Meghan Markle’s ‘I’m just a mom’ routine on Ellen DeGeneres’ show will be a hit with Americans who ‘celebrate’ celebrity, a royal commentator has said – and added that the Duchess ‘rebooted’ her image after becoming ‘political’.

Emily Andrews is a British journalist who joined Good Morning Britain to discuss today’s interview with the Duchess.

Meghan is a former Suits actress and lives in California in an $14 million mansion with Prince Harry, their two children Archie, and Lilibet. As part of an on-the-street joke with DeGeneres, she left Los Angeles’ street vendors in total shock while dancing and singing before them.

The 40-year old made an effort to discredit the royal family during her surprise appearance. She stepped out of the studio and pulled a prank against three vendors. This saw her being forced to say what the host instructed her via hidden ears.

But Ms Andrews suggested many Americans ‘will love’ the duchess’ ‘acting’ and ‘I’m just a mom’ image after she recently caused controversy by cold-calling US senators on their private phones and using her royal title to urge them to vote in favour of compulsory paid family leave.

Meghan Markle (pictured left) 'needed to reboot her image' following her political lobbying campaign, a royal commentator has said, and Americans 'will love' her appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' show

Meghan Markle (pictured at left) had to “reboot her look” after she campaigned for political lobbying. A royal commentator said that Americans would love Meghan’s appearance on Ellen DeGeneres.

British journalist Emily Andrews (pictured) joined the Good Morning Britain team today to discuss the Duchess of Sussex's first major TV interview since her notorious tell-all with Oprah Winfrey

British journalist Emily Andrews, (pictured), was on hand today with the Good Morning Britain crew to discuss Duchess Sussex’s first television interview since Oprah Winfrey’s notorious reveal.

Commentator for the Royals: “We talk often, don’t we? About the fact that you understand the British sense and American sense of humor. The fact that she has struggled a little over here because her American roots are very American.

“In America, celebrity and accomplishment are celebrated. You don’t want your feet to grow in the UK. Although we celebrate, our celebrations are very subtle. This is quite the opposite of what America does.

She needs to rebrand her image. Friends have told me that she was trying to politicize the American senators. 

“And so, I believe many Americans will love it, they’ll be happy that she took herself up and they’ll also love the acting. It’s sort of very homespun, “I’m just a mom”, I’m helping people, it’s a very important part of her image.’

Meghan said that Meghan is working to make her name as a Philanthropist. 

“What was she doing though?” [on The Ellen Show]The royals highlight the efforts of others, they shine a spotlight on the ordinary, which is what Meghan likes, said Ms Andrews. 

The Duchess of Sussex during a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show at the Warner Bros lot in Burbank

The Duchess Sussex in Burbank during The Ellen DeGeneres Program taping

In a soft-soap interview, the duchess reiterated her support for paid family leave in America in her soft-soap interview to Ellen.

She stated to the host that she would do “everything” in order to make America’s policy more favorable for American citizens. 

The duchess recently caused controversy by cold-calling US senators on their private phones and using her royal title to urge them to vote in favour of paid leave. She wrote an earlier letter asking the US Congress to consider making paid-leave law. 

Missouri Republican Jason Smith, a Missouri Republican Representative, condemned Meghan’s interfering with American politics and suggested she should lose her title in order to keep her from using it to gain political power.

Meghan told The Ellen Show: ‘I think that people truly forget, or don’t even know that in this country, it’s one of the only six countries in the entire world and the only wealthy nation in the entire world that does not mandate and have a federal paid leave programme.

“Everybody knows it, particularly if they have ever had children. Even if they haven’t you’ll know the struggle and importance of those first weeks, if not months, to have a good family. 

Meghan and DeGeneres looking at the audience during a taping at the Warner Bros lot in Burbank, California

Meghan and DeGeneres looking at the audience during a taping at the Warner Bros lot in Burbank, California

DeGeneres (right) and Meghan during a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show at the Warner Bros lot in California

DeGeneres and Meghan (right) during the taping of The Ellen DeGeneres show at Warner Bros lot, California

“And we don’t offer it here. As a mom of 2 children, that is something that will make me do my best to ensure that that can be implemented for everyone. 

Meghan promoted The Bench with her children’s books, saying that she did it as a poem to Harry for Father’s Day.

DeGeneres also asked Meghan to touch her nose and elbow to show her support. A producer approached vendors and informed them of her plan to visit their stalls.

The producer, named Pwamma, said that she was Meghan’s executive assistant. She just wants to be treated normal. You don’t have to behave any different, it is perfectly normal. That’s cool.

Meghan then went to the first vendor to examine the crystals. DeGeneres told Meghan to grab one and start moaning.

The mom-of-two said to the salesperson: “I’m going holding this against my skull,” and then closed her eyes, mumbling that it was wonderful.

Next came Meghan, who began to ‘bounce up and down in excitement over DeGeneres asking, “What are we doing here?” Is this what you have?

Meghan inspected the hot sauce bottles on the table and told the vendor, “Let mommy taste it.” He then replied, “My boo loves hot Sauce!”

The duchess was presented with a chip with hot sauce and she ate it like a chipmunk. DeGeneres ordered her to do the same. She then asked DeGeneres to tell the salesman that it wasn’t spicy. I want some heat, so let me have something real spicy.

“Let’s go for the most spicy, let’s go for the hottest.”

Meghan then took another chip and began to furiously fan her face as she said, “Oh, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.”

“I feel hot,hot,hot,” she sang, then sang the song of The Merrymen. ‘Mommy needs some milk.’

The duchess continued to take out a baby milk bottle from her bag and drink it vigorously while the vendor stared at her open-mouthed.

Meghan Markle appears on The Ellen Show. The Highlights 


People often forget or are unaware that this nation is one of six in the world, and that it has a Federal Paid Leave Program.

Everyone knows this, even those who haven’t had children. 

The fact that they don’t provide that service is something I, as a mother of 2, will work to ensure that it can be implemented for everyone.


The kids didn’t like it. We tried to have something that was entertaining for them. Archie was only a dinosaur for five minutes. Harry convinced Archie to put the head on, even though it was only five minutes.

Lilibet, however, was a skunk. It was adorable. Her name was Lilibet. Bambi flowers 


He is in love with California. 

It was lockdown when we arrived, and everything was closed down. This has allowed us to create our home and spend more time with family. Our happiness is all we need.


Although she is good at sleeping, her teeth are growing in. Any mom can understand that.


The most amazing thing about it was my observation of Harry (Harry), and his fatherhood.

After sharing it with some friends and close people, they stated that “No, this resonates with me too” because it feels truly inclusive and represents all of us. Then I added, “OK let’s transform it into an children’s novel.” 


Harry (Harry) visited me in Toronto with his friends, Eugenie and Jack. Jack was also there, and they all came along. We had one last night in Toronto before we became a married couple. 

The theme was post-apocalypse so all the costuming was very unusual. We were then able to enjoy one last night of fun.


The Ford Explore Sport was an old Ford. At one point, the key on the driver’s side stopped working. I couldn’t open the door. After auditions, I would park in the rear of the lot, then I would climb into the trunk, close the door behind me, and crawl over the seats to escape. So that’s how I got to and from work. 

The gate number three was where I would park. Once I got there, the security officers would say to me “break a leg” and then I would walk on. Driving today was quite different.


Mom would bring me along to LA and buy all the fabric.

They were a fashion at that time, and people now wear scrunchies.