding Thursday’s jury verdict in favor of him, on Friday.

Jones claimed for many years that the Newton shooting was a false flag operation, which was carried out by the US government as a way to tighten gun control. 

Jones' lawyer Federico Andino Reynal asked jurors for the fine to be $270,000

Jones’ lawyer Federico Andino Reynal asked jurors for the fine to be $270,000

Neil Heslin, father of 6-year-old Sandy Hook shooting victim Jesse Lewis, becomes emotional during his testimony during the trial for Alex Jones

Neil Heslin (father of Sandy Hook shoot victim Jesse Lewis aged 6 years) becomes very emotional in his testimony at the trial for Alex Jones

Jones’ lawyer, Federico Andino Reynal, immediately objected to the ruling citing a Texas law that caps plaintiff compensation at $750,000 per person. 

Judge Maya Guerra Gamble agreed to the objection. Reynal spoke to the media outside the courtroom and stated: “We are extremely pleased with this result. The jury took the issue seriously, we believe. Our opinion is that the jury erred in deciding too strongly. 

He said, “Alex Jones will be airing today and next week.” He’s going to keep doing his job holding our power structure accountable.’

Reynal, in an interview with Fox Austin was asked his reaction to Jones’ verdict. He said: ‘His reaction was that he’d been found guilty before he ever had a chance to defend this case on the merits. The First Amendment is being under threat and he hopes to continue the fight.

Judge Gamble stated that she wasn’t stopping Scarlett Lewis’ and Neil Heslins’ lawyers from giving Jones’ data over to law enforcement. The data was accidentally sent by Jones’ lawyers to Lewis and Heslin’s attorneys on Wednesday. It contained text messages from two years ago. 

Mark Bankston (one of the plaintiff’s attorneys) responded to the verdict by saying, “I’ll take that,” after the judge left the court. 

Damages include $4.2 Million for insulting Neil Heslin and $20.5 Million to Heslin to treat mental anguish. Scarlett Lewis receives $20.5M for mental anguish. 

The parents claimed that Jones made false statements about their shooting and they harassed them. 

We ask you to send one message: Stop Alex Jones. Wesley Todd Ball was a parent’s lawyer and told jurors to stop the misinformation and lies being monetized. 

Reynal requested jurors to give a verdict on $270,000, based upon the amount of time Infowars spent covering Sandy Hook.

On Thursday, a 12-member jury ruled that Jones should pay $4.1 million to the parents in compensatory damages. Jones was convicted of spreading conspiracy theories regarding the massacre. This verdict came after a two week trial that took place in Austin, Texas. Jones is the host of Infowars radio and webcasts.

Scarlett Lewis, mother of 6-year-old Sandy Hook shooting victim Jesse Lewis, tells Alex Jones while testifying in court, "you're not going to stop'

Scarlett Lewis (mother of Sandy Hook shooter victim Jesse Lewis aged 6 years) tells Alex Jones during testimony in court that “you’re never going to stop”.

Mark Bankston, lawyer for Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, reacts while jurors take a break during closing arguments

Mark Bankston is the lawyer for Scarlett Lewis & Neil Heslin. He reacts as jurors are taking a break at closing arguments


Economist Bernard Pettingill Jr. reveals Alex Jones' estimated net worth and yearly revenue across all of his companies, including offshore account

Bernard Pettingill Jr. is an economist who reveals Alex Jones’ net worth and revenue per year across all his companies.

 In an interview with Inside Edition, Jones’ ex-wife, Kelly Jones, said: ‘I know that he’s hidden money. He’s probably got many buckets underneath a lot shelves.

She stated that Alex was truly mentally ill. He should be protected against himself and other people. His morality is lacking. He lives in his own world and is, to my mind, very delusional.  

Jones attempted to discredit the conspiracy theories through his testimony. Jones apologized to his parents and admitted that Sandy Hook is ‘100% true’

Jones’ Free Speech Systems LLC filed for bankruptcy last week. Jones stated Monday that Jones’ company, Free Speech Systems LLC declared bankruptcy. The filing would allow the company to stay on air during appeals.

Sandy Hook parents were able to suspend a defamation lawsuit in Connecticut. Sandy Hook was also found responsible in Texas.