Alton Towers accident amputee Leah Washington celebrated buying her first house with Joe Pugh, six years after she survived a rollercoaster collision.

  • Leah Washington is a crash survivor of Alton Towers Smiler and has now bought her first home together with Joe Pugh
  • They met six years later after their first date on a rollercoaster collided and they shared a carriage.
  •  The brave amputee, 24, from South Yorkshire, was forced to undergo a leg amputation as a result of the horror crash six years ago

Leah Washington, Alton Towers Smiler accident survivor has purchased her first home together with Joe Pugh six years after she was hit by a carriage on the rollercoaster that they rode in their first date. 

South Yorkshire’s brave amputee of 24 has gained almost 25,000 followers on Instagram. She shared her progress from the horrific accident in July and posted a photo from the fashionable walk-in wardrobe at their new home.

Throwing up a peace sign as Joe, 25, stood in the background holding a moving in box, Leah wrote: Est. Leah wrote: Est.

Six years ago, Leah had to have her leg amputated after the horrific crash. 

Alton Towers Smiler crash survivor Leah Washington has bought her first home with boyfriend Joe Pugh, six years after the rollercoaster they were riding on their first date collided with an empty carriage

Alton Towers Smiler victim Leah Washington, who was a survivor of the crash at Alton Towers Smiler, has purchased her first home six years later with Joe Pugh. It’s been six years since their first date on a rollercoaster that collided into an empty carriage.

Joe also shared a snap last week as they shopped for picture frames in Ikea, writing: 'Ikea? Completed it mate. Less than 4 days until me and leah move in together (me annoying her for the foreseeable)'

Joe shared another snap from last week while they were shopping at Ikea for photo frames, and wrote: “Ikea?” It was done, mate. It’s less than four days before me and Leah move in together. (Me annoying her for theforeseeable). 

Joe and his friend shared an image last week when they went to Ikea to buy picture frames. Joe wrote, “Ikea?” It was done, mate. It’s less than four days before me and leah can move in together (me irritating her for the foreseeable).

Leah’s mother wrote a comment on Leah’s blog, writing “Our little girl is now a bird of prey!” However, we’re very proud of both you and are happy for your success. Xxx’.

Champneys, Cheshire was the perfect place to celebrate their anniversary. They served a delicious dinner and shared a peek at their beautiful bedroom with four-poster bed.

Last year Joe revealed during a Q&A having spent lockdown isolating together, the couple plan to move in together permanently when it is lifted.

The couple celebrated by spending the weekend at Champneys in Cheshire, enjoying a plush dinner

Champneys, Cheshire was the perfect place to celebrate their anniversary. They served a lavish dinner and spent the weekend there.

They shared a glimpse at their stunning bedroom complete with four poster bed

The couple shared an intimate view of their beautiful bedroom, complete with four-poster bed.

The couple celebrated in style by enjoying a weekend at the luxury spa hotel

They celebrated their anniversary in style with a luxury weekend at the spa hotel

Leah was out on her first date with Joe Pugh, when Joe’s Smiler rollercoaster car crashed into an stationary train at Alton Towers in Staffordshire. This happened during June 2015.

Leah, from Barnsley was one of the two young passengers that lost their leg, while Joe sustained devastating injuries, including two broken kneecaps.

They have been together despite their trauma and share photos from their daily adventures on social media.

Despite having a state-of-the-art £60,000 prosthetic leg which allows her to walk unaided, the teenager still suffers crippling pain and fatigue after standing for long periods.

The 2015 crash resulted in an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board. An engineer incorrectly started the ride, while the stationary carriage was directly ahead.

Alton Towers owner Merlin Attractions were fined £5million for health and safety breaches which were blasted by Judge Michael Chambers QC as a ‘catastrophic failure’.

They were fined an initial £5million, and interim payments have covered Leah and Joe’s medical and physio bills to date – but the pair have also submitted a ‘substantial’ compensation claim.

Leah’s £60,000 prosthetic leg – which contains a microprocessor knee – will need replacing every few years, which will amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds over her lifetime.

Brave Leah was forced to undergo a lower leg amputation as a result of the horror crash six years ago

Six years ago, Brave Leah had to have her lower leg amputated because of the horrific crash.

What was the Alton Towers Smiler disaster?

Visitors were removed from Alton Towers Smiler after an alarm light showed a fault.

The track was closed for testing by the staff. However, the test train made it to the other side. Staff didn’t realize that the carrigage was still on the track because of a communication breakdown.

They were released but, as the first carriage went around, it was stopped by the computer system. It indicated that something was blocking its track.

Engineers did not know there was a fifth carriage on the track. This fault had been identified by the computer system. The ride crashed into an empty carriage at a speed of 90 mph.

At least 16 of the injured were taken to hospital, and at most five others were left with serious injuries. 

Vicky Balch (Leyland), Lancashire) and Leah Washington (Barksley), South Yorkshire, had to both have their legs amputated in the wake of that horror car crash.

The Smiler at Alton Park, where 16 people were injured in a 2015 collision (file picture). An investigation found that a computer block stopping the ride because of a stationary car on the track had been over-ridden by staff, causing the crash

Alton Park Smiler where 16 people sustained injuries in a 2015 crash (file photograph). A staff investigation revealed that the computer blocking the ride due to a stationary vehicle on the track was overridden, leading to the accident.

Joe Pugh also hails from Barnsley. Daniel Thorpe was 28 years old and is from Buxton. Chandaben Chanhan, 49, suffered severe leg injuries.

Trapped rider-goers had more than 4 hours waiting to be released from their crumpled carriage. Rescue workers tried to reach them while they stood 25ft high in the air, at an angle of 45 degrees. They were pinned down by the mangled steel.