If I keep this pace, I might win the two hundred meters! These amazing images depict a barn owl taking a break to stretch its muscles, before it takes flight.

  • Hannie Heere (64), captured a barn owl learning how to fly in The Netherlands.
  • This picture was uploaded online. The chick appears to be running in a sprint. 
  • Miss Heere stated that the young bird was in fact strengthening its muscles.  

The barn owl, a young male, is seen marching through a field.

After walking purposefully, the chick spread its wings and ran. 

Hannie Heere (64), a photographer, said that the child was building its muscles while learning how to fly.

A little barn owl in Brabant, in the Netherlands stretching its muscles and learning how to fly for the first time

Brabant is home to a little barn owl that’s learning to fly and stretching its muscles.

Miss Heere said that it was her first encounter with an owl running like this.

The mother owl was waiting for the baby to finish his dinner.

Ms. Heere stood patiently at least five- to six metres from the birds in order not to disturb them or capture their natural behaviors.

Since then, millions have shared the picture with their friends around the globe and even modified it to make joke pictures.

After striding purposefully, the chick then spread its wings and broke into a run

After walking purposefully, the chick spread its wings and began running.

Ten weeks old, the first flight of an owl is made. They practice trial and error before they fly and show unusual behaviors, such as the one in this photograph.

Ms Heere added: ‘A couple of people have told me it’s a very unusual and cute photo of a brave walker.’

One mememaker captioned the photo “Five year old me running to tell dad hello when he gets back from work”. Another jokester said: “Oh lawd, he’s comin.”

One person even photoshopped the shield and sword to make it look bigger, which produced hilarious results.