Almost 900,000 people — one in 60 — had Covid on any given day in England last week as infections rose 4%, official figures show

  • According to the Office for National Statistics, 898.900 people were infected last week as a result of weekly surveillance.
  • The increase was four percentage points over the previous seven days and it is the second week running that they have been rising
  • Covid cases were on the rise among 2-11-year-olds in London, North East England, Yorkshire, and Humber. 


Official data suggests that nearly 900,000.00 people had Covid in England last week. This is despite the fact that England’s epidemic continued to rise.

Office for National Statistics weekly surveillance — based on random swabs of 100,000 people — estimated 898,900 people were infected over the week to November 27, equivalent to one in 60 having the virus.

This is the highest figure since early November, when approximately 925,000.400 had been infected. The ONS reported that a record number of 1.1 million had Covid at the peak of last year’s second wave.

Today’s figures were also up four per cent on the previous seven-day spell, and marked the second week in a row that cases have risen after children returned from half-term.

Covid cases rose in the two- and eleven-year olds. However, they remained stable for all ages. In England, there were nine regions with cases. London, Yorkshire and Humber saw slight increase in covid cases.

According to ONS statistics, there is no evidence that Omicron has taken hold of the UK. This virus was discovered in samples taken from the UK in November 20. There have been 42 cases confirmed so far.

The news comes after an additional study warned that Britain’s Covid cases were increasing. King’s College London researchers predicted that around 80,483 people would fall ill each day last week. This is an increase of five percent.

After dropping slightly this week, Britain’s Covid daily cases are trending upwards over the past two days.