Adele won’t allow rich gamblers to receive tickets to her Vegas shows. She wants real fans to be able to attend the show.

The most renowned gamblers of Las Vegas have enjoyed free tickets to some of the best shows.

But Adele has now barred these high-rollers from her concerts in one of Sin City’s largest casinos – to ensure all tickets go to genuine fans.

According to The Mail on Sunday, the singer successfully lobbyed Caesars Palace bosses not to offer freebies for her next residency.

This request comes just weeks after the London-born artist convinced streaming site Spotify to conceal a feature that allows album tracks to play on shuffle instead of in the order the artists intended.

Banning the high-rollers will not provide Adele with any financial gain – but with ticket sales at a reported £37 million, that hardly matters.

The Mail on Sunday understands that Adele successfully lobbied bosses at the Colosseum Theatre at Caesars Palace not to give away freebies to her upcoming residency

The Mail on Sunday has learned that Adele successfully petitioned Caesars Palace’s Colosseum Theatre bosses to not give her residence freebies

Insiders claim that Adele is passionate about her fan’s experience and doesn’t want people to get tickets because they’ve spent a lot in casinos.

Caesars Palace has long offered tickets to concert as a token of appreciation for wealthy customers.

‘A number of tickets get held back for each performance for the venue to give to their big spenders, but not for Adele – she isn’t prepared to tolerate this.’

After a media campaign to promote 30’s new album, her tickets have been in high demand. Seats at two concerts at London’s Hyde Park in July are currently listed on resale sites, such as Viagogo, for as much as £15,000.

Adele, the latest music superstar, has taken a residency in the Colosseum. The Colosseum is 4,300-seat venue that previously hosted Rod Stewart, Elton John and Usher.

She stated that she would sell tickets through Ticketmaster Verified Fans when she revealed her three-month tour there. This service aims to thwart fraud and guarantee fans get in at the correct price by giving them a unique code.

Tickets for the front of the stalls cost a reported £650, and £450 for the front of the balcony. A handful of seats were available at £65 for each performance, but VIP seats cost thousands.

Even though the prices were prohibitive, all the copies sold quickly. All those who attended the 24 shows in January through mid-April need to show proof that they received 2 doses (one coronavirus and one negative Covid) of vaccine.

Spotify removed the shuffle button after Adele, 33 years old tweeted that they don’t make albums without putting so much thought and care into their track list. The art we create tells a story, and should be heard as such. The streaming service responded: “Anything you want.”

Following her divorce from Simon Konecki (with whom she has Angelo, nine years old), Adele now dates Rich Paul. With her return single Easy On Me, she broke the charts in October.

In the same month, she was featured on Vogue’s covers for the UK and US. Oprah Winfrey interviewed her about her remarkable seven-stone weight loss. She explained that it was due to a routine she started following her terrifying anxiety attacks after her divorce.

Adele is the latest musical superstar to take a residency at the Colosseum, which has 4,300 seats and previously played host to Elton John, Rod Stewart and Usher

Adele is the latest pop star to make a permanent residency at Colosseum. It has 4,300 seating and was previously home to Rod Stewart, Elton John, and Usher.