Are you looking for the most popular Christmas games? Amazon has reduced up to 50% on top board games for family, such as Ticket To Ride and Harry Potter Trivia Pursuit, ahead of Black Friday

Christmas isn’t complete without playing your board games or getting a gift for someone you love. If you’re looking for the best board games for Christmas 2021 then you’re in luck, as Amazon has slashed up to 50 per cent off some of their bestselling and new family board games in the early Black Friday sale. 

Not only are there the tried-and-true family favorites like Ticket To Ride and Trivial Pursuit but also a flurry new games that will be hitting our living room tables, such as Heard Mentality (Kids Against Maturity) and others.

You can play a variety of quiz games this Christmas: from Harry Potter-themed Trivial Pursuit, to Guess the Most Popular Walkers Chips Flavor in Mr Lister. 

We are confident that Ticket to Ride is the best strategy board game you can find. 

The Ticket To Ride game is a hit with families, earning 26,000 stars and saving many gatherings. In this fast, fun and simple game you will need to design train routes for points. The game takes about 30-60 minutes, so you can easily whip it out during the holiday season.


The family game of cards is sure to bring joy into your home at Christmas. Kids Against Maturity offers a child-friendly alternative for the popular adult game Cards Against Humanity. It is a family-friendly party game that uses age-appropriate humor and includes a variety of toilet jokes.

Even better, the device is now 50% off, and can be taken anywhere you go, even on long car rides.


In this simple to understand and easy-to-play strategy game, the obvious answers win. 

The question is asked and then you must guess the answers of others. Your answer will be the majority and you get cows. You can play this game with as many as 20 people, making it great for large family Christmas parties. 


This game will make strategy and quiz games seem too difficult. It’s sure to bring a smile and lighten up the atmosphere. 

You have to create and guess as many sounds as possible. There are many sounds to choose from: simple, like monkey, train and eating; medium, such as didgeridoo roller coaster or electric shock; hard, for example, wrestling, scuba diving, and woodpecker.


You might find it difficult to hold the family’s attention for the full duration of a game.

You can beat that! It consists of 10 rounds of challenges. Each player places a wager on how well they can complete each challenge. You can then go around the circles trying to complete the challenge once all bets have been placed. This game will test speed, dexterity, and balance. It is guaranteed to be a fun one that keeps everyone 8-80 entertained. 


You don’t want Monopoly to drag on, or you just want to jazz up old board games. 

Designed to be played alongside whatever else you’re doing, each player starts with six missions to complete. Other players will yawn. You may hide cards on players without getting caught. Or you might get one of your teammates to perform a chore. 


Trivial Pursuit may seem a bit too demanding after Christmas Dinner, Mr Lister can be a good alternative. It is guaranteed to engage all family members.

Tasks include ‘list the 10 most popular flavours of Walker’s classic crisps’. You get three shots at guessing the answers – if it’s on the list, it’s a hit. You get a miss for any missed hits. The card is won by the team with most hits. This brings them one step closer towards winning the game.


Harry Potter is loved by the whole family, but who does it better?

The game includes over 800 questions and 300 cards. This will allow you to test your knowledge on characters, spells locations, magic artifacts, and other topics.