Do you need something to keep your family busy over Christmas? Amazon has up to 47% savings on select board games such as Scrawl, Kids Against Maturity, and Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout.

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Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without rounding up the family and settling down with a board game – and right now Amazon is offering up to 47 per cent off some of its bestsellers so you can treat the whole family for less.

These games are sure to be a last-minute gift idea with their delivery right on time. 

There are many new and exciting games that will be hitting our living rooms, including Heard Mentality or Kids Against Maturity. For those of you who are unable to get your family to sit down long enough for a game of Beat That! Don’t get got! These songs will make your afternoon more enjoyable. 

This easy-to-learn and fast to master strategy game rewards the most obvious answer. 

The question is asked and then you must guess the answers of others. Your answer will be the majority and you get cows. It can be played up to twenty people making this a great game for big families at Christmas.


This is a great way to make everyone laugh if you’re bored of the same board games. 

Kids Against Maturity offers a child-friendly alternative for the popular adult game Cards Against Humanity. It’s a family-friendly party game that uses age-appropriate humor and includes a variety of toilet jokes. It’s even more affordable at 47% 


As with all family board games it takes just two minutes to master and 15 minutes to play. This game can be used to help you get through the Christmas food slump. 

Everyone knows the secret word – except for the player with the Chameleon card. To track down the culprit player, you can use hidden codes and carefully selected words.


The game’s ideal for kids 12 and older.

Are you able to remember the colours of five Olympic rings? You might also remember the color of the Teletubbies. What about the lid to a jar full of marmite. Each team has 11 Colour Cards. They must work together to determine which cards to use to answer the question. 


This one is for adults and older children. Start by sketching out the strange scenario on your card, like ‘Eating Spiderwebs’ and then pass it on to the next person, and they then have to try to describe the picture underneath. The next player will try to show the description on the clipboard.


Trivial Pursuit can seem a little overwhelming after Christmas dinner. Mr Lister will be an excellent alternative. He is sure to involve all age groups.

Tasks include ‘list the 10 most popular flavours of Walker’s classic crisps’. You get three shots at guessing the answers – if it’s on the list, it’s a hit. You get a miss for any missed hits. You can win the game by winning the most hits card.



This game is a great way to keep everyone active this Christmas.

This is how you beat it! There are ten rounds. The challenge is a betting game where each player bets on his or her ability to finish it. You can then go around the circles trying to complete the challenge once all bets have been placed. This game will test speed, dexterity, and balance. It is guaranteed to be a fun one that keeps everyone 8-80 entertained. 


You’re searching for fun trivia games that aren’t quite as challenging as Trivial Pursuit? This one is for you. 

This game will ask you a simple question. You can place your chips on which card is oldest, or you could just bluff and bet your cards. Ask questions such as “What came first? Sandwiches or America?” You’re sure to have a lot of fun and get those little gray cells firing. 


You are looking for something fast and exciting for 2 to 4 players? This one is a must-have for your Christmas gift list. 

P For Pizza asks you to find words quicker than your rivals. A pizza that begins with P An bald celebrity who starts with B? C is for breakfast. A breakfast food that starts with C?



This is the board game for you if you struggle to keep your family together for any length of time to play board games or you want to add some spice to traditional board games.

Each player begins with six tasks to complete. You can make other players laugh, sneak a card onto a player and not be caught, or get them to do other things like dance.