According to a friend, Kate Middleton had no desire for fame and wanted a home in the country with lots of children, dogs, and pets.

  • Kate Middleton had no interest in fame, a family  friend has claimed to the Sun
  • The Duchess turns 40 next week, and there will be a small family gathering 
  • According to a family friend, Catherine always wanted a country house, kids and dogs.  

Kate Middleton was not interested in fame, and she only wanted a quiet life in rural England, as a friend claimed.

This week marks 40 years since the Duchess of Cambridge married Prince William. A close friend said that she didn’t want fame or a “big job” and wanted a peaceful childhood.

Kate, who spends most of her time at Anmer Hall, Norfolk, and Kensington Palace, central London, is not interested in the glamour and glitter of royal life. She just hopes for the same life she had growing up in rural Berkshire.

Emily Andrews is a royal correspondent who wrote in Sunday’s Sun that she claimed a A family friend told Catherine that all she wanted was a place in the countryside with lots of children and dogs.  It wasn’t something she was interested in.

Kate Middleton had no interest in fame and all she ever wanted was 'a quiet life in the countryside', a friend has claimed.  She is pictured with Prince William

Kate Middleton was not interested in fame, and she only wanted a quiet life in rural England. This is according to a friend.  Here she is with Prince William

She believes that family life is very important and she has made motherhood a part of her life. She feels that she has achieved this, and now it’s time for her to focus on her public role.

Kate, despite her status as the most glamorous woman in the world is conscious of how she looks.

Recalling a meeting with the Duchess shortly after she gave birth to Princess Charlotte in 2015, Ms Andrews revealed she complimented Kate on her new hairstyle – to which she replied: ‘ Are you sure it suits me? I don’t think it is too motherly. I was a bit worried…’ 

It comes amid reports  the Duchess of Cambridge’s 40th birthday will be muted – like her Christmas – due to the Covid risk.

The Duchess will likely host a smaller party with close family members and friends, instead of throwing a huge event. 

Writing in the Sun on Sunday , royal correspondent Emily Andrews claims a family friend of the royal once told her: 'All Catherine ever wanted was a house in the countryside, loads of kids, dogs and an AGA. She wasn't interested in having a big job or becoming famous.' She is pictured in her 2020 Christmas card with George, William, Louis and Charlotte

Emily Andrews, Royal Correspondent, wrote in Sunday’s Sun that a friend once said to her, “All Catherine wanted was a home in the country, lots of children, dogs, and an AGA.” She was not interested in a high-profile job or being famous. In her 2020 Christmas card, she is shown with George, William and Louis.

Kate and William – who on Friday unveiled a photograph of themselves on the way to last year’s James Bond premiere to coincide with New Year’s Eve – missed out on the traditional Royal Family Christmas celebrations after the Queen was forced to cancel her plans to host the festivities at Sandringham.

Due to fears of the Omicron Covid variant, a smaller lunch was held at Windsor Castle while the Cambridges hosted Kate’s family at Anmer Hall, their country retreat on the Sandringham estate

A source told Mail on Sunday: ‘There are likely to be low-key celebrations for the Duchess. She didn’t want anything flashy anyway – that’s not exactly her thing – but particularly given the current climate anything is likely to be scaled down.’

Instead of a big party, the Duchess is expected to have a much smaller affair with just family and close friends

The Duchess will likely have a smaller party with close family members and friends, instead of throwing a huge event.

The revelation came as Rebecca Priestley, her ex-private secretary (nee Deacon), told the Daily Mail that Kate and William approached their daunting task together, as though it were a “blank sheet of paper”. 

The three of them were all in Anglesey, where they had decided to spend the first year of their married life. William was a RAF Search and Rescue pilot.

Rebecca describes their conversation as follows: “I said: “Right, how do we proceed? The philanthropic community is right at your fingertips. You have many options for causes that you could get involved.

‘Catherine [as William prefers her to be known]It was evident that she had put much thought into the project and stated clearly that listening and learning were her main priorities.

William, for his part had stressed to his wife the importance of taking their time.