Alex Jones, Infowars host, was struck ‘over twenty times’ by Alex Jones’ wife, using a soap-bottle and attempting to hit him with five-pound stones. He then feared for his life according to the police report that was made Tuesday from their Christmas Eve brawl. 

Erika Wulff Jones (33) – who was somber, tearful and sad in the mugshot she took after her arrest for domestic violence on Friday — apparently attacked the right-wing conspirator for cheating. 

Erika, who was photographed with long eyelashes and a manicured eyebrow, has been arrested for allegedly attacking her husband in Austin, Texas. 

The Travis County arrest warrant states that Jones, according to the report, told emergency dispatchers during a 911 call, Jones said his wife hit him repeatedly over the head and was holding a “polished club” in her hands. Jones also attempted to hit him with the tool, as per the Travis County arrest document.

Jones also claimed Jones had been struck by his wife’several’ times since police arrived at Jones’ house. One officer noticed that Jones was wearing a’red-colored’ and a ‘wet’ haircut. 

Jones told police that Erika hit Jones with her closed fists as well as open hands in front of their baby.  

Erika Wulff Jones, 43, wife of InfoWars founder Alex Jones, was arrested for domestic assault in their Austin home on Christmas Eve

Alex Jones’ wife Erika Wulff Jones (43), was taken into custody for assaulting Erika Wulff Jones at their Austin residence on Christmas Eve

Erika Wulff Jones and husband Alex Jones in better times. He said the incident was caused by a 'medication imbalance'

Alex Jones, Erika Wulff Jones. The incident occurred due to an ‘inbalance in medication’, he said. 

Jones says Erika accused Jones of ‘cheating’ on her. Jones said that this led to a physical altercation while the couple bathed their child. Jones is also a father to three children by a prior marriage.

According to the arrest report, she reportedly hit Jones “over 20 times”, including with a shampoo bottle. The contents of the bottles got on Jones’ face, according to the report.

“He” stated that he wanted to run from her in the master bed room, and she followed him trying to hit him. 

Officers were told Jones that Jones was at this point “in fear for his own life.”

The stone was about 5 pounds in weight and found by police in the master room. This stone is allegedly a weapon. 

Jones claimed that Jones’ wife had an odor of alcohol on her breath and never struck him with the rock, but instead threw it at him, missing his head by inches.

Alex Jones, founder of Infowars, is in financial trouble after losing four defamation cases brought by victims’ parents. Jones claimed after the arrest of his wife that the Sandy Hook incident was caused by a medication imbalance’. 

Wulff Jones was taken into custody in Travis County by Sheriff’s Deputies. She was booked into Austin Jail at 8:45 on Friday. 

Her misdemeanors include assault causing bodily harm to a relative and resisting arrest search or transportation. 

She was held in detention for Christmas and released on $3,000 bail each day.

Infowars founder and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, right, has sued in order to block a subpoena issued for him to testify about the events. (Jones pictured in 2018)

Alex Jones, founder of Infowars and conspiracy theorist, sued to stop the subpoena he was issued to give evidence about the events. (Jones as seen in 2018

Erika Wulff Jones, pictured

Alex Jones, pictured

Erika was left being taken away by Jones at their Austin home. Jones didn’t say who was the victim and made it a private matter for the family.

Jones refused to confirm whether Jones was injured, or to elaborate beyond the fact that Jones believes it was due to his wife’s recent medication change.

Jones stated that Jones was talking to The Associated Press about a personal family matter. Jones spoke in a short interview with The Associated Press. 

“I care deeply about my wife, and I love her. It appears that there is a medication imbalance.” 

Wulff Jones’ attorney did not respond immediately to our request for comment.

After being found guilty of four counts in defamation in November, the right-wing conspirator faces financial ruin. He claimed that Sandy Hook was a giant hoax to raise gun control.  

For the parents of eight Newtown victims, his conviction was an enormous victory. On December 14, 2012 gunman Adam Lanza, 20, The Connecticut school was the victim of 20 murders, including six first-graders. Lanza shot and killed his mother in their house before he went to school. He later died as the police approached him. 

This conviction is combined with three Texas rulings last month which found Jones responsible for damages in defamation lawsuits stemming from statements he made about the Newtown massacre. However, a jury hasn’t yet awarded damages. 

Jones is believed to have an estimated net worth of $5 million despite his murky finances. He relies almost exclusively on the sales of health supplements that he doesn’t trust.   

Jones declined Saturday to say whether he'd been injured or elaborate on what happened beyond that he believes it was related to his wife's recent change of medication

Jones refused to confirm whether Jones was hurt or to elaborate beyond the fact that it may have been related to his wife changing her medication.

Supporters of then President Donald Trump climb the west wall of the the US Capitol in Washington during the January 6 insurrection

During the January 6, insurrection, supporters of President Donald Trump climbed the West Wall of Washington’s US Capitol. 

Jones filed suit last week to stop subpoenas that he had been served by the House Committee investigating the Jan 6th riot at US Capitol. 

Because he was afraid that congressional leaders would accuse him under oath of lying, he said he didn’t want to testify in front of the committee. 

Jones replied, “I do not want to lie before them,” 

Jones was speaking at the rally for then-President Donald Trump. His Infowars friend Owen Shroyer was also charged in August with crimes related thereto. 

Shroyer said that he is innocent of the charges.

Jones claimed that Jones was not concerned about his politics and that Jones did not believe Jones had committed any personal hatred.