Moment when an escooter cruises along London’s busy A-road at 50mph. However, critics argue that the driver did not do the right thing by filming it.

  • On a busy London A road, an e-scooter was recorded going more than 50 mph  
  • As they raced along the A406’s outside lane, the rider was covered in a high-visibility vest.
  • Some people criticized the driver for taking the video, but there were also reactions to the post on social media.

Amazing video shows an electric scooter rider speeding at 50mph along a London three-lane road.

Eye-opening footage of the Hi-vis-wearing Rider hurling down the A406, North Circular, shows.

You can see how the speedy scooter easily passes cars on the right-hand lane, and the driver who was filming it struggling to keep pace.

The video caused a stir among motorists. Many claimed that the actions by the driver, who filmed the incident, were worse than those taken by the escooter rider.   

This video was taken by a taxi driver, who claims he wasn’t the one filming it.

He said, “Up the A12 (sic), over 50 MPH!” He does however have a HiVi.  These things are so much fun!

Astonishing video shows the e-scooter rider whiz along a London road at more than 50mph

Amazing video captures the rider of an e-scooter speeding along London roads at over 50 MPH.

‘That’s not GREEN that’s DANGEROUS to him and anyone he hits. Imagine if he could get off the ground at that speed.

Later, he added that ‘Just to be clear, this footage had been sent to me. It isn’t a London taxibie who took the footage.

‘The reason I posted it was because of the k******d riding an e-scooter this fast on this road. It was sent by a builder. In a builders van.’

Some supported the driver. One person said: “With those small wheels even the smallest pothole could throw you off. The driver stopped dead at a 6-inch hole.

The rider wears a hi-vis

The speedy scooter can be seen easily overtaking cars

You can see the rider riding along the roads wearing a high-vis jacket.

Some others described the event as “absolutely crazy”.

Many people reacted negatively to the posting of the video and said that the driver who filmed the incident was at risk.

One wrote: ‘He’s not breaking the law, you are by filming though.’

One other wrote, “On one hand we have an illegal 3kg scooter using a double carriageway. But otherwise under good control.

“The other is a driver driving a car 2 tonnes and weaving, as they attempt to film the scene.

What should the priority of the police be for …?’?

The user responded to the question with a tweet: “While they should handle both drivers, but the answer is that the driver is several orders of magnitude more hazardous, it should always be addressed FIRST… If you wish to complain about the lack of traffic police …’

E-scooters are becoming more popular and advertised as having higher speeds.

Dualtron X electric scooter seems to be fastest. Although it has a claimed top speed of 62mph, its actual top speed can reach 75mph according to blog EScooter Nerds.

After an explosion on a tube train, London authorities banned e-scooters from London’s transportation network.

Transport for London passengers who are in possession of e-unicycles or two-wheeled devices will not be allowed to travel on the Transport for London service.

The driver filming the incident, going at around 50mph, struggles to keep up with the e-scooter

Filmed at 50mph, the driver struggles to keep up the speed of the e-scooter.

After an e-scooter caught fire on a train packed with passengers in November 2013, the London Fire Brigade supported this move.

Parsons Green underground station was set on fire by firefighters.

TfL launched an immediate review of the matter, supported with evidence from experts at Brigade.

LFB attended over 50 fires involving electric scooters and ebikes between December 2020 and now, nearly twice the number in 2020.

These problems are frequently caused by third-party batteries that have been purchased cheaply on the Internet and don’t comply with safety standards.

The capital law regarding e-scooters

E-scooters are now available for rent in many London boroughs as of June 2021. 

The trial was run by the councils of the city as part of a larger effort made by TfL and London Councils, London Boroughs, and the UK Government in order to encourage people to take new, greener modes.

Safety rules for the rental of an e-scooter are as follows: 

  • All riders must have at least a provisional driving licence and be over 18
  • Speed limit for trial escooters is 12.5mph. However, they can automatically slow down to 8mph in areas marked ‘go slow’
  • In order to be safe, trial escooters come to an abrupt halt in “no go” zones.
  • First-time riders need to complete training about how to safely ride in London. 
  • They are kept at an excellent level, have big wheels and can navigate more smoothly on roads.
  • All rentals have lights on the back and front. 

Source: TfL