The American citizen killed in Ukraine yesterday has been named as Jimmy Hill, a 67-year-old from Idaho who had stayed in the warzone to look after a sick friend and was gunned down lining up to buy bread

Yesterday’s American citizen who was killed in Ukraine has been identified as Jimmy Hill. He is a 67 year-old Idahoan. Jimmy Hill had gone to Ukraine to care for a friend in need and was shot down while trying to get bread.

Jimmy Hill (67-year old American citizen from Idaho) was the victim of yesterday’s attack in Ukraine. This was Jimmy Hill. Hill is an Idahoan who had been in warzone as a caretaker for a friend with a serious illness and was then gunned down in line to purchase bread. 

Hill’s family renamed him via Facebook after Antony Blinken, Secretary of State of the United States confirmed that he had died on Thursday. 

Hill, a Kyiv lecturer, was actually in Chernihiv caring for Ira.

When Russian troops fired in an act of war, it was Monday. He was part of a group that waited to get bread at the grocery store.

Hill was a Facebook user from Chernihiv up to his death. His posts included jokes and pictures of himself unhaven. 

On March 7, he posted: “The past two night very limited rocket fire during that night. It is possible to go to sleep. Food is available. Yesterday, I was at the market and purchased food for our kitchen staff… shooting began about two hours ago. We’d like to break free of this place. 

“We hope for ceasefire and green corridor. After years of searching for the right drug to slow her progression, it would be sad to have to travel this far and return home empty handed. It is essential that we have rituximab and something like it. Ira won’t be able survive without it. 

He posted for several weeks about sleeping in bomb shelters at night while trying to get treatment for Ira. 

Hill encouraged American family and friends to press US legislators for expediting visas. 

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Ukrainian authorities issued this photo in the aftermath of an attack in Chernihiv on Thursday. It remains unclear how many died

This photo was taken by Ukrainian officials in the wake of an attack on Chernihiv, Thursday. The exact number of victims is not known.  

It’s raining all over Ukraine now, which is bad luck. This is not the fault of anyone, except for one man in particular: the Kremlin’s psychos. 

“His unhappy existence is bad fortune for everybody.” 

The Chernihiv Region Police posted on Facebook on Thursday: ‘Police are documenting the consequences of enemy shelling of civilians in the center of Chernihiv. 

The occupiers launched another heavy artillery strike on the civilian population of the city today. 

“There are many dead people and others who have been wounded. A US citizen is one of the dead. 

Multiple bodies lie next to a shelled-out building in Chernihiv on Thursday after an attack from the Russian army

Following an attack of the Russian army, several bodies lay next to a Chernihiv building that was shelled on Thursday. 

A residential building damaged by shelling is seen, as Russia's attack on Ukraine continues, in Chernihiv, Ukraine, in this handout picture released March 17, 2022

In this handout photo, March 17th, 2022, you can see a damaged residential building as Russia continues its attack on Ukraine.

Chernihiv is in north west Ukraine, next to the Belarus border

Chernihiv lies in North West Ukraine next to Belarus’ border. 

“Police officers assist in the evacuation of affected residents to health facilities.   

The scene is being investigated by ‘Chernihiv law enforcement officers. Law enforcement officers are carefully documenting all the circumstances and consequences of Russian war crimes.’ 

Facebook’s automatic translation misunderstoodly claimed that “citizens” had been murdered.  Although the State Department is not yet able to verify this report, it stated that they are aware.  

Over 50 people were killed by shelling in Chernihiv over the course of 24 hours. 10 of them had been in the breadline when Russian troops fired on their homes. 

Russia denies any involvement in these deaths. American journalist Brent Renaud, a filmmaker documenting refugee situations in Irpin on Sunday was shot to death. 

Pierre Zakrewski (Irish FOX News Cameraman) and Oleksandra Kupshynova, Ukrainian Producer, were also shot to death. 

In February, President Biden stated that he would respond severely to any attacks by Putin on US citizens. However, he has yet to alter his tactics. 

Tomorrow, the President will meet with Xi Jinping from China to discuss possible sanctions if Russia aids in fighting war. 

Yesterday’s speech by Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukrainian President, was inspired by Martin Luther King. He delivered it from his Kyiv bunker. 

Biden begged him to “be the leader for peace” and said that the 22-day period had been the ‘9/11’ of his country. 

“I’m addressing President Biden. Your great nation is led by you. 

“I want you to be the leader in the world.” He stated that to be the leader for the world, one must also be the leader for peace in his sobering address addressed to Congress. 

Biden spoke afterwards and announced a $800million package of military aid.  On Wednesday, Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin “a war criminal” for the first-time.

Biden told reporters at the White House that he believes he was a war crime.